Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, March 31, 2014

"A Little Run Down of a Day and Life of An Oregon, Portland Missionary"

sis gwen hegburg and i share the same birthday! she must be late 80s, early 90s. she got baptized maybe last year....? or two years ago...? it took her a year and a half of investigating the church and lots of missionaries before she got baptized. such a sweet, sweet lady! so friendly and outgoing. super sharp. loves the gospel. working on being sealed to her late husband. this was at the green's family home evening on the 24th. they hold a FHE for anyone that wants to come every week and they study the old testament...been doing it for three years now. they go through a different book of scripture each year. it's what actually made sis. hegburg have a desire to learn more about the church.

the guiterrez family!  a  family that we worked with in farmington. we came early to the woman's broadcast and a found out that just earlier little marissa got baptized! so cool! during the refreshments after the broadcast, the grandma of marissa came up to sis. newman and i and thanked us for all that we did to help her family come back to church. wow!
 Hola family!

I have been 24 years old for a whole week! And I'll tell you what, not much feels different. Thanks for all your emails and such. I'm glad everyone survived the big one in So Cal ;) And congrats to cousin Alec....Ecuador! Woot, woot!

Well, this week has been interesting...felt super long. Tuesday we had a lesson with an investigator. It was our second lesson with him. He is the guy we tracted into when we first got into the area. It was on Tuesday night and on Tuesdays we usually do spilts with the ward missionaries and our ward mission leader still wanted to do it, even though we had a lesson during splits.  So Sis. Newman went with another ward missionary to try to make visits and I taught him the Plan of Salvation with Sister Swallow, from the ward. We actually went over to Sister Swallow's house before hand to practice with her how to teach the Plan of Salvation since it was just going to be me and her. It was really good that we practiced. It certainly made me feel better going into the lesson and I'm sure it did for Sister Swallow. She did great! It was only her second time coming out with missionaries  (she came to our lesson with him when we taught him the Restoration) and I don't think she ever taught the Plan of Salvation before.  It was a good lesson. Our investigator is really nice, loves learning about other religions, pretty intelligent. He doesn't really believe that we need to worry about a pre or post life because what is most important is how we live in the present. Hmmmmmmm, well, yes it is very important how we live live on Earth but what's the point if we don't know what's next....but whatever I guess. He also doesn't believe in a judgement, we are going to place our selves where we are most comfortable, so no need for a judge. Ahha!

We do have some common ground, but still not quite there... He also said that he didn't' connect well with the Book of Mormon because he felt like he was just reading about a bunch of wars. He likes poetic verses like Isaiah. Well buddy, we can certainly give you some Isaiah to read. We invited him to listen to General Conference. I hope he does.

We taught our 13 year old investigator about faith and repentance. It kind of was a scattered lesson. Our fellowshippers couldn't come either. Bummer. But she said the sweetest opening prayer. I wrote down on a sticky not how to say a prayer during our first lesson with her and when we asked her to say it when we had this lesson she whips out her Book of Mormon, opens to some random page with another sticky note and reads a prayer she wrote down. She asked for a sign to know that Heavenly Father was there. She is so sweet. I have grown to love her. The Golds from the ward invited her to church (remember she can’t go to church unless she is invited by "friends") and she was going to go with her mom but it turns out her mom was sick yesterday and couldn't' make it. Amber didn't want to go alone (I don't blame her....going to some random church with a bunch of practical strangers to a 13 year old might be daunting to me) but the Golds came by their place right before church anyway with us to introduce themselves to her mom. it was a good little visit. Turns out her mom went to a year of seminary in high school. It explained a lot  how she seemed to know a lot about us.

We had a kind of scattered/distracting lesson with a less active family we are working with. We are trying to get them fellowshiped so we invited another young couple that are about their age to come with us. Only the wife could go and she had to bring her 8 month old and 2 year old. And the less active family has a 9 month old. So yeah, it was a pretty distracting lesson but the member that came along shared some pretty good insight and said somethings relating to her kids that we couldn't have said (cuz we aren't mums yet) so it was probably good. We gave them a Book of Mormon Reader for their little one and they were really appreciative.

