Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, December 23, 2013

"It's Facebook Official"

We received this picture postcard in the mail this week from Kristine:
You can click on the letter to enlarge it.
Goodness gracious a lot to say but not much time to write! First and foremost the Lord is hastening His work. All over the scriptures it says that the gospel must be preached to every nation, tongue, and people. That means everybody. Since last year we have had a 40% increase in missionaries throughout the world. The baptism and church attendance rate has stayed the same. Heavenly Father did not send that many more missionaries to have the work be the same. The gospel has to reach everybody and we have the internet to help. At Zone Conference on Thursday, President Mory shared an email he got from a missionary serving in Arizona that is from the Portland area. His mission got approved for online proselytizing and he has connected with a friend online and has basically been teaching her over skype. She has agreed to have the sister missionaries from her area teach her. The Arizona missionary sent president her information and he sent the single ward sisters over there and now they are teaching her. Crazy.

Since about the beginning for December the Zone Leaders and Sister Training leaders have been on Facebook to kind of test drive it before doing it for the whole mission. We get an hour of facebook time a day. It is strictly for the use of bringing people closer to Christ. We can't chat with friends unless it is gospel related. No chatting with family. No commenting or reconnecting or looking at people's profiles unless it is missionary related. Our companions need to see our screens the whole time and before we post something we most run it through them. If we are "teaching" someone through chat our companion must be doing it with us. The goals is to become friends with the members in the wards we are serving in and have them comment and like the stuff we put on our walls so their friends can see it. We want to become friends with our investigators and potentials. We want to become friends with our ward members friends. We want them to look at our walls and chat with us and ask us questions through facebook. Exciting stuff!

Another exciting thing....I got pulled over for the first time in my whole entire life. Didn't get a ticket though but man oh man you better believe my heart my pounding. Basically I cut a cop off. Didn't mean to of course. I was turning left at a solid yellow protected light. The cop was on the other side turning right. I guess he had the right of way....? Anyway he pulled me over and asked what was going on at that light i was like, "um, i was turning on the solid yellow arrow sir." He looked at my license and registration and let me off with a warning....er of warning of what? Still not sure exactly what I did wrong but I am eternally grateful I did not get a ticket.

We have a whole mission shin dig thing in about an hour. We are having a type of lunch/dessert thingy and a talent show. Sis. Newman and I did not enter in thankyouverymuch. You guys should hear us do our comp hymn in the morning. We sound dreadful. Should be fun seeing everybody in the mission though. There is like 200 plus missionaries in this mission.

This week we had one of our investigators drop us. Sad day. She even gave back our Book of Mormon. Good gracious. She's the one who's mom just died. That probably made her mom so sad letting us go.

Our other investigator needs to stop meeting with us when she is drunk. We are praying for that. She is going through a real hard time right now so drinking is a way to numb the pain.

We have been trying and trying to meet a less active lady in the ward and we finally met her the other day! She's in her 50s, a lawyer, married to a nonmember, very sharp and a return missionary! She was happy to see us and said we could come back! Yay!

More less-actives are opening to us so that is good.

Christmas day we are helping at a homeless shelter type place in the morning, then having brunch with some members, then callin' home, then dinner with other members! Because Christ was born it has made everything happen! And when I say everything I mean we have a chance to live with Heavenly Father and our families forever! The church is true!

Sis. Mag
We also received this letter from a family 
who lives in the area where Kristine is serving:
You can click on the letter to enlarge it.
Thank you Baldwin family!

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