Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Seriously the Best Present Ever!"

 Have you ever wondered what to give your missionary for Christmas?  Wonder no more. 

Last month Rachel requested a Christmas wish list from Kristine. One of the items found on her list was:  

-some *mormon message dvd’s (my comp has one and we use it all the time but when she leaves i won't have them any more)

and if someone can find a mormon message dvd with "our eternal life" (the one about the plan of salvation with paper cut outs) you will receive extra blessings from heaven :)


Santa found and sent just what she requested.  He even cut her a dvd of "Our Eternal Life".   He gave her permission to open the dvd presents  before Christmas because he knew she could use them right away as she visits with people .   

This is the letter she sent in the mail after opening the present: 



I just opened my present of the Mormon Messages and WOW!  Thanks so much!  I had to write you this hand written letter cuz it would probably get there sooner than telling you thank you by email.  This will be so great in lessons with  investigators.  And you even made me one with "Our Eternal Life"!  Ma, you are so tech-savy and smart!

Today is my 2 month anniversary.  Man, I can't believe it has been 2 months.  Time passes so weird on the mish.  I  can't tell if it's been slow or fast.  I think it's been fast.

Well, I love you, MA.  And thanks again!  That was seriously the best present ever! 


She is sharing an important message to the people in Oregon.
 This is the video Kristine was excited to receive:
You can also watch "Our Eternal Life" by clicking here

*Mormon Messages are short videos from the LDS church.    
You can choose one to watch by clicking here.  

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