There have been a couple days this week that have really draaaaaaaaaaged. The elders made us a deal last week that if we let them tract in our area, they would give us a lot of their potential investigators in their area. Deal elders. Potential investigator are pretty much people that you tract into that  seem semi-interested or they tell you to come back at another time so you write them down on your potential investigator list. So instead of tracting, we have been trying to contact these potential investigators. The problem is we think a lot of these potential investigators the elders gave us is from like years ago because a lot of these families have moved. We had a number of Asian type names and when we go to their house, it is very much a white/American family that lives there and as soon as they see us on their doorstep, they tell us they are not interested. And a lot of times people are not home....Ugh, it's so annoying. And you don't really want to contact them at night because people are kind of weirded out when you contact them in the evening (it's like a jehovah witness knocking at your door at 8 o'clock at night wanting to talk about Jesus with you...just doesn't go over so well). So, on Sunday we had NOTHING set up to do before church 'cept contact less-actives and potentials. Man, I did not like it. Every person that answered the door between 10am-12pm were in their PJs. Sighhhhhh, oh well. At least we were obedient missionaries and still worked.

The Woman's Broadcast was awesome. I loved the music! The spirit was so strong through out the meeting. I watched it at the stake center. It was fun seeing all the primary girls there! I loved hearing them sing Teach me to Walk in His Light. Probably my favorite part.

Next Monday is transfers. I'm 98% sure one of us is gunna go so I won't be writing next Monday but probably Tuesday instead. So that also means I might be getting a new address so if you are going to send me something this week, send it to the mission office. I'm excited for change.

Well folks, there you have it. A little run down of a day and life of an Oregon, Portland Missionary!

The church is true :)

Love, SisMag

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Birthday Season!

Happy Birthday, Sister Newman!
  I got peeps for Sister Newman's birthday.  She's never had them before.  
She wasn't too impressed.  Oh well, it was for the American experience.
The next day:
Happy Birthday, Sis. Magnusson!
  What every missionary needs:  Stationary, stamps, and blue painter's tape.... 
...You know, to put quotes, pictures, etc. on their apartment walls.

Well, hello there family!

Happy birthday to Sis. Newman and myself! Sister Newman, yesterday and moi, today. Oh, and of course, our dear JMAG! JMAG, it will forever and always be an honor sharing the same day of birth as you.
Janelle and Kristine...ages 5 and 2
Sis Newman and I have spent pretty much all the holidays together....Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patty’s day, our birthdays....I don't think we'll make it till Easter though. Transfers are on the 7th. If we did, that's gotta set some mission record.

A big thank you for all the presents! Loved them all! Loved all the pictures! I will used every single thing that you guys sent me! A big thank you for sending Sis. Newman stuff too. With her being from Australia land, its harder for her family to send her stuff. She really appreciated it. You guys are so great!

The Gaudreaus family and their neighbors
So last night we had dinner with some members and they were so great. They asked us what kind of food we wanted for our birthday and we told them Pad Thai and they got some for us! And strawberry short cake! Remember how me and Jmag always had strawberry short cake and spice cake for our birthdays? And check out this cool story....so the Gaudreaus (pronouced Good-row) gave the Elders their keys to their house so they can use their computers to do online proselyting, facebook, email, etc. They have two computers right next to each other in their house so they can do that. Anyway, the Gaudreaus neighbor would notice the Elders coming in and out of their house a lot and sometimes the Elders would talk to them. The neighbors talked to the Gaudreaus and said how nice the Elders were. Then the neighbor wife said that her brother and sister-in-law are Mormon. When the Gaudreaus were telling us this story, they said that they were shocked. They knew this couple for 17 years and never once did she say she had any connection to Mormons. Anyway, the Gaudreaus told them that they also had sister missionaries serving in the area and the lady said she never met sister missionaries. The Gaudreaus said that they were having a birthday party for us Sunday night and invited them to come as well! And they did! It was great!  They were so nice. She is from Hawaii (score, we had a connection going on) and he is from Texas, with an awesome Texan accent even though he has lived in Oregon for 30 years. Great Christian folks. For our after dinner message we showed them Earthly Father, Heavenly Father, which you can view by clicking here. They really liked it. They had some questions about Mormons and we were able to answer them....like about the Book of Mormon and stuff. Their neighbors were telling us about their church and said, "I don't want it to seem like we have turned the tables on you, but would you sisters like to come to our church?" We said we'd love too! It probably won't happen till after transfers but, we are going to try to make it...at least one of us. I think that would be so fun. I asked if the members of their church would mind if a couple of Mormon missionaries were there and they said they wouldn't mind at all.

