Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, December 30, 2013

First Christmas on the Mission

Pretty temple

At the temple with a ward member...
too bad the photo turned out so dark
 hola family!

merry post christmas! it was fun talkin' to you all. glad that everyone had a good time at the mag pad and grandma and grandpa's place was a huge hit!

 The family acting out the Nativity on Christmas Eve.

monday was our huge mission christmas party. it was a lot of work for a lot of people. it was at our stake center and the whole mission was there.

 sis gill and quizon from the mtc district!
there was A TON of food. and nice food too. we mixed and mingled for a bit then we started our mission talent show. that was funny. the best ones were "elder grinch" (sung to the tune of mr. grinch but changed the lyrics), "12 days of christmas" (but missionary style), and the spanish elders and sisters sung feliz navidad but they had on sombreros and mustaches and stuff. pretty hilarious.
then we had a mission picture. they took awhile trying to get that all coordinated and fitting all of us around the stage. then we had a devotional where pres and sis morby spoke and our stake president. it was really good. but it made us miss our dinner. sis newman and i felt so bad because they told us the thing would end at 4pm so we scheduled dinner at 5 but they didn't say they were going to do this devotional after so we couldn't even call them after 5 to cancel. ugh. then pres and sis morby shook all 229 of our hands and gave us our christmas present...a homemade pillowcase that had the oregon portland mission logo and a scripture on the bottom. a lot of work.

on christmas eve a family from the ward took us to a thai restaurant for lunch. i really like thai food. then we hung out with them for the rest of the day. someone that sis. valencia knows made us these cute missionary stocking with our "picture" on it! they were so cute and they filled them with goodies! so nice of them.

 opening up our stockings from the valencias! 
we also made padlova (sp?) some australian dessert that sis. newman likes. we played games, had dinner, read how the grinch stole christmas, read the christmas story out of luke, watched mr. krugers christmas. it was great.

christmas day we got up and worked out at our little gym, opened presents (thank you thank you thank you for all the gifts! it was so fun to open them that morning!),
So many presents!  Thank you everybody!
then we volunteered at this homeless shelter type thing. sis newman and i were in the kitchen doing dishes. totally brought me back to my aspen grove days. then we hung out with another family in the ward that has little kids and helped them play with their new toys. then came home to the apartment to talk to you guys, then had dinner with a lady from the ward who actually lives right below us. it was a good christmas. a year ago, never did i think that my next christmas would be in aloha and hillsboro oregon.

we had a couple really good lessons with some less-active ladies in the ward. one of them we took a ward member and that was really good because she basically saved the lesson because she could relate with the less-active who is having trials because of the choices of her young adult children. the other one was with a lady who actually texted us and asked us to come over and she fed us lunch and everything. she does want to come back to church but she doesn't have the support of her nonmember husband. but it was a really good visit. the spirit was definitely there.

wanna hear another cool story? so we have weekly visits with another less-active family on friday nights and we show up and they have this 18 year old kid there that we met at the ward christmas party. he's kind of a foster kid and they were letting him stay there for a couple of days. we didn't know he was going to be there but we had already planned to do a lesson on the restoration. so we give them the first lesson and we thought it was a total flop because there was tons of distractions during the whole thing but talking to family in the ward that he normally lives with they said he liked it and it made sense and he was excited to do his reading that we gave him! cool!

our ward got split on sunday. brought back memories with the monrovia and duarte ward changes. a chunk of our area got put in the reedville ward that also meets in the same building. sis newman and i are bummed because we lose a potential investigator who actually has a lot of potential. she is a 16 year old high school kid who i don't know how well she will connect with elders. ugh. oh well, it's the spirit that will convert her not the missionaries. the elders we share the ward with are super bummed because they have lost pretty much all there investigators but the reedville elders are totally pumped.

alright, well thanks for all your emails and pics! until next monday folks!

sis mag

Monday, December 23, 2013

"It's Facebook Official"

