Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"This week's email presentation has been brought to you by.....


 Leaves are awesome

Sister Newman

Me and leaves

You can see the leave piles in the street waiting for the leaf pick-up man

 Hello everybody!

Thanks for all the emails and pics! I love to hear from my family and friends!

Well, sorry I feel like my letters aren't very exciting. The work is slow right now. It's been hard to find people to teach. Our one investigator is kind of pulling away right now. Ugh, it’s so frustrating. My comp has been sick with her asthma so we had to stay in for a day and do doctor visits and such. I'm so glad I don't have asthma. She is also gluten and dairy intolerant. But it's great because that means our dinners are pretty healthy.

We did have some good visits with some less actives. We are finally finding people when they are home. We had some family home evenings with some people and have had member referral lessons.

I'm slowly but surely getting use to tracting. I am learning to embrace the awkwardness. Most of what missionaries do around people is awkward. We go out of our way to talk to people when they don't want to talk to us. But you just have to totally and completely embrace it, is what I'm learning. I am SO SO SO SO SO excited to talk to Jehovah Witnesses when they come to our door in Duarte when I get home. I can be like, hey guys...yes, I would love to talk to you! Because I know exactly what it is like going door to door!

There are lots of missionaries in the library right now. There are lots of missionaries at Winco on Mondays too.

I was pretty excited to do a lesson yesterday with a woman we tracted into but of course she was sick when we got there...bummer. that's the 3rd time she was put us off for some reason or another. Sometimes when we are tracting or visiting less actives I like to think, if only these people knew...if only what people knew what was right in front of them and what they could have if they just had a desire to know, or just listened to what we had to say. IF ONLY THEY KNEW!

Oregon has a lot of trees. That means they have a lot leaves that fall off of those trees. You know how in parking lots in Utah in the winter they have those huge snow piles, and on random spots on the sidewalks they have huge snow piles? Well, Oregon has leave piles....in parking lots, on the streets, etc. They even have a truck that comes by every couple weeks and sucks up these piles of leaves. So what you do is, in front of your house you rake up your leaves in your front yard and then rake it to the street in front of your house and a leaf sucking truck sucks it up for you. This morning we did service for a lady in our ward and raked her leaves in front of her house. We did it just in time because as we were finishing the tree leaf sucking truck was coming our way.

Ok, out of time. Love you guys!

Sister Magnusson

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