We also had two REALLY good lessons that members were able to come too! I have a testimony of members being present at lessons. The first was with the 13 year old we’ve been meeting with. We brought Sis. Gold and her 14 year old daughter to be a fellowship for her. We taught her the Plan of Salvation at some benches in their apartment complex. Her apartment situation is not conducive to the spirit...so luckily it wasn't raining and we could have the lesson outside even though it still was cold. Sis. Newman has some great Plan of Salvation visuals that I'm really going to miss when we split. We used those for the lesson. The Plan of Salvation is a pretty heavy subject with a lot of stuff and she wasn't talking much so I was wondering how much was actually sinking in. But when we asked her at the end, what the pre-mortal life was, why we were here on earth, etc, she knew all the answers. We also talked about Mutual and Young Women’s and stuff and her face absolutely lit up! She said, "I would love to do that on Wednesday nights!" Yeah, you would! That's why it was key that Sis. Gold's daughter came because with her home situation the way it is, she can't go to church unless "she is invited by a friend." Missionaries don't count. It is Spring break is this week so no YW’s. Hopefully she can come next week.

We also had a great lesson with  our other investigator. We finally got her and her 10 year old daughter to a lesson.  Sis. Keanani'ina came with us. (I love that family too.)  We answered a lot of her questions about the Book of Mormon, tithing, and the temple. She thought if she joined the church they would force her to hand over her pay stubs and take out her money....no, it doesn't work that way, tithing is actually voluntary.  And she also thought that Mormons don't tell you stuff till after you are baptized.  She and Sis. K. hit it off really well. She is actually the primary chorister so that was good that her 10 year old daughter met her.

Our investigator is the activities director at Rosewood, the old folks Alzheimer's home that we volunteer at. She REALLY appreciates it when we come over and it's great because we have time to kill because we still can't tract with Sis. Newman's foot. We played t-ball with the residents the other day. That was A LOT of fun! I was pitcher. We played it inside. We used a McDonalds ball and a plastic bat. Some of the residents stood and swung, some sat and hit it off a construction cone. I have been able to play some hymns there too. It's so cool to see some of the residents who don't say much but they came hum and "sing" along to some of the classic hymns. It's great. Reminds me of grandpa.

OK, I should probably go. Today we had a  Goodwill run (I got a new bag, wallet, and purse for 11 bucks. Score), Old Navy run (new black shirt for 5 bucks. Score), Norstroms Rack, library, then Winco after that. Pretty awesome birthday I should say. My 22nd birthday I spent in Hawaii, 23rd in the mountains of Utah, and 24th in good ol' Oregonian land :)

Life is good, the church is true!


The birthday sista'!

Elders Walters and Gray... The other Reedville missionaries

Monday, March 17, 2014

"I'm Grateful for My Mission and Everything I'm Learning From It."

Hi ya family!

Well, it's been an interesting week. Sis. Newman's boot wasn't doing anything and her foot still hurts way bad so we went to the doctor's and he put her on crutches. Told her she needs to stay off the foot. So it's been hard getting out and about. We stayed in a couple of days because her foot hurt too much. If you guys could pray for Sis. Newman's foot, that would be nice. It's made me completely stir crazy being in a lot but at least I don't have a busted foot.

