Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, February 24, 2014

Here Comes the Sun!...NOT!

sighhhhhhhh, "sun-in"....if only there was enough sun for it to actually work

a  family from the ward. they are pretty awesome....

some random monkey bars across from a member's house
Sis Magnusson is hanging around waiting for referrals
 me and sis. quizon, we were in the same district at the mtc. we saw each other today at zone breakfast cuz today is transfers. she is getting transfered so i probably won't see her as much as i did. she is awesome. it looks like i just got out of the shower....oh wait, i did. 

Happy birthday to my most favorite brother! You are going to be the best missionary ever! I remember we were watching the I Love Lucy smashing grape episode when Dad called and said you were born.

So, today is transfers and seeing that I am here emailing y'all today and not tomorrow, neither I or Sis. Newman are being transferred. Sooooooooooooooo, that means we will have been together for 6 months.

This week was pretty anti-climatic. We shared the Plan of Salvation with the Jehovah Witness lady that the elders gave us. We dropped her after that lesson....or more like she dropped us. Gave us back the Book of Mormon we gave her. She said it was nice doing Bible Study with us but she isn't really interested in continuing.  We actually have a lot in common as a matter in fact. Showed her "Our Eternal Life" video. She liked it.

We have contacted near enough every less-active in our area.  It's gunna be an interesting next six weeks trying to find stuff to do in the evenings when it gets dark, unless we find more people to teach.
While tracting we have found mostly people are not home. Even on Saturday. It's annoying. Folks, tracting is not efficient. It's all about the referrals, man.

At district meeting last week my zone leader accidentally deleted my gospel library app. DAH! It's been most annoying not having it. He was trying to be helpful and get me the updated version but it didn't work. I was going to get it fixed at transfers but Sis. Newman and I are not going to be there so I don't know how that's going to work. It's super convent having the mormon messages on there (when you have your gospel library app) but yeah, I'm not super techy so I don't really appreciate them as much. I like the good ol' paper and pencil planners.

Today at 4 we are going to help a member's neighbor move. Missionaries get used a lot to help move. I'm actually happy to do it because we get to wear jeans! And kind of do something physical. I really miss being more active. I hope I can be on bike someday.

This week we are also going to get a family history tutorial from a family history guru in the ward. This past week we had two people interested in family history while tracting and one less-active interested. I guess I should probably figure out how to do it before I start preaching it to people, eh?

Well folks it's been most fun reading all your emails and such! Love you all!

Sis. Magnusson

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"It just rains. Rains, rains, rains...all the time."

happy valentine day! we got these from the member that fed us that night
dinner with an awesome ward missionary from the reedville ward! 
 such a great example of enduring it well!
 Hello everybody!

A big shout out to Sis. Vaughan and the Duarte 2nd Ward for the Valentine's Day note and goodies! My card is hanging by my desk :)

The snow has come and gone. It pretty much disappeared by Tuesday. It's funny because with my experience, when snow melts everything is brown and dead. Not in Oregon! The snow went away and the grass was still very much green underneath. Crazy. Now it just rains. Rains, rains, rains...all the time.

So I'm getting more use to the iPads. We finished transferring all the area book onto it. It helps that we are sharing a ward with Elders because the work is split in half. I'm still not use to whipping it out to set up an appointment with someone when we are at the doorstep or something. Sister Newman is better at that than I. It's just kind of awkward and sometimes slowerish. And only one person can input stuff because if we put input stuff about a lesson or appointment and then we sync, then it will put stuff on twice. It is nice to have the Mormon Messages on there. We still haven't taught a legit lesson with it yet. We practiced at Zone Meeting how to teach lesson 1 using it like a slideshow. Still not good at it, I got to practice more to make it not weird or awkward.

Yesterday we went to the Washington Square mall with a family from the Farmington Ward....it's kind of by the temple. It was kind of weird being there and seeing the world in action. Most people place high importance on things that aren't important. It was also weird to see the style of clothes. I guess the bulky sweater look is now in....especially in Oregon. That's all they sell in the stores. Sweaters. In California its not really cool to wear sweaters...or is it now? Probably because it's Oregon and cold and you need to always wear some kind of jacket thing. Although I'm one to talk. Everyday I wear the same black sweater thing. EVERYDAY. It's like my shirt. It's because that’s the only jacket thing I own and then I wear the coat Rachel bought me last year. Rachel, little did you know that I would wear that thing like EVERYDAY on the mish. It's great because it's warm and waterproof. It was great for the snow too. And the rain. Because it rains. All the time. Rain.
 Anywho, this week we stopped by a lady who was a referral from the Elders. She is being baptized Jehovah Witness next month. She was the nicest JW I've ever met on the mish. She let us in, let us share the about The Restoration. Basically agreed to everything we said. Said she would read the Book of Mormon. Shared with us all the service she gives in her church, how she knocks doors, showed us her little pamphlets and books and stuff. I don't see her progressing but it was sure an interesting visit. We are going to  stop by this week too. We'll see how it goes.
We have more appointments with less-actives this week. I hope they go well. All they need to know is how much God loves them and how activity in the Church can bring so many blessings!