We received this picture postcard in the mail this week from Kristine:
You can click on the letter to enlarge it.
Goodness gracious a lot to say but not much time to write! First and foremost the Lord is hastening His work. All over the scriptures it says that the gospel must be preached to every nation, tongue, and people. That means everybody. Since last year we have had a 40% increase in missionaries throughout the world. The baptism and church attendance rate has stayed the same. Heavenly Father did not send that many more missionaries to have the work be the same. The gospel has to reach everybody and we have the internet to help. At Zone Conference on Thursday, President Mory shared an email he got from a missionary serving in Arizona that is from the Portland area. His mission got approved for online proselytizing and he has connected with a friend online and has basically been teaching her over skype. She has agreed to have the sister missionaries from her area teach her. The Arizona missionary sent president her information and he sent the single ward sisters over there and now they are teaching her. Crazy.

Since about the beginning for December the Zone Leaders and Sister Training leaders have been on Facebook to kind of test drive it before doing it for the whole mission. We get an hour of facebook time a day. It is strictly for the use of bringing people closer to Christ. We can't chat with friends unless it is gospel related. No chatting with family. No commenting or reconnecting or looking at people's profiles unless it is missionary related. Our companions need to see our screens the whole time and before we post something we most run it through them. If we are "teaching" someone through chat our companion must be doing it with us. The goals is to become friends with the members in the wards we are serving in and have them comment and like the stuff we put on our walls so their friends can see it. We want to become friends with our investigators and potentials. We want to become friends with our ward members friends. We want them to look at our walls and chat with us and ask us questions through facebook. Exciting stuff!

Another exciting thing....I got pulled over for the first time in my whole entire life. Didn't get a ticket though but man oh man you better believe my heart my pounding. Basically I cut a cop off. Didn't mean to of course. I was turning left at a solid yellow protected light. The cop was on the other side turning right. I guess he had the right of way....? Anyway he pulled me over and asked what was going on at that light i was like, "um, i was turning on the solid yellow arrow sir." He looked at my license and registration and let me off with a warning....er of warning of what? Still not sure exactly what I did wrong but I am eternally grateful I did not get a ticket.

We have a whole mission shin dig thing in about an hour. We are having a type of lunch/dessert thingy and a talent show. Sis. Newman and I did not enter in thankyouverymuch. You guys should hear us do our comp hymn in the morning. We sound dreadful. Should be fun seeing everybody in the mission though. There is like 200 plus missionaries in this mission.

This week we had one of our investigators drop us. Sad day. She even gave back our Book of Mormon. Good gracious. She's the one who's mom just died. That probably made her mom so sad letting us go.

Our other investigator needs to stop meeting with us when she is drunk. We are praying for that. She is going through a real hard time right now so drinking is a way to numb the pain.

We have been trying and trying to meet a less active lady in the ward and we finally met her the other day! She's in her 50s, a lawyer, married to a nonmember, very sharp and a return missionary! She was happy to see us and said we could come back! Yay!

More less-actives are opening to us so that is good.

Christmas day we are helping at a homeless shelter type place in the morning, then having brunch with some members, then callin' home, then dinner with other members! Because Christ was born it has made everything happen! And when I say everything I mean we have a chance to live with Heavenly Father and our families forever! The church is true!

Sis. Mag
We also received this letter from a family 
who lives in the area where Kristine is serving:
You can click on the letter to enlarge it.
Thank you Baldwin family!

Monday, December 16, 2013

"Merry Christmas, Almost!"

hey family!

merry christmas almost! our super cold spell is over....i hope. its' been in the 40s. hasn't snowed as of late. sometimes it gets really foggy. 'specially at night. makes things looks kind of cool and spokey.