  Sis. Newman and I had a crutches race.  
(Krisitne doesn't need crutches.  She is just using them for this race.)
 This was after the Ward's St. Patrick's Party. Hence my awesome green outfit.

Friday we had a ward St. Patrick's Day party. It was pretty awesome! We had a number of less-actives and non-members show up which was good. It also helped bond those members from Farmington Ward that got put into Reedville with the ward boundary change. They had these minute-to-win-it games and I played one. My partner held a thing of toilet paper and I had to hold the loose end and spin around way fast and try to get the toilet paper to run out first. I got so dizzy! And a pretty good headache. And I didn't even win....one of the elders won. That's okay. It was still fun. I wore lots of green at the party. I am wearing my green, leaf skirt today. I think it was St. Patrick's day that I broke my finger in 8th grade catching a football...fyi.

So the elders gave us a couple of people to see that they tracted into. A husband and wife and their 13 year old daughter. We went by a couple of weeks ago and talked to the dad...said to come back another time. Came back later and the 13 year old answers the door and was like, "Eooooo, I wanted to see you guys!" Awesome! If only everybody said that to us when they see us standing at their doorstep. She really wants to do "Bible Study" with us.  It turns out  with her parents divorce, her biological dad won't let her go to church unless she gets invited to by friends. We are trying to have another beehive come with us to meet her and become friends. We came one time with the beehive but we just miss her. Bummer. We dropped by last night with just ourselves and we got let in.  We taught her the Restoration. I'm not sure how much she took in. Both Sis. Newman and I have never taught a 13 year old. But the mom sat in during part of it. The daughter seemed to catch most onto the Atonement.   That's good because that's the most important part anyway. The mom really liked having us there. She was like, "So you are going to give her stuff to read right?" We are like, yeah! We would love to give her some verse to read. What she needs is to be invited to Young Women’s and have the lessons taught at a member's house. She needs to be in a better environment. But, I'm really glad the mom likes us. She liked the Elders too but, she said she wasn't to comfortable with her daughter meeting with a couple of 18 year old boys. She has a point I guess. Well, that's why we got sistas'!

We just had two lessons last week, the one with that girl and one with a less-active couple. Man, super slow week. We stopped by the less-active couple to drop off an invite to the Ward Party and their home/visiting teachers were there. Double whammy! But they let us right in and we stayed for like an hour. Shared a message on the Book of Mormon. They don't really read it anymore. Bummer.  We invited them to start reading it again. We will see if they do.

There is a less-active young mother from Farmington Ward that we are still working with because the Elders probably wouldn't be able to work with her (when Sis. Newman and I got pulled out of Farmington they didn't replace any sisters....just kept the Elders). Anyway, she is crazy busy so we actually haven't met with her for a looooooong time, like for 5 weeks or something like that. But her parents are in the Reedville ward and had us over for dinner last night. It was interesting to hear what they had to say about the situation and what their daughter has said to them about meeting with us. It was all good things! Her testimony is there and especially being a new mom she is definitely thinking more about things. Her parents told us not to give up on her.

I want to take a moment to spotlight the Green family in the Reedville ward. They are just such a great family. They have trials and hard times but so solid in the gospel. They are probably around Mom and Dad's age. Whenever they have us over for dinner they give us lots of leftovers which is always nice. They called us just the other day because she knew no one signed up to feed us that night and invited us over for an awesome bbq! Bro. Green is the Young Men's President and does such a great job with the boys. I want to be like the Green family when I grow up! That's the beauty about being on a mission. You meet so many amazing people and they are so ordinary, yet just awesome!

And you know what?  My family is pretty awesome too! I love you guys so much. The gospel is awesome. And true. I'm grateful for my mission and everything I am learning from it!

Sis. Magnusson

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"The Church is True!"

Hola family!

Well folks, another week has come and gone. thanks for all the emails and such. love hearing from y'alls.

