Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, March 17, 2014

"I'm Grateful for My Mission and Everything I'm Learning From It."

Hi ya family!

Well, it's been an interesting week. Sis. Newman's boot wasn't doing anything and her foot still hurts way bad so we went to the doctor's and he put her on crutches. Told her she needs to stay off the foot. So it's been hard getting out and about. We stayed in a couple of days because her foot hurt too much. If you guys could pray for Sis. Newman's foot, that would be nice. It's made me completely stir crazy being in a lot but at least I don't have a busted foot.

  Sis. Newman and I had a crutches race.  
(Krisitne doesn't need crutches.  She is just using them for this race.)
 This was after the Ward's St. Patrick's Party. Hence my awesome green outfit.

Friday we had a ward St. Patrick's Day party. It was pretty awesome! We had a number of less-actives and non-members show up which was good. It also helped bond those members from Farmington Ward that got put into Reedville with the ward boundary change. They had these minute-to-win-it games and I played one. My partner held a thing of toilet paper and I had to hold the loose end and spin around way fast and try to get the toilet paper to run out first. I got so dizzy! And a pretty good headache. And I didn't even win....one of the elders won. That's okay. It was still fun. I wore lots of green at the party. I am wearing my green, leaf skirt today. I think it was St. Patrick's day that I broke my finger in 8th grade catching a football...fyi.

So the elders gave us a couple of people to see that they tracted into. A husband and wife and their 13 year old daughter. We went by a couple of weeks ago and talked to the dad...said to come back another time. Came back later and the 13 year old answers the door and was like, "Eooooo, I wanted to see you guys!" Awesome! If only everybody said that to us when they see us standing at their doorstep. She really wants to do "Bible Study" with us.  It turns out  with her parents divorce, her biological dad won't let her go to church unless she gets invited to by friends. We are trying to have another beehive come with us to meet her and become friends. We came one time with the beehive but we just miss her. Bummer. We dropped by last night with just ourselves and we got let in.  We taught her the Restoration. I'm not sure how much she took in. Both Sis. Newman and I have never taught a 13 year old. But the mom sat in during part of it. The daughter seemed to catch most onto the Atonement.   That's good because that's the most important part anyway. The mom really liked having us there. She was like, "So you are going to give her stuff to read right?" We are like, yeah! We would love to give her some verse to read. What she needs is to be invited to Young Women’s and have the lessons taught at a member's house. She needs to be in a better environment. But, I'm really glad the mom likes us. She liked the Elders too but, she said she wasn't to comfortable with her daughter meeting with a couple of 18 year old boys. She has a point I guess. Well, that's why we got sistas'!

We just had two lessons last week, the one with that girl and one with a less-active couple. Man, super slow week. We stopped by the less-active couple to drop off an invite to the Ward Party and their home/visiting teachers were there. Double whammy! But they let us right in and we stayed for like an hour. Shared a message on the Book of Mormon. They don't really read it anymore. Bummer.  We invited them to start reading it again. We will see if they do.

There is a less-active young mother from Farmington Ward that we are still working with because the Elders probably wouldn't be able to work with her (when Sis. Newman and I got pulled out of Farmington they didn't replace any sisters....just kept the Elders). Anyway, she is crazy busy so we actually haven't met with her for a looooooong time, like for 5 weeks or something like that. But her parents are in the Reedville ward and had us over for dinner last night. It was interesting to hear what they had to say about the situation and what their daughter has said to them about meeting with us. It was all good things! Her testimony is there and especially being a new mom she is definitely thinking more about things. Her parents told us not to give up on her.

I want to take a moment to spotlight the Green family in the Reedville ward. They are just such a great family. They have trials and hard times but so solid in the gospel. They are probably around Mom and Dad's age. Whenever they have us over for dinner they give us lots of leftovers which is always nice. They called us just the other day because she knew no one signed up to feed us that night and invited us over for an awesome bbq! Bro. Green is the Young Men's President and does such a great job with the boys. I want to be like the Green family when I grow up! That's the beauty about being on a mission. You meet so many amazing people and they are so ordinary, yet just awesome!

And you know what?  My family is pretty awesome too! I love you guys so much. The gospel is awesome. And true. I'm grateful for my mission and everything I am learning from it!

Sis. Magnusson

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