Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy March!


So happy March! No more February, yippee! We are one month closer to summer! And wouldn't you know it I'm not wearing my black sweater thing today and I'm kind of hot in my leggings. Everyday since like beginning of November I have worn the same three pair of leggings that I got at Ross. They are great, they are thicker-ish and they were around 6 bucks each. Don't know if they will last everyday next winter.

So this week ended up being a good week. But before I go on it turns out Sis. Newman did something to some tendon in her foot. We have no idea how she hurt it. It was just hurting for awhile so she went to the podiatrist and she has to wear a boot for three weeks.

Sis. Newman was like, "This is just like the cabs you see in the movies!"

Sooooooooo, we can't really tract. It's been interesting trying to fill time. We pretty much contacted all the less-active members in our area so we started dropping by active members we don't really know. We dropped by a part member family last night, to "use their restroom". The husband is a non-member member and the wife and kids are members. The husband is a the spittin' image of Tim Conkliln. Anyway, they fed us for the first time the other night and it was a really good visit. They really liked us and the husband is pretty great.  After dinner we showed the Mormon Message, Earthly Father-Heavenly Father. That one is so great. It is our go-to video. It's a great way to feel the spirit.
 You can also see the video by clicking here

Anyway they all loved it and it helped the husband feel the spirit because that's what our goal was. So last night we saw that they had bought their own Mormon Message DVDs because it was lying their on the coffee table. And then sister Newman is like, "oh, can we watch one of my favorite ones?" Sure. So we watched, A Book of Mormon Story. The one about the Jamaican Bishop in England. Another great one.
You can also view the video here

And by the end the wife was like, "You know what? We should start reading the Book of Mormon as a family. You would like it. It's full of great stories." So without even extending a commitment we got them to commit to read the Book of Mormon! Sweet!

The Tuesday before Sis. Newman got the boot on her foot, we tracted a lot. It was actually sunny!...
 ....But windy and cold.

We kept tracting into members. We were knocking on this one door and then a car pulls up in the drive way. We are like oh man. It's the most awkwardest thing when you are at a door and they come home. So we are like, okay here we go to talk to this lady as she is getting out of her car. But it turns out she is a member from Farmington Ward that lives in the Reedville Ward boundaries. We went to their house for dinner a few times when we were in Farmington Ward but we just out of context now we didn't recognize it. Anyway, that's kind of a random not too exciting story.

The missionaries here call the dogs in Oregon doorbells because people don't really have yards in this part of town, so they keep their dogs inside. Sometimes when you knock on a door you hear like 4 dogs trying to break down the door.  Then you have the person open the door a crack, all while the dogs are still trying to break through the door, barking away, you try to get your approach, then one of the dog escapes and jumps on you, then the owner is like, "Fluffy come back!!" and then it starts running away, then you feel all bad, and that's when you just stuff a pass-along card in their hand and say sorry about letting fluffy out, good luck, the church is true.

We had a really good lesson with this lady in her early 40’s. She was a former investigator back in 2008 that the elders came in contact with just before we came. Anywho, they gave her to us and we seriously had like 5 appointments fall through with her. We FINALLY were able to meet her when we just popped by her house the other day. We only communicated with phone previously. It was a really good get-to-know you visit. Turns out at one point in her life she lived in Azusa so we were able to connect there. She seemed pretty great. We had a lesson at the chapel this week and it was awesome. She seems pretty serious about learning more about the church to help her and her family. Her 10 year old was in the lesson too. She is pretty bright. We had a lesson on faith and showed the Mormon Message Mountains to Climb.

Before the lesson (we had it in the primary room) she was asking about the picture of Alma baptizing people so we explain what baptism was.
Then Sis. Newman felt like we should invite her to be baptized during the lesson so she did using the picture. It was great! She said she needs more time though but she will go to church and check it all out. We got so excited and called everybody to tell them that she would be coming to church (bishop, relief society president, gospel essential teacher, primary teacher that teaches 10 year olds, primary pres, some ward members that we think would be good fellowshippers).....and she didn't' show. Bummer. She said she was on Saturday when we confirmed with her. That's the life of missionary though. 97% of everything is out of your control. We are going text her today and see what's up.

Alrighty, y'alls it was a pleasure reading all your emails! Highlight of the week!

Love ya, church is true :)

-Sis Magnusson

 This is "Harvey" he is in front of some boat store. He's been there since like the 50s. It's called Harvey's Boat Shop or something like that.  He was holding that heart for Valentines Day in February.

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