Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring has Sprung in Oregon

zone p-day last week....misstionary nerf activity at the ward building

 look what i found while we were tracting -a beehive

missionary with her ipad...this was actcaully when we were tracting down in the country area and we had because of him playing on repeat for the soundtrack. we do it in the car too...but it sounded especially epic with walking down epic farmlands and such.
You can check out the soundtrack for Because of Him by clicking here

Hello everybody!

Another week has come and gone. Today has been nice. Sis. Powner and I discovered this random trail by the high school and we had a picnic there. And I didn't wear my jacket. That is always awesome.

This week we walked around a lot which was awesome! I haven't really walked around in 6 months. We tracted this street way out in the boon dogs...kind of countyish so it was real pretty. It was rainy/sunny. we talked to this lady for like 30 min. She is probably in her 80s, maybe a has a little dementia but super nice. Said a mormon lady would come over before and she would tell her stuff. See,  all people have to do is be nice to us, even if they don't want to hear us and it would make missionary life so much more pleasant...at least while we are tracting,  that is.

We had an impromptu lesson with our invistigator we have been teaching. We were suppose to have a lesson on Wednesday but she wasn't home so we went over Thursday to sent something up (she doesn't have a phone) and she was all ready to meet right then and there so we were like sweet, lets head to the picnic tables! It was her birthday last week so we gave her a Book of Mormon reader and some fake mustaches and sticky starfishes. The lesson we had with her was pretty scattered. It always seems like her lessons are scattered. She didn't do her Strength of Youth reading. Bummer. So we read the section on Friends with her. Then we talked a little bit more about prophets and read 1 Nephi 1 with her and committed her to read her Book of Mormon reader because that is probably easier for her.

So do you guys remember when I spoke at that baby's funeral a few months ago? We met with the sister of the mom who's baby died (Julie) a few times after that. She was a former investigator in some other area and apparently  almost got baptized but never did for some reason or another. But then we could never get a hold of her. Wouldn't call or text us back. Never was home when we would go by....it was always her boyfriend that would answer the door. He would say the funniest things to us. Like the first time he took one look at Sis. Newman and I and said with the most perplexed look on his face, "Who are y'all?" Then we would come back in the rain and he would say, "You out here in the rain?! Y'alls gunna catch pneumonia!" Then the first time we came back with Sis. Newman's medical boot on he said, "Look at you! You've gone done break your leg!" Anywho, I guess you'd had to be there. So Julie calls us Saturday and from months not hearing from her and said her mom passed away and she was going to be at church tomorrow. Wow. Her mom was on hospice and was not in a real good way. Anyway, she came to church and she was very, very sad. She is going through a lot of trials right now. I hope we can know how to help her.

K, I should probably get going. Thanks everyone for writing. Its one of the highlights of my week!

Church is true!


Sis. Magnusson

this pic is for the seamons. 
we are playing SCOPA! bro. erikson served his mission in italy and wanted to play after dinner and i was like, "oh, I've totally played this game before with my neighbors!" didnt' remember how to play though but it made me excited and think of the seamons :)

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