Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We were tracting by a recycle center 

 A castle thing that this member made in their forest backyard

Taking a stroll through their backyard. it was awesome. 
I felt like I was in Hawaii but 60 degrees cooler.

Christmas tree farm

Me and Sis. Newman
They made this tree house thing...it was pretty cool 

This is Sister Newman waiting to back me out of our parking lot at our apartments. it was raining and she didn't want to get her bangs wet (which she calls her "fringe") so she was trying to stand under the little roof part that hangs down. it was pretty funny. 

Making carmel apples with some members

Happy Thanksgiving! That was so awesome to hear from you guys in Utah and see those pictures! We are having Thanksgiving with a family in the ward with all their extended family so it should be great. It will be my comp's first Thanksgiving. I'm excited.

Well it has been getting into the 30s this past week. A few days ago we woke up to frost on the ground and cars and such. My comp pretty much flipped. She's never seen frost before or ice on the ground. Hmmnmm, I wonder if it will snow this year. But my clothes keep me nice and warm. And so do my boots. Oh yeah, my brown boots came in this past week and I  LOVE THEM! Thanks for getting them here ma. So comfy and they keep my feet warm. I haven't even got blisters from them.

This past week we did a lot of tracting because we need to find people to teach. Saturday it was pretty interesting. That was the first time people were consistently rude to us...like each house. Whatever. I figured out a method to make tracting a more enjoyable experience....after each house I reward myself with a gummie bear. It's great.
This weekend was stake conference. It was pretty much awesome. We had Elder Richard Hansen from the 70 come. Saturday night was the best. It was all on missionary work and committing the members to pretty much be the finders and the missionaries are simply the teachers. Man it was good. The best part was he got four chairs on the stand. He and his wife sat in two and then  he called up our zone leaders on the spot and told them to teach the restoration to him and his wife in less than 7 min. They also gave them some microphones.  But he said it wasn't a role play, he and his wife were themselves. They both know the gospel very well, they both have strong testimonies. Man, if he called Sis. Newman and I to do that, I would flip out. The zone leaders did awesome. You could tell that they were pretty nervous but they did great. It brought the spirit in and did exactly what elder Hansen wanted to happened -To show the whole stake how a lesson could be with someone in their home. Simple, direct, powerful. He also promised that all those families with kids serving missions that if they bring people for the local missionaries to teach, that their missionary children would have people to teach. Something that the Mag Pad can think about as I am trying to find people to teach.....

We had a few lesson with some less actives. Those were good. Like I said before those people just need to feel loved. We did get let in with a lady that said we could come back that we tracted into. Her mom just died and she just got laid off...it was a good visit. Didn't teach her anything because she had dinner going but we see some good potential. Also met a man who's mom just died. We will come back to check on him after Thanksgiving. Man, all these people that just need to hear the gospel!

Well, hope everybody has a good Thanksgiving. I'll try to take lots of pictures!

Love ya!

Sister Magizzle :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

"It is...important that missionaries and ward members work together."

Well, it is raining. Surprise surprise. It's getting cold. 
But randomly the sun will be out for a little bit and that makes me happy.
This week has been a week of lots of contacting. Basically contacting less-actives. Most of them will talk to us for about 30 seconds at the door, then say they are content where they are at and tell us that they hope we have a good day.  We have had a few lessons with some less-actives. Those are always fun. I actually like working with less actives. They just need to feel loved.

Our one investigator dropped us this week. Grrrrrr, super frustrating. Guys, it is so so, oh so important that missionaries and ward members work together. For example we found 8 people to teach while tracting. Eight people, folks. All have fallen through with their appointments. Yeah, our stats were no beuno this week.

So an elder just walked into the library and he is the spittin' image of our dear cousin, Shane Harris. He doesn't have a companion though....weird. Oh wait, never mind.  The companion just walked in.

The other day we had breakfast with a family in the ward who has a less active single daughter because it was her birthday.  They live on this 5 acre lot and three of those acres is dense Oregon forest. We took a tour of it after breakfast. It was so cool! I felt like i was in a rain forest...oh wait, I was. I forgot my camera cord today so pics will come later. (hence, coloring pages)
We had ward council this past Sunday. I like sitting through ward council. It's cool to see the behind the scenes of a ward and how much love and care the bishopric has for the ward. Our bishop is so great. Bishop Nelson. Every time we meet with him, the more he reminds me of Bishop Hatch.

We went to a RS activity. That was good. Gave us a better opportunity to meet more of the sisters in the ward. We had soup and did a get to know you thing....it was actually just like speed dating. You sit across from a sister, chat for like 3 min then, move on to the next lady. It was great for us!

