Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, December 30, 2013

First Christmas on the Mission

Pretty temple

At the temple with a ward member...
too bad the photo turned out so dark
 hola family!

merry post christmas! it was fun talkin' to you all. glad that everyone had a good time at the mag pad and grandma and grandpa's place was a huge hit!

 The family acting out the Nativity on Christmas Eve.

monday was our huge mission christmas party. it was a lot of work for a lot of people. it was at our stake center and the whole mission was there.

 sis gill and quizon from the mtc district!
there was A TON of food. and nice food too. we mixed and mingled for a bit then we started our mission talent show. that was funny. the best ones were "elder grinch" (sung to the tune of mr. grinch but changed the lyrics), "12 days of christmas" (but missionary style), and the spanish elders and sisters sung feliz navidad but they had on sombreros and mustaches and stuff. pretty hilarious.
then we had a mission picture. they took awhile trying to get that all coordinated and fitting all of us around the stage. then we had a devotional where pres and sis morby spoke and our stake president. it was really good. but it made us miss our dinner. sis newman and i felt so bad because they told us the thing would end at 4pm so we scheduled dinner at 5 but they didn't say they were going to do this devotional after so we couldn't even call them after 5 to cancel. ugh. then pres and sis morby shook all 229 of our hands and gave us our christmas present...a homemade pillowcase that had the oregon portland mission logo and a scripture on the bottom. a lot of work.

on christmas eve a family from the ward took us to a thai restaurant for lunch. i really like thai food. then we hung out with them for the rest of the day. someone that sis. valencia knows made us these cute missionary stocking with our "picture" on it! they were so cute and they filled them with goodies! so nice of them.

 opening up our stockings from the valencias! 
we also made padlova (sp?) some australian dessert that sis. newman likes. we played games, had dinner, read how the grinch stole christmas, read the christmas story out of luke, watched mr. krugers christmas. it was great.

christmas day we got up and worked out at our little gym, opened presents (thank you thank you thank you for all the gifts! it was so fun to open them that morning!),
So many presents!  Thank you everybody!
then we volunteered at this homeless shelter type thing. sis newman and i were in the kitchen doing dishes. totally brought me back to my aspen grove days. then we hung out with another family in the ward that has little kids and helped them play with their new toys. then came home to the apartment to talk to you guys, then had dinner with a lady from the ward who actually lives right below us. it was a good christmas. a year ago, never did i think that my next christmas would be in aloha and hillsboro oregon.

we had a couple really good lessons with some less-active ladies in the ward. one of them we took a ward member and that was really good because she basically saved the lesson because she could relate with the less-active who is having trials because of the choices of her young adult children. the other one was with a lady who actually texted us and asked us to come over and she fed us lunch and everything. she does want to come back to church but she doesn't have the support of her nonmember husband. but it was a really good visit. the spirit was definitely there.

wanna hear another cool story? so we have weekly visits with another less-active family on friday nights and we show up and they have this 18 year old kid there that we met at the ward christmas party. he's kind of a foster kid and they were letting him stay there for a couple of days. we didn't know he was going to be there but we had already planned to do a lesson on the restoration. so we give them the first lesson and we thought it was a total flop because there was tons of distractions during the whole thing but talking to family in the ward that he normally lives with they said he liked it and it made sense and he was excited to do his reading that we gave him! cool!

our ward got split on sunday. brought back memories with the monrovia and duarte ward changes. a chunk of our area got put in the reedville ward that also meets in the same building. sis newman and i are bummed because we lose a potential investigator who actually has a lot of potential. she is a 16 year old high school kid who i don't know how well she will connect with elders. ugh. oh well, it's the spirit that will convert her not the missionaries. the elders we share the ward with are super bummed because they have lost pretty much all there investigators but the reedville elders are totally pumped.

alright, well thanks for all your emails and pics! until next monday folks!

sis mag

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