So this week was pretty good.....

We had a lesson with a guy we tracted into, (50s-ish). He is a college professor at PCC. No, not that PCC (Pasadena City College)  and not the other PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) either....Portland Community College. It always trips me out when people talk about PCC. It's like man, we got too many PCCs goin' on! Anyway, we took a member and I'm so grateful that it didn't fall through! He remembered our appointment. We shared The Restoration and I don't know if he got much out of it but I sure did. The spirit was so strong! It was a reconfirmation to me that the church is true! I think it was a really good experience for the member we took too....she's 30 and she said this is the first time she's ever sat in a lesson with the missionaries. Cool-e-o.  The man we taught said he likes learning, but not sure if he still wants to meet. We'll try to call him this week.

We had a few lessons with some less-actives in the ward. They are all pretty cool and you really grow to love this people. You just want to give them your heart and soul so they will know how being active in the church can bring so many blessings! And it's so important to have member fellowship. We had a lesson with this one family I think I wrote about a couple of weeks ago...with the daughter bearing the sweetest testimony of the scriptures and stuff...anyway, we met with the mom on saturday I tried to tell her how much she and her girls need the gospel, especially her 16 year old...how she needs to know she is a child of God. She absolutely needs that knowledge! Everybody does in fact. We are going to talk to the relief society pres and get her some visiting teachers pronto.

This is Sis. Magnusson's niece's and nephew's favorite music video
 They are ages 2 and 3 and they know they are "A Child of God"
You can also see the video by clicking here

We stopped by a less-active family to use their restroom and they talked to us for an hour! They are an interesting couple. They talk like they are active and think they are active but they do not come to church. They are probably in the upper 60s. The husband bore the sweetest testimony on the atonement. They probably just need some more friends too i guess...and a calling maybe.

We volunteered at one of our investigator's work place...she is the activities director at this rest home for Alzheimer’s patients. We made some play-dough and played with play-dough with the residents. It was so great. Our investigator  really appreciated it. The residents are pretty funny. Very childlike. I thought a lot about our Grandpas while we were there. She said she was coming to church on Sunday and we were going to teach her the Plan of Salvation right before hand but she bailed on both! Goodness gracious! We even had a member there for her lesson and everything. Life as a missionary I guess.....

We have been meeting with the bishop a couple times this week to help the ward get a movin' on missionary work. He is pretty great. Really cares about the ward. His son that served in the Arcadia mission never did serve in Duarte by the way....

This Saturday and Sunday as we've tried to make visits, pretty much nobody is home! Aye-ya-aye....it's so frustrating. We even made rice crispy treats for the people we wanted to visit! Well, some were home to get the rice crispy treats but the leftovers didn't last long in that car of ours.

We have a ward party on the 14th. Green themed party. Should be fun! I'm excited.

Oh and I keep forgetting to tell y'alls....Sis. Newman's b-day is on the 23rd so if you want to send her something too you can. She likes ma's homemade granola and squirrels. They don't have squirrels in Australia land and her goal in life is to take a picture of one here and you think it would be easy because they are EVERYWHERE but they are fast little devils. Haven't' gotten one yet.

I love you guys! Keep up the good work just chuggin' and pluggin'! I love, love, LOVE hearing from you! The church is true man!


Sis. Magnusson

it was sunny on friday last week! 
so we got subway and ate it at this little play ground thing....
and we took some  random pics

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy March!


So happy March! No more February, yippee! We are one month closer to summer! And wouldn't you know it I'm not wearing my black sweater thing today and I'm kind of hot in my leggings. Everyday since like beginning of November I have worn the same three pair of leggings that I got at Ross. They are great, they are thicker-ish and they were around 6 bucks each. Don't know if they will last everyday next winter.

So this week ended up being a good week. But before I go on it turns out Sis. Newman did something to some tendon in her foot. We have no idea how she hurt it. It was just hurting for awhile so she went to the podiatrist and she has to wear a boot for three weeks.

