Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, December 9, 2013

"It's Been COLD"

 so this is like the best pic ever...we were walking around and it was freezing, seriously like so cold (as you can tell cuz i braved the headband thing). anywho, so i went in for the pic and sis newman was trying to make the sad face with the lips but it was so cold her face couldn't do it cuz it was like numb....true story.

that's better, kind of.....
 Well hello everyone!

Now I feel like I can finally be apart of the club and talk about this crazy weather. I'll tell you what guys, it's been COLD. It snowed for the first time on Friday. Sis. Newman was loving it. Her first time seeing snow. Too bad it wasn't much to see. It didn't really stick. But man oh man, it hasn't been above freezing. But folks you must remember 30 and 20 degree weather here is a lot different then a Utah or Idaho 30 degree weather. This is damp, moist, wet cold. Tracting was pretty rough. We didn't last to long. We need to get hats and ear things. We went to target, Kolhs, and Ross today and there was nothing good. Nothing. We are going to try Dicks after emailing. I have green earband warmer thing but it doesn't look good. I've worn it a couple of times just because I had to.

This week we picked up another investigator. She was a former investigator a few months ago and her son that is YSA age got baptized up in Alaska about 2 months ago and has recently moved back in with her. She's recently gotten really sick so she is pretty humbled right now. Funny how we all seem to need to get to that point to really pay attention to things. We will see how things go with her. She accepted to receive a priesthood blessing. She said she felt more at peace afterwards.

It was the ward Christmas party on Friday. Dude, there was over 200 people. The lady that was in charge was running around with her head chopped off.  There was Santa and games, and TONS of food. So much leftovers. Sis. Newman and I were being all fluffy and going around to all the tables saying hi to everyone and chit-chatting, talking about the cold weather and stuff. It was great. A lot of members brought their friends.

We also taught the Sunday school lesson to the 17 year olds yesterday about how to share the gospel. I like teaching Sunday school. The kids are really great here. I'm trying to picture how Sam would fit in. People are all into huntin' and fishin' and stuff here. Just like your kiddos, eh Lisa?

Christmas tree cutting was fun last Monday. We took the branches that the family cut so they could fit their tree in their holder thingy and made our own makeshift tree. We have pass along cards and pictures as ordainments.
The day it snowed we were stuck inside for half the day because  we aren't allowed to drive when there is a possibility that their is ice. That fine with me man. Shoot, I don't know how to drive around in winter weather.

Funny thing: One time we were tracting and the lady opens the door and we are like, "Hi, how are you? We are missionaries for the Church of......" and the lady says, "Oh hi...um, I can see that you are from the LSD church and i'm not interested, thank you." and shuts the door. We are from the LSD church huh....?

Another funny lady was she opened the door with a bathrobe and towel on her head....I start my spill and she looks at my tag all close then she just says, "I'm already filled with the holy ghost!" and shuts the door. I don't know, I guess you had to be there.

K, well everybody be safe in this weather! Love you guys! The church is true!



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