Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Goodbye Sis. Newman! Hello Sis. Powner!

a  family from the ward

we spent alllllllll day sat with this family watching conf. then they had us over for dinner and we watched priesthood session. they are a great family.

we watched conf. with this family sunday morning. they made us a good breakfast.

 our investigators.  Super fun people!  they were sad to see sis newman go

this was after zone breakfast...our district leader is in his "pajama suit".  can you spot him?

this is a family we meet with weekly.  they are great.  so nice.  

our ward mission leader and his family.   super nice, he's a great ward mission leader
 my new comp! sis. powner!
 hello family!

i'm sad to hear about grandpa's passing but i know that he is very happy were he is now. i love teaching the plan of salvation to people and i probably get more out of it than our investigators each time i teach it. the gospel is amazing. it's why i'm here. i am excited to see grandpa magnusson again.
Sam and Grandpa Magnusson 2009
so yesterday I got a new companion, sister heather powner from kaysville utah. she seems really great and chill...just what i need. she turns 20 on april 20 and has been out 4 1/2  months. i'm still in the same area and apartment. the week before transfers is always interesting...we were preparing for her departure and saying goodbye to people.

we taught our investigator this week...the gospel of jesus christ. a family from the ward came with us. not a super great lesson, very distracting. we couldn't do it on the picnic benches by her apartment because it was raining so we did it under a car port but people were walking in an out and there was a lot of yelling from the neighbors, people smoking...ugh, just not a good environment. we are going to try to teach her at member's house next time. i guess her biological dad found out she was going to go to mutual and said she couldn't go. so frustrating! well, at least we can still teach her.

we started teaching a part member family. the husband is not a member and the wife used to be less active for many years but is active again. she loves to talk but i like listening to her. she has led a very interesting life. we just have to plan our lessons accordingly because she likes to say a lot.

we have a lesson with another one of our investigators tonight... sis powner's and my first lesson together. should be interesting. first time i'm not teaching with sis. newman. i was kind of stressed thinking about how the lesson is going to go tonight but, i just realized it's all  in Heavenly Father's hands and I need to be less stressed how lessons turn out if me and my comp try our best.

conference was great! we spent all day saturday watching it at a member’s house. i liked elder rasband's talk about the oklahoma tornado. made me cry. and elder uchdorf's in priesthood session and elder oak's talk in priesthood. it was cool what he was saying about sister missionaries and the priesthood.

we watched sunday morning at another member’s house and they fed us a really nice breakfast that made us full for many, many hours. then we watched the afternoon session with a sister from the farmington ward that we helped reactivate. she was very, very, sad to hear sis newman was leaving. the member is so awesome. she wants to get her dad's temple work done. i';m gunna call sis. newman up when she goes through the temple. it is going to be great! the gospel is amazing. the church is true!

love, sis magnusson  

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