Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, October 28, 2013

First Week in Oregon

Just arrived in Portland  
At the temple with Sister Gill from the MTC District

  At the temple with Sister Gill

Reflecting pool at the temple

Temple grounds

I'm pretty sure Kristine is missing her sun glasses

Pretty Oregon

Doing service     
Washing windows

Me and Sister Newman

K, so I was getting really worried cuz none of the stores that we've been to had moose but, low and behold, I bought out Safeway's supply today.  Two for the price of one!  I couldn't even hold them all.  One fell as my companinon was taking the picture!

Sister Magnusson is one happy customer

Hola Everybod-EEEEE!

It has been my first official week as a missionary. I must say it has been an adjustment of training my mind to think like Sister Magnusson and not Kristine, but I am getting better at it.

This week has just been a lot of figuring out. Figuring out the layout of our area, figuring out who is who in the ward, figuring out less actives, figuring out people to teach etc. The ward members are so great. The ward is huge too. Like 500+....but with a lot of inactives. Lots of young families with little ones. Primary is 120+. Like everybody and their dog works for Intel. A lot of young couples straight from BYU starting their jobs that look like my age. But so many are missionary minded so that is awesome. This is the first time the ward has had sister missionaries so everybody is all excited. Especially all the single ladies and such cuz now they can have us over for dinner. The bishop is a Bishop Hatch type so it's great. So I'm living in Aloha but the ward also covers the town of Hillsboro and that's where we spend most of our day. There is a new development of townhouses that we spend A LOT of our time and a lot of members live there and it has the nickname of Little Provo. We've done all our tracting there. I must say I am not good at tracting at all and it is definitely not my fav. Sis. Newman is way good at it though. And we got three teaching appointments out of it! Hopefully they will all work out and the people just didn't set up the appointments to be nice. We've also been going around trying to contact potentials that the elders gave us. Most the time the people aren't home. Actually I would say like 90% of the time they are not which is suuuuuuuuuuuuuper annoying. We got to figure out the best time to do these things. Yesterday though we got some lists from the RS prez and clerk of people to visit and part member families and such. That will be good to make those visits.

I really like my comp. She has funny Australian words for things. She thinks its funny how I say pumpkin and parmesan cheese. Parking lots are called car parks and I must say the name of our game is to find "pull through car parks." It is sooooooooooo annoying always have to have your comp back you every time you get put in reverse. Like way annoying. So we always try to find parking lots where you can "pull through."

Part of our area is the country and we have lots of members that live out in the country. That part of Oregon is so beautiful. Beautiful little farms and hills and such. Everything so colorful. But man it sure is going to put a lot of miles on our car if we have to drive out there much. Like we had a dinner appointment with some members out there and they lived 13 miles away from the ward building. That was a 26 mile shin-dig we did. We get a 1000 miles a month. We weren't watching our miles this week cuz we got the car at the end of the month but starting in November we will have to be super careful with our miles. Our car has this dumb thing call a Tiwi in it. The senior missionary that is in charge of the cars installed it. You log in before you start driving so it knows who the driver is and it yells at you if you are going to fast, stop too fast, accelerate too fast etc. If you get so many warnings you can't drive anymore or something like that. So far its only gotten me going to too fast on this country road out in the middle of the sticks and I had no idea what the speed limit was. It must of been like 25 or something cuz it kept yelling at me for going 35. Cars were passing me on the one lane road and they were going probably 50. Annoying. Whatevs.

I'm slowing but surely starting to feel like a missionary...kind of. It helps that I'm almost healed from my annoying sickness from the MTC so now I can focus on others things rather than blowing my nose or coughing every second. It was also hard this week cuz we didn't teach this week but I think once we meet more people from the ward and figure more things out it will get better. Me and Sis. Newman are also figuring out how each other work so that's good. And like I say, it way helps that I'm not sick any more cuz I wasn't really myself when I was sick.

K, times up. Love ya alls. Think of you guys often. Glad Rachel’s move went well and lots of peeps helped!


Sis. Magnusson

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