Aloha, Oregon weather report for December 16, 3013
nothing too exciting to report on this week. our three investigators are sick. bummer. so haven't been able to see them much. and sis newman was sick one day so we had to stay in. this thursday is zone conference. i'm excited for that. we deep cleaned our car for it this morning because we are going to have a car inspection.

tonight we are having a lesson. i can't remember if i wrote about the sister in my last email or not but she is the less active lady that we found who hasn't been to church in years but she's really awesome. she's hawaiian and super nice and i like hearing her hawaiian accent. we are bringing another lady from the relief society to fellowship her.

we also had a lesson with a less active man and nonmember wife that was good. he lives in a trailer that was messy the first time we stopped by but, when we went back for the appointment he cleaned up for us! it was awesome. and he came to church on sunday along with another less active lady that we meet with weekly.

so this week was our relief society dinner/enrichment night. it was awesome because we had about 8 nonmembers come! so, when we had our ward christmas party we invited some ladies from these halfway houses that are pretty close to the church. most of these ladies have some kind of record but are in good standing enough to live in these houses with their kids to get them going with jobs and stuff. anyway, a couple came to the ward party and the relief society president invited them to the relief society dinner and all of them came! with all of their kids! those poor young women stuck doing child care during the thing. they had no idea what was coming. we didn't either. but it was great. one said she is going to start coming to church. cool! we will se how that goes.

fun oregon fact: almost every jogger i see wears some kind of reflector vest thingy. just something that i've noticed.

k, love you all!

sis. mag
Duarte, California (Sis. Magnussons' hometown) weather report for December 16, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Seriously the Best Present Ever!"

 Have you ever wondered what to give your missionary for Christmas?  Wonder no more. 

Last month Rachel requested a Christmas wish list from Kristine. One of the items found on her list was:  

-some *mormon message dvd’s (my comp has one and we use it all the time but when she leaves i won't have them any more)

and if someone can find a mormon message dvd with "our eternal life" (the one about the plan of salvation with paper cut outs) you will receive extra blessings from heaven :)


Santa found and sent just what she requested.  He even cut her a dvd of "Our Eternal Life".   He gave her permission to open the dvd presents  before Christmas because he knew she could use them right away as she visits with people .   

This is the letter she sent in the mail after opening the present: 



I just opened my present of the Mormon Messages and WOW!  Thanks so much!  I had to write you this hand written letter cuz it would probably get there sooner than telling you thank you by email.  This will be so great in lessons with  investigators.  And you even made me one with "Our Eternal Life"!  Ma, you are so tech-savy and smart!

Today is my 2 month anniversary.  Man, I can't believe it has been 2 months.  Time passes so weird on the mish.  I  can't tell if it's been slow or fast.  I think it's been fast.

Well, I love you, MA.  And thanks again!  That was seriously the best present ever! 


She is sharing an important message to the people in Oregon.
 This is the video Kristine was excited to receive:
You can also watch "Our Eternal Life" by clicking here

*Mormon Messages are short videos from the LDS church.    
You can choose one to watch by clicking here.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

"It's Been COLD"

 so this is like the best pic ever...we were walking around and it was freezing, seriously like so cold (as you can tell cuz i braved the headband thing). anywho, so i went in for the pic and sis newman was trying to make the sad face with the lips but it was so cold her face couldn't do it cuz it was like numb....true story.

that's better, kind of.....
 Well hello everyone!

Now I feel like I can finally be apart of the club and talk about this crazy weather. I'll tell you what guys, it's been COLD. It snowed for the first time on Friday. Sis. Newman was loving it. Her first time seeing snow. Too bad it wasn't much to see. It didn't really stick. But man oh man, it hasn't been above freezing. But folks you must remember 30 and 20 degree weather here is a lot different then a Utah or Idaho 30 degree weather. This is damp, moist, wet cold. Tracting was pretty rough. We didn't last to long. We need to get hats and ear things. We went to target, Kolhs, and Ross today and there was nothing good. Nothing. We are going to try Dicks after emailing. I have green earband warmer thing but it doesn't look good. I've worn it a couple of times just because I had to.

This week we picked up another investigator. She was a former investigator a few months ago and her son that is YSA age got baptized up in Alaska about 2 months ago and has recently moved back in with her. She's recently gotten really sick so she is pretty humbled right now. Funny how we all seem to need to get to that point to really pay attention to things. We will see how things go with her. She accepted to receive a priesthood blessing. She said she felt more at peace afterwards.

