Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Thanksgiving / Pre Christmas

 yo what up....me and sis. newman
this is "little provo"...it's a new development in hilloboro and all the houses, townhouses, and condos are so squished together! alot of members live here, especially the younger families.


Hello everybody!

Thanks for all the emails and the run down of Thanksgiving and stuff. I loved all the pictures!
The Scott Magnusson family together in SLC the Saturday before Thanksgiving
Savannah pointing
Chase pointing
 I find it interesting to see children's natural instinct to point to Christ

The Kiefer Harris Family Thanksgiving day

My Thanksgiving was good. We had studies in the morning, then weekly planning and then went over to the Hills, this family in the ward, and they had a huge feast and all of their extended family and stuff. We basically just ate and talked and ate some more and played games and ate dessert. Oh my goodness so much dessert! Wish I took more pictures. I only took one of the desserts and stuff.

Yesterday was awesome because it was December 1st and we get to listen to CHRISTMAS MUSIC! It's a mission rule that we only get to listen to Christmas music from Dec 1 to Dec 25. But yeah, me and Sis. Newman were loving it. And we tracted this street and found a couple of potentials. AND we have been trying to get a hold of this less-active lady but every time we knock on her door she is not home but she was finally home yesterday and she is so cool! She's like 70 and she is from Honolulu! And she recently vacationed in Australia so me and Sis. Newman really connected with her and she was so fun to talk to. We are going to try to see if she will come to the temple visitor's center with us.

And today some less-active is going to take us Christmas tree shopping! There are tons of Christmas tree farms here where you can cut your own Christmas tree down. Like a lot. That should be fun! I haven't been Christmas tree shopping since what....like 1999? And we get to cut it down and wear jeans!
We have a lesson today with a lady we tracted into. I feel like she is so prepared to hear the gospel. I hope she remembers her appointment and we can teach her things that she needs to hear.

Today is transfers and nobody in the district is being transferred today. Actually only one sister in our zone is being transferred. Oh and so fyi, if i don't email on Monday it's because I'm getting a new companion or getting transferred so I'll email instead on Tuesday.

Sorry this email is pretty short and sweet but I don't have a lot of time today.  Love you all and hope your December is awesome!


Sis. Mag

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