Today is district p-day. We have a new mission rule that we can only do stuff with our district only one p-day a transfer. There can’t be any contact sports. So we are playing volleyball....elders vs sisters. None of the sisters in our district can really play volleyball, including this sister, so should be interesting how this goes down.
OK, times up. Sorry, this wasn't a very exciting letter. Hopefully next week will be more exciting.

Love ya guys!

Sister Mag

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"This week's email presentation has been brought to you by.....


 Leaves are awesome

Sister Newman

Me and leaves

You can see the leave piles in the street waiting for the leaf pick-up man

 Hello everybody!

Thanks for all the emails and pics! I love to hear from my family and friends!

Well, sorry I feel like my letters aren't very exciting. The work is slow right now. It's been hard to find people to teach. Our one investigator is kind of pulling away right now. Ugh, it’s so frustrating. My comp has been sick with her asthma so we had to stay in for a day and do doctor visits and such. I'm so glad I don't have asthma. She is also gluten and dairy intolerant. But it's great because that means our dinners are pretty healthy.

We did have some good visits with some less actives. We are finally finding people when they are home. We had some family home evenings with some people and have had member referral lessons.

I'm slowly but surely getting use to tracting. I am learning to embrace the awkwardness. Most of what missionaries do around people is awkward. We go out of our way to talk to people when they don't want to talk to us. But you just have to totally and completely embrace it, is what I'm learning. I am SO SO SO SO SO excited to talk to Jehovah Witnesses when they come to our door in Duarte when I get home. I can be like, hey guys...yes, I would love to talk to you! Because I know exactly what it is like going door to door!

There are lots of missionaries in the library right now. There are lots of missionaries at Winco on Mondays too.

I was pretty excited to do a lesson yesterday with a woman we tracted into but of course she was sick when we got there...bummer. that's the 3rd time she was put us off for some reason or another. Sometimes when we are tracting or visiting less actives I like to think, if only these people knew...if only what people knew what was right in front of them and what they could have if they just had a desire to know, or just listened to what we had to say. IF ONLY THEY KNEW!

Oregon has a lot of trees. That means they have a lot leaves that fall off of those trees. You know how in parking lots in Utah in the winter they have those huge snow piles, and on random spots on the sidewalks they have huge snow piles? Well, Oregon has leave piles....in parking lots, on the streets, etc. They even have a truck that comes by every couple weeks and sucks up these piles of leaves. So what you do is, in front of your house you rake up your leaves in your front yard and then rake it to the street in front of your house and a leaf sucking truck sucks it up for you. This morning we did service for a lady in our ward and raked her leaves in front of her house. We did it just in time because as we were finishing the tree leaf sucking truck was coming our way.

Ok, out of time. Love you guys!

Sister Magnusson

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween with an Aussie Sister Missionary

well, hello folks. winter is upon us. it's in the 40s and 50s and no sun. no sun any more. oh well. my aussie comp does not like the cold. it's the coldest she's ever been in her life. that's pretty impressive.

not a too exciting week. still getting use to just being a missionary. it is a way different kind of lifestyle.

went on splits for the first time. thursday night we had some other sisters serving in portland come by and me and the other comp switched places. i spent the night at their place and the other comp at our place in aloha. it was good. it was nice to see how another comp does things and see different styles. i also liked seeing more of the portland area. it made me realize how much we are out in the boondogs in hillsboro and aloha. the sister i was with was serving in a singles ward. i think i would like serving in a singles ward. my comp said it is very different and kind of hard. but i think it would be cool. we had a lot of canceled appointments though. that was kind of frustrating.

we have a girl here that we are working with. she is 21 years old. we found her tracking and she is pretty golden. she has a baptism date at the end of november. she is really cool and i feel like has been really prepared to hear the gospel. i know satan is going to work hard on her though because she is so ready. she hasn't been to church yet.  hopefully she can get next week off from work.

church was good. lots of meetings. we had ward council at 9:30am. that was my first ward council meeting ever. it was good. we have lots of names of people we are going to try to see. although it's going to be tricky because a lot of these people live out in the county. so its frustrating when we drive all the way out there and they are not home. but if we call them and ask if we can stop by i doubt they would want us too. hmmmmmm, still figuring all this stuff out.

halloween, nothing too exciting. we had to be in early because there is no point really to try to make visits with the competition with the trick or treaters.  at our dinner appointment we had some trick or treaters come by and sis. newman passed out candy for the first time. they don't have halloween in austrilia.

An observation by Sister Magnusson:

...so there is a saying here:
"keep oregon weird". 

it's on bumper stickers...

 ...and buildings and stuff. 
We'll see if she notices the bumper stickers and signs at the end of her mission...