Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"The Church is True! The Book of Mormon is True!"

sorry, this is the only pic this week....i should have been taking more since it has been georgous out but i haven't....more next week though.
i got such an awesome birthday package from my bestest friend kalie johnson. she knew of all the right things to send me and even sent the shirt i'm wearing and it fits perfectly! and amazing