It was the ward Christmas party on Friday. Dude, there was over 200 people. The lady that was in charge was running around with her head chopped off.  There was Santa and games, and TONS of food. So much leftovers. Sis. Newman and I were being all fluffy and going around to all the tables saying hi to everyone and chit-chatting, talking about the cold weather and stuff. It was great. A lot of members brought their friends.

We also taught the Sunday school lesson to the 17 year olds yesterday about how to share the gospel. I like teaching Sunday school. The kids are really great here. I'm trying to picture how Sam would fit in. People are all into huntin' and fishin' and stuff here. Just like your kiddos, eh Lisa?

Christmas tree cutting was fun last Monday. We took the branches that the family cut so they could fit their tree in their holder thingy and made our own makeshift tree. We have pass along cards and pictures as ordainments.
The day it snowed we were stuck inside for half the day because  we aren't allowed to drive when there is a possibility that their is ice. That fine with me man. Shoot, I don't know how to drive around in winter weather.

Funny thing: One time we were tracting and the lady opens the door and we are like, "Hi, how are you? We are missionaries for the Church of......" and the lady says, "Oh hi...um, I can see that you are from the LSD church and i'm not interested, thank you." and shuts the door. We are from the LSD church huh....?

Another funny lady was she opened the door with a bathrobe and towel on her head....I start my spill and she looks at my tag all close then she just says, "I'm already filled with the holy ghost!" and shuts the door. I don't know, I guess you had to be there.

K, well everybody be safe in this weather! Love you guys! The church is true!



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Pick Out a Christmas Tree in Oregon

I'm pretty sure Sister Magnusson has never had an experience of picking out a Christmas tree like this before.

Remember, a picture is worth 1,000 words. 

I wonder if her missionay tag makes her stronger?

With their Christmas tree picked out you can now watch 
this music video for children (and adults) called:
Our Christmas Story Tree
You can also view the video by clicking here

Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Thanksgiving / Pre Christmas

 yo what up....me and sis. newman
this is "little provo"...it's a new development in hilloboro and all the houses, townhouses, and condos are so squished together! alot of members live here, especially the younger families.


Hello everybody!

Thanks for all the emails and the run down of Thanksgiving and stuff. I loved all the pictures!
The Scott Magnusson family together in SLC the Saturday before Thanksgiving
Savannah pointing
Chase pointing
 I find it interesting to see children's natural instinct to point to Christ

The Kiefer Harris Family Thanksgiving day

My Thanksgiving was good. We had studies in the morning, then weekly planning and then went over to the Hills, this family in the ward, and they had a huge feast and all of their extended family and stuff. We basically just ate and talked and ate some more and played games and ate dessert. Oh my goodness so much dessert! Wish I took more pictures. I only took one of the desserts and stuff.

Yesterday was awesome because it was December 1st and we get to listen to CHRISTMAS MUSIC! It's a mission rule that we only get to listen to Christmas music from Dec 1 to Dec 25. But yeah, me and Sis. Newman were loving it. And we tracted this street and found a couple of potentials. AND we have been trying to get a hold of this less-active lady but every time we knock on her door she is not home but she was finally home yesterday and she is so cool! She's like 70 and she is from Honolulu! And she recently vacationed in Australia so me and Sis. Newman really connected with her and she was so fun to talk to. We are going to try to see if she will come to the temple visitor's center with us.

And today some less-active is going to take us Christmas tree shopping! There are tons of Christmas tree farms here where you can cut your own Christmas tree down. Like a lot. That should be fun! I haven't been Christmas tree shopping since what....like 1999? And we get to cut it down and wear jeans!
We have a lesson today with a lady we tracted into. I feel like she is so prepared to hear the gospel. I hope she remembers her appointment and we can teach her things that she needs to hear.

Today is transfers and nobody in the district is being transferred today. Actually only one sister in our zone is being transferred. Oh and so fyi, if i don't email on Monday it's because I'm getting a new companion or getting transferred so I'll email instead on Tuesday.

Sorry this email is pretty short and sweet but I don't have a lot of time today.  Love you all and hope your December is awesome!


Sis. Mag