Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, March 31, 2014

"A Little Run Down of a Day and Life of An Oregon, Portland Missionary"

sis gwen hegburg and i share the same birthday! she must be late 80s, early 90s. she got baptized maybe last year....? or two years ago...? it took her a year and a half of investigating the church and lots of missionaries before she got baptized. such a sweet, sweet lady! so friendly and outgoing. super sharp. loves the gospel. working on being sealed to her late husband. this was at the green's family home evening on the 24th. they hold a FHE for anyone that wants to come every week and they study the old testament...been doing it for three years now. they go through a different book of scripture each year. it's what actually made sis. hegburg have a desire to learn more about the church.

the guiterrez family!  a  family that we worked with in farmington. we came early to the woman's broadcast and a found out that just earlier little marissa got baptized! so cool! during the refreshments after the broadcast, the grandma of marissa came up to sis. newman and i and thanked us for all that we did to help her family come back to church. wow!
 Hola family!

I have been 24 years old for a whole week! And I'll tell you what, not much feels different. Thanks for all your emails and such. I'm glad everyone survived the big one in So Cal ;) And congrats to cousin Alec....Ecuador! Woot, woot!

Well, this week has been interesting...felt super long. Tuesday we had a lesson with an investigator. It was our second lesson with him. He is the guy we tracted into when we first got into the area. It was on Tuesday night and on Tuesdays we usually do spilts with the ward missionaries and our ward mission leader still wanted to do it, even though we had a lesson during splits.  So Sis. Newman went with another ward missionary to try to make visits and I taught him the Plan of Salvation with Sister Swallow, from the ward. We actually went over to Sister Swallow's house before hand to practice with her how to teach the Plan of Salvation since it was just going to be me and her. It was really good that we practiced. It certainly made me feel better going into the lesson and I'm sure it did for Sister Swallow. She did great! It was only her second time coming out with missionaries  (she came to our lesson with him when we taught him the Restoration) and I don't think she ever taught the Plan of Salvation before.  It was a good lesson. Our investigator is really nice, loves learning about other religions, pretty intelligent. He doesn't really believe that we need to worry about a pre or post life because what is most important is how we live in the present. Hmmmmmmm, well, yes it is very important how we live live on Earth but what's the point if we don't know what's next....but whatever I guess. He also doesn't believe in a judgement, we are going to place our selves where we are most comfortable, so no need for a judge. Ahha!

We do have some common ground, but still not quite there... He also said that he didn't' connect well with the Book of Mormon because he felt like he was just reading about a bunch of wars. He likes poetic verses like Isaiah. Well buddy, we can certainly give you some Isaiah to read. We invited him to listen to General Conference. I hope he does.

We taught our 13 year old investigator about faith and repentance. It kind of was a scattered lesson. Our fellowshippers couldn't come either. Bummer. But she said the sweetest opening prayer. I wrote down on a sticky not how to say a prayer during our first lesson with her and when we asked her to say it when we had this lesson she whips out her Book of Mormon, opens to some random page with another sticky note and reads a prayer she wrote down. She asked for a sign to know that Heavenly Father was there. She is so sweet. I have grown to love her. The Golds from the ward invited her to church (remember she can’t go to church unless she is invited by "friends") and she was going to go with her mom but it turns out her mom was sick yesterday and couldn't' make it. Amber didn't want to go alone (I don't blame her....going to some random church with a bunch of practical strangers to a 13 year old might be daunting to me) but the Golds came by their place right before church anyway with us to introduce themselves to her mom. it was a good little visit. Turns out her mom went to a year of seminary in high school. It explained a lot  how she seemed to know a lot about us.

We had a kind of scattered/distracting lesson with a less active family we are working with. We are trying to get them fellowshiped so we invited another young couple that are about their age to come with us. Only the wife could go and she had to bring her 8 month old and 2 year old. And the less active family has a 9 month old. So yeah, it was a pretty distracting lesson but the member that came along shared some pretty good insight and said somethings relating to her kids that we couldn't have said (cuz we aren't mums yet) so it was probably good. We gave them a Book of Mormon Reader for their little one and they were really appreciative.

There have been a couple days this week that have really draaaaaaaaaaged. The elders made us a deal last week that if we let them tract in our area, they would give us a lot of their potential investigators in their area. Deal elders. Potential investigator are pretty much people that you tract into that  seem semi-interested or they tell you to come back at another time so you write them down on your potential investigator list. So instead of tracting, we have been trying to contact these potential investigators. The problem is we think a lot of these potential investigators the elders gave us is from like years ago because a lot of these families have moved. We had a number of Asian type names and when we go to their house, it is very much a white/American family that lives there and as soon as they see us on their doorstep, they tell us they are not interested. And a lot of times people are not home....Ugh, it's so annoying. And you don't really want to contact them at night because people are kind of weirded out when you contact them in the evening (it's like a jehovah witness knocking at your door at 8 o'clock at night wanting to talk about Jesus with you...just doesn't go over so well). So, on Sunday we had NOTHING set up to do before church 'cept contact less-actives and potentials. Man, I did not like it. Every person that answered the door between 10am-12pm were in their PJs. Sighhhhhh, oh well. At least we were obedient missionaries and still worked.

The Woman's Broadcast was awesome. I loved the music! The spirit was so strong through out the meeting. I watched it at the stake center. It was fun seeing all the primary girls there! I loved hearing them sing Teach me to Walk in His Light. Probably my favorite part.

Next Monday is transfers. I'm 98% sure one of us is gunna go so I won't be writing next Monday but probably Tuesday instead. So that also means I might be getting a new address so if you are going to send me something this week, send it to the mission office. I'm excited for change.

Well folks, there you have it. A little run down of a day and life of an Oregon, Portland Missionary!

The church is true :)

Love, SisMag

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