Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween with an Aussie Sister Missionary

well, hello folks. winter is upon us. it's in the 40s and 50s and no sun. no sun any more. oh well. my aussie comp does not like the cold. it's the coldest she's ever been in her life. that's pretty impressive.

not a too exciting week. still getting use to just being a missionary. it is a way different kind of lifestyle.

went on splits for the first time. thursday night we had some other sisters serving in portland come by and me and the other comp switched places. i spent the night at their place and the other comp at our place in aloha. it was good. it was nice to see how another comp does things and see different styles. i also liked seeing more of the portland area. it made me realize how much we are out in the boondogs in hillsboro and aloha. the sister i was with was serving in a singles ward. i think i would like serving in a singles ward. my comp said it is very different and kind of hard. but i think it would be cool. we had a lot of canceled appointments though. that was kind of frustrating.

we have a girl here that we are working with. she is 21 years old. we found her tracking and she is pretty golden. she has a baptism date at the end of november. she is really cool and i feel like has been really prepared to hear the gospel. i know satan is going to work hard on her though because she is so ready. she hasn't been to church yet.  hopefully she can get next week off from work.

church was good. lots of meetings. we had ward council at 9:30am. that was my first ward council meeting ever. it was good. we have lots of names of people we are going to try to see. although it's going to be tricky because a lot of these people live out in the county. so its frustrating when we drive all the way out there and they are not home. but if we call them and ask if we can stop by i doubt they would want us too. hmmmmmm, still figuring all this stuff out.

halloween, nothing too exciting. we had to be in early because there is no point really to try to make visits with the competition with the trick or treaters.  at our dinner appointment we had some trick or treaters come by and sis. newman passed out candy for the first time. they don't have halloween in austrilia.

An observation by Sister Magnusson:

...so there is a saying here:
"keep oregon weird". 

it's on bumper stickers...

 ...and buildings and stuff. 
We'll see if she notices the bumper stickers and signs at the end of her mission...

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