Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, February 3, 2014

"....Stay Tuned"

we treated ourselves to a thai resturant today...
shared a dish. got some pad thai. i love pad thai.

a random picture tracting

this family is from the reedville ward...they are cool

had lunch with this sister from the farmington ward 
because she works right by the library

it snowed twice this year...
and this is what it looks like when it does. 
it was sister newman's first time seeing snow
Hello Everybodeeee!

It was great hearing from everyone. Always is!

This week nothing terribly exciting. We did lots of tracting because we are trying to find people to teach. It's interesting because area is pretty much the same area as Farmington.  We did find a guy that is seemed genuinely  interested. We have an appointment with him on Tuesday. Should be good.  He’s in his mid/late 30’s. Stay tuned.

We are also getting our iPads on Tuesday. We have some 3 hour meeting with president and maybe some other people. Stay tuned.

We did have a really good lesson with a family last week! The wife is having some health problems so her friend who lives out of state and is LDS, asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing. She agreed so the Elders went over a few weeks ago to do that. Anyway, we go back and introduced ourselves and we ended up talking to them for a while. Talking about their snakes, their lizards, their cat, that sort of thing. They have a boa constrictor  and some lizard thing that is native to Australia so they made a connection with Sis. Newman. I can see some progression. They offered to feed us dinner next week! Always a good sign. Stay tuned.

Sis Newman and I taught District Meeting this week. It was on "Our Purpose". We showed that clip of Elder Rasband at conference when he talked about the process of how missionaries are assigned to their specific missions. That's a good talk.

This is the video that Sis. Magnusson showed at her District Meeting and is well worth watching.  It explaines the process of how missionaries are assigned to their area of service. You can see the different areas of the world where Sis. Magnusson's family has served by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the post. 
We went to the Relief Society presidency meeting to talk about the Ward Mission Process. This ward doesn't really know how it works but between us and the elders hopefully we can see it implemented. When it is put into gear I know it can really be effective. Farmington ward did a good job with it.

 Okay folks, sorry this is a short email. Pretty slow week. But that's okay. I'm learning more and more, even when it doesn't seem like you are doing anything as a missionary, you are. Just sometimes you can't see it till later.

Sis Magnusson

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