Well, the church is true my friends :)

Sis. Magnusson

Valentine Day Gift

Click here to read Sis. Magnusson's Valentine Day message
that I posted on our family blog.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

It Snowed!

 Sooooooooo, it has snowed!

me and sis newman...

 sis newman lookin' cute and me doing my floating free-throw stance :)

We were doing our weekly planning the church on Thursday and..... 

 ....bam! It was white by noon!

 remember this same spot like 3 weeks ago....

i love the snow! um, not really.....

Sooooooooooo, it has snowed! It was really cold early this week. Then on Wednesday it snowed a little bit, not enough to stick. Then we were weekly planning the church on Thursday and bam! It was white by noon! This is very unusual for Portland. Last time there was a snow storm was 2009. Portland and the surrounding cities only have like 3 snow plows. The whole city literally shut down Thursday. School was let out early, people were leaving work early. It was crazy. We went to a lesson Thursday afternoon and it took us like 40 minutes to drive the 2 miles home. So many cars and everyone was driving so slowly. It was also scary because our car started sliding on a turn. Needless to say we having been allowed to drive till now. All the roads, all the sidewalks, all the parking lots, are slush. Sunday it was so icy. We had rain the night before so it froze everything. Even church was canceled because the roads were so bad. Our parking area in our apartment complex was literally pure ice. I could have ice skated on it. We have been walking around some but a lot has just been staying inside. It has given me cabin fever to the max. We have been inputting our area book into our iPads. Speaking of which......

So we had our iPad meeting on Tuesday and we got 'em. Everything is now on it. We have to put our whole area book in there. It is long and tedious process. It gives me a headache after a while. We have no more planners either, because they are now on our iPads. It's taken some getting use to. I miss our planners. We have till transfers (the 24th...happy bday sam) to get it all transferred over. Sis. Newman and I can input different information and the sync them and everything I imputed gets put on hers and vice verse. When we get transferred to a new area we simply just download that area book on our iPads and wha-la. No more call in reports because Pres. Morby and Salt Lake can see all our lessons that we did or haven't done because its all stored on our iPads. It's kind of hard to explain without showing you. We are one out of 30 missions in the states that is doing this. There is still kinks to the system so they want us to report any changes that should be made or suggestions to make.

We had our lesson with the married couple from last week. Plan of Salvation. It went good. You could tell the wife was thinking about it. The husband is more set in his ways. They fed us dinner. That was nice. I sure hope they progress. The gospel can just help families so much! She is the one that got a blessing a few months ago cuz she is having major health problems. Her LDS friend ask her if she wanted one. (yay for refferals! they are seriously the only way to go)

The lesson with guy we tracted into got canceled. Rescheduled for tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

Well, sorry not much to report on for this week. The snow just kind of threw everything for a loop. We tried to make visits to less-actives near our house that we could walk to thinking that they would be home because  everyone was just kind of stuck inside anyway but no such luck. We shall see what this week shall bring!

Love you all! Thanks again for everybody emailing me! It's makes me happy to hear from my family and friends!


Sis. Mag

Monday, February 3, 2014

"....Stay Tuned"

we treated ourselves to a thai resturant today...
shared a dish. got some pad thai. i love pad thai.

a random picture tracting

this family is from the reedville ward...they are cool

had lunch with this sister from the farmington ward 
because she works right by the library

it snowed twice this year...
and this is what it looks like when it does. 
it was sister newman's first time seeing snow
Hello Everybodeeee!

It was great hearing from everyone. Always is!

This week nothing terribly exciting. We did lots of tracting because we are trying to find people to teach. It's interesting because area is pretty much the same area as Farmington.  We did find a guy that is seemed genuinely  interested. We have an appointment with him on Tuesday. Should be good.  He’s in his mid/late 30’s. Stay tuned.

We are also getting our iPads on Tuesday. We have some 3 hour meeting with president and maybe some other people. Stay tuned.

We did have a really good lesson with a family last week! The wife is having some health problems so her friend who lives out of state and is LDS, asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing. She agreed so the Elders went over a few weeks ago to do that. Anyway, we go back and introduced ourselves and we ended up talking to them for a while. Talking about their snakes, their lizards, their cat, that sort of thing. They have a boa constrictor  and some lizard thing that is native to Australia so they made a connection with Sis. Newman. I can see some progression. They offered to feed us dinner next week! Always a good sign. Stay tuned.

Sis Newman and I taught District Meeting this week. It was on "Our Purpose". We showed that clip of Elder Rasband at conference when he talked about the process of how missionaries are assigned to their specific missions. That's a good talk.

This is the video that Sis. Magnusson showed at her District Meeting and is well worth watching.  It explaines the process of how missionaries are assigned to their area of service. You can see the different areas of the world where Sis. Magnusson's family has served by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the post. 
We went to the Relief Society presidency meeting to talk about the Ward Mission Process. This ward doesn't really know how it works but between us and the elders hopefully we can see it implemented. When it is put into gear I know it can really be effective. Farmington ward did a good job with it.

 Okay folks, sorry this is a short email. Pretty slow week. But that's okay. I'm learning more and more, even when it doesn't seem like you are doing anything as a missionary, you are. Just sometimes you can't see it till later.

Sis Magnusson