Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, January 27, 2014

It Was a "Good Week!"

This was a random sign on a  street.

This was a message from Kristine's companion to her family and friends in Australia
"Happy Australia Day all the way from America!! —"

 Hello Everybody!

Good week! We were able to go to the temple and hear an apostle! Elder Christofferson is so great! He is such a gentle man. The whole time he was talking I kept thinking how he reminded me of Bryce or Alec. (Kristine’s cousins) Kind of funny and random. Maybe because he just has some Albrecht mannerisms. He was down for a stake conference in the area. All the Oregon Portland missionaries were invited. There were a lot of us scrunched in the chapel. We were asked to be seated early so we could practice singing "As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth". (always think of Bro. Miller and bell choir when I sing that song) Since I've been a missionary I can't sing with a large group of missionaries without crying! There is an unseen power felt when you hear a group of missionaries singing. It's pretty cool.
(To hear the song click here and scroll down to the end of the article by Meridian Magazine and click on the arrow by the speaker.   Also, click here to read about another experience of Kristine singing that song in the MTC)

Also before the meeting, Elder Christofferson shook all of our hands. We went row by row up to greet him. President and Sis. Morby spoke and the stake president of the Sherwood stake (or Tulialitan stake....can't remember) spoke too. They all did an excellent job too. President and Sister Morby are pretty awesome. Elder Christofferson said that we all could be very successful missionaries in many different missions. But the Lord wanted us here. There was some reason that we had to be here and part of that reason was to be associated with President and Sister Morby. I believe it. He did a question and answer type deal. Some of the questions were pretty good. I like I how he truly thought about each question and took time to think about it and answer from his heart and from personal experiences. Sharing personal experiences is probably the best way to learn. He gave us some blessings too. I wrote some of them down but President Morby wrote all of them down and this was in his weekly email to us....

 "He also blessed each of you with the following:

· Ability to teach with Power

· Ability to testify with greater persuasion

· The Lord will not leave you without the words to say

· The Lord will let you know you are approved

· The Lord will bless you with angels to attend to your needs

· To go forth in His care.

· Service will bring success – rejoice in the service to the Lord"

It was all things I needed to hear. I feel so blessed that I can have these experiences!

This week in Reedville has been pretty slow. Our "investigators" (that we never met) that the elders gave us are really good at avoiding us. Each night  this week we have an appointment with somebody so hopefully they will all come through.

Yesterday as Sister Newman and I were coming out of Ward Counsel, a 20 year old girl from the Farmington Ward came up to us and said that she was looking for us.  Her dad is not a member and maybe she has some siblings that are not LDS. We've tried to work with them but things always fell through. She has twin brothers coming back from a mission next month. She said that we were the first sister missionaries she's really ever met and she wanted to meet with us because she is thinking about going on a mission. She said she was so sad when we left to go to Reedville because she really wanted us to meet with her family. She feels like she might want to go on a mission. It was really good talking to her. I felt like I had some kind of impact on her even though we never really done anything with her or her family.  I don't know kind of random story.

On Thursday our bishop calls and tells us of a sad situation. A less-active member had a baby that was born on January 9th and died January 10th. It was a real shock because the baby was completely healthy, but there was just complications at birth. She also couldn't have children so this was her miracle baby. So sad. The bishop wanted us to meet the family and participate in the funeral. We met the sister of the mother the day before the funeral. She, herself, just had a baby and her sister lives with her so that makes it hard. Their mother (the grandma) is on hospice. The funeral was at a funeral home and the family didn't really put a program together but bishop was conducting. He asked if sis Newman and I would sing. Um, sorry bishop that will not be happening but we told him we would speak. That morning in studies Sis. Newman and I put some thoughts together. I ended up speaking. It was hard. I never want to speak at a funeral again. It was really difficult that morning coming up with something  to say. I was a complete stranger to this family, speaking at their baby's funeral that lived less than 24 hours, and 99% of the attendance was non-members. I spoke for about 5 minutes.

Goodness, I didn't like doing it. But the aunt of the mother came up to me (I think she was LDS) and said she really appreciated what I said and that it was just right. Whew. Glad I didn't blow it because I was worried.

Alrighty, got to go. Thanks for all your love and support!

Sis Magnusson

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