Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, November 18, 2013

"It is...important that missionaries and ward members work together."

Well, it is raining. Surprise surprise. It's getting cold. 
But randomly the sun will be out for a little bit and that makes me happy.
This week has been a week of lots of contacting. Basically contacting less-actives. Most of them will talk to us for about 30 seconds at the door, then say they are content where they are at and tell us that they hope we have a good day.  We have had a few lessons with some less-actives. Those are always fun. I actually like working with less actives. They just need to feel loved.

Our one investigator dropped us this week. Grrrrrr, super frustrating. Guys, it is so so, oh so important that missionaries and ward members work together. For example we found 8 people to teach while tracting. Eight people, folks. All have fallen through with their appointments. Yeah, our stats were no beuno this week.

So an elder just walked into the library and he is the spittin' image of our dear cousin, Shane Harris. He doesn't have a companion though....weird. Oh wait, never mind.  The companion just walked in.

The other day we had breakfast with a family in the ward who has a less active single daughter because it was her birthday.  They live on this 5 acre lot and three of those acres is dense Oregon forest. We took a tour of it after breakfast. It was so cool! I felt like i was in a rain forest...oh wait, I was. I forgot my camera cord today so pics will come later. (hence, coloring pages)
We had ward council this past Sunday. I like sitting through ward council. It's cool to see the behind the scenes of a ward and how much love and care the bishopric has for the ward. Our bishop is so great. Bishop Nelson. Every time we meet with him, the more he reminds me of Bishop Hatch.

We went to a RS activity. That was good. Gave us a better opportunity to meet more of the sisters in the ward. We had soup and did a get to know you thing....it was actually just like speed dating. You sit across from a sister, chat for like 3 min then, move on to the next lady. It was great for us!

Today is district p-day. We have a new mission rule that we can only do stuff with our district only one p-day a transfer. There can’t be any contact sports. So we are playing volleyball....elders vs sisters. None of the sisters in our district can really play volleyball, including this sister, so should be interesting how this goes down.
OK, times up. Sorry, this wasn't a very exciting letter. Hopefully next week will be more exciting.

Love ya guys!

Sister Mag

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