Sis. Newman was like, "This is just like the cabs you see in the movies!"

Sooooooooo, we can't really tract. It's been interesting trying to fill time. We pretty much contacted all the less-active members in our area so we started dropping by active members we don't really know. We dropped by a part member family last night, to "use their restroom". The husband is a non-member member and the wife and kids are members. The husband is a the spittin' image of Tim Conkliln. Anyway, they fed us for the first time the other night and it was a really good visit. They really liked us and the husband is pretty great.  After dinner we showed the Mormon Message, Earthly Father-Heavenly Father. That one is so great. It is our go-to video. It's a great way to feel the spirit.
 You can also see the video by clicking here

Anyway they all loved it and it helped the husband feel the spirit because that's what our goal was. So last night we saw that they had bought their own Mormon Message DVDs because it was lying their on the coffee table. And then sister Newman is like, "oh, can we watch one of my favorite ones?" Sure. So we watched, A Book of Mormon Story. The one about the Jamaican Bishop in England. Another great one.
You can also view the video here

And by the end the wife was like, "You know what? We should start reading the Book of Mormon as a family. You would like it. It's full of great stories." So without even extending a commitment we got them to commit to read the Book of Mormon! Sweet!

The Tuesday before Sis. Newman got the boot on her foot, we tracted a lot. It was actually sunny!...
 ....But windy and cold.

We kept tracting into members. We were knocking on this one door and then a car pulls up in the drive way. We are like oh man. It's the most awkwardest thing when you are at a door and they come home. So we are like, okay here we go to talk to this lady as she is getting out of her car. But it turns out she is a member from Farmington Ward that lives in the Reedville Ward boundaries. We went to their house for dinner a few times when we were in Farmington Ward but we just out of context now we didn't recognize it. Anyway, that's kind of a random not too exciting story.

The missionaries here call the dogs in Oregon doorbells because people don't really have yards in this part of town, so they keep their dogs inside. Sometimes when you knock on a door you hear like 4 dogs trying to break down the door.  Then you have the person open the door a crack, all while the dogs are still trying to break through the door, barking away, you try to get your approach, then one of the dog escapes and jumps on you, then the owner is like, "Fluffy come back!!" and then it starts running away, then you feel all bad, and that's when you just stuff a pass-along card in their hand and say sorry about letting fluffy out, good luck, the church is true.

We had a really good lesson with this lady in her early 40’s. She was a former investigator back in 2008 that the elders came in contact with just before we came. Anywho, they gave her to us and we seriously had like 5 appointments fall through with her. We FINALLY were able to meet her when we just popped by her house the other day. We only communicated with phone previously. It was a really good get-to-know you visit. Turns out at one point in her life she lived in Azusa so we were able to connect there. She seemed pretty great. We had a lesson at the chapel this week and it was awesome. She seems pretty serious about learning more about the church to help her and her family. Her 10 year old was in the lesson too. She is pretty bright. We had a lesson on faith and showed the Mormon Message Mountains to Climb.

Before the lesson (we had it in the primary room) she was asking about the picture of Alma baptizing people so we explain what baptism was.
Then Sis. Newman felt like we should invite her to be baptized during the lesson so she did using the picture. It was great! She said she needs more time though but she will go to church and check it all out. We got so excited and called everybody to tell them that she would be coming to church (bishop, relief society president, gospel essential teacher, primary teacher that teaches 10 year olds, primary pres, some ward members that we think would be good fellowshippers).....and she didn't' show. Bummer. She said she was on Saturday when we confirmed with her. That's the life of missionary though. 97% of everything is out of your control. We are going text her today and see what's up.

Alrighty, y'alls it was a pleasure reading all your emails! Highlight of the week!

Love ya, church is true :)

-Sis Magnusson

 This is "Harvey" he is in front of some boat store. He's been there since like the 50s. It's called Harvey's Boat Shop or something like that.  He was holding that heart for Valentines Day in February.