Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"The Church is True!"

Hola family!

Well folks, another week has come and gone. thanks for all the emails and such. love hearing from y'alls.

So this week was pretty good.....

We had a lesson with a guy we tracted into, (50s-ish). He is a college professor at PCC. No, not that PCC (Pasadena City College)  and not the other PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) either....Portland Community College. It always trips me out when people talk about PCC. It's like man, we got too many PCCs goin' on! Anyway, we took a member and I'm so grateful that it didn't fall through! He remembered our appointment. We shared The Restoration and I don't know if he got much out of it but I sure did. The spirit was so strong! It was a reconfirmation to me that the church is true! I think it was a really good experience for the member we took too....she's 30 and she said this is the first time she's ever sat in a lesson with the missionaries. Cool-e-o.  The man we taught said he likes learning, but not sure if he still wants to meet. We'll try to call him this week.

We had a few lessons with some less-actives in the ward. They are all pretty cool and you really grow to love this people. You just want to give them your heart and soul so they will know how being active in the church can bring so many blessings! And it's so important to have member fellowship. We had a lesson with this one family I think I wrote about a couple of weeks ago...with the daughter bearing the sweetest testimony of the scriptures and stuff...anyway, we met with the mom on saturday I tried to tell her how much she and her girls need the gospel, especially her 16 year old...how she needs to know she is a child of God. She absolutely needs that knowledge! Everybody does in fact. We are going to talk to the relief society pres and get her some visiting teachers pronto.

This is Sis. Magnusson's niece's and nephew's favorite music video
 They are ages 2 and 3 and they know they are "A Child of God"
You can also see the video by clicking here

We stopped by a less-active family to use their restroom and they talked to us for an hour! They are an interesting couple. They talk like they are active and think they are active but they do not come to church. They are probably in the upper 60s. The husband bore the sweetest testimony on the atonement. They probably just need some more friends too i guess...and a calling maybe.

We volunteered at one of our investigator's work place...she is the activities director at this rest home for Alzheimer’s patients. We made some play-dough and played with play-dough with the residents. It was so great. Our investigator  really appreciated it. The residents are pretty funny. Very childlike. I thought a lot about our Grandpas while we were there. She said she was coming to church on Sunday and we were going to teach her the Plan of Salvation right before hand but she bailed on both! Goodness gracious! We even had a member there for her lesson and everything. Life as a missionary I guess.....

We have been meeting with the bishop a couple times this week to help the ward get a movin' on missionary work. He is pretty great. Really cares about the ward. His son that served in the Arcadia mission never did serve in Duarte by the way....

This Saturday and Sunday as we've tried to make visits, pretty much nobody is home! Aye-ya-aye....it's so frustrating. We even made rice crispy treats for the people we wanted to visit! Well, some were home to get the rice crispy treats but the leftovers didn't last long in that car of ours.

We have a ward party on the 14th. Green themed party. Should be fun! I'm excited.

Oh and I keep forgetting to tell y'alls....Sis. Newman's b-day is on the 23rd so if you want to send her something too you can. She likes ma's homemade granola and squirrels. They don't have squirrels in Australia land and her goal in life is to take a picture of one here and you think it would be easy because they are EVERYWHERE but they are fast little devils. Haven't' gotten one yet.

I love you guys! Keep up the good work just chuggin' and pluggin'! I love, love, LOVE hearing from you! The church is true man!


Sis. Magnusson

it was sunny on friday last week! 
so we got subway and ate it at this little play ground thing....
and we took some  random pics

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