Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, December 16, 2013

"Merry Christmas, Almost!"

hey family!

merry christmas almost! our super cold spell is over....i hope. its' been in the 40s. hasn't snowed as of late. sometimes it gets really foggy. 'specially at night. makes things looks kind of cool and spokey.

Aloha, Oregon weather report for December 16, 3013
nothing too exciting to report on this week. our three investigators are sick. bummer. so haven't been able to see them much. and sis newman was sick one day so we had to stay in. this thursday is zone conference. i'm excited for that. we deep cleaned our car for it this morning because we are going to have a car inspection.

tonight we are having a lesson. i can't remember if i wrote about the sister in my last email or not but she is the less active lady that we found who hasn't been to church in years but she's really awesome. she's hawaiian and super nice and i like hearing her hawaiian accent. we are bringing another lady from the relief society to fellowship her.

we also had a lesson with a less active man and nonmember wife that was good. he lives in a trailer that was messy the first time we stopped by but, when we went back for the appointment he cleaned up for us! it was awesome. and he came to church on sunday along with another less active lady that we meet with weekly.

so this week was our relief society dinner/enrichment night. it was awesome because we had about 8 nonmembers come! so, when we had our ward christmas party we invited some ladies from these halfway houses that are pretty close to the church. most of these ladies have some kind of record but are in good standing enough to live in these houses with their kids to get them going with jobs and stuff. anyway, a couple came to the ward party and the relief society president invited them to the relief society dinner and all of them came! with all of their kids! those poor young women stuck doing child care during the thing. they had no idea what was coming. we didn't either. but it was great. one said she is going to start coming to church. cool! we will se how that goes.

fun oregon fact: almost every jogger i see wears some kind of reflector vest thingy. just something that i've noticed.

k, love you all!

sis. mag
Duarte, California (Sis. Magnussons' hometown) weather report for December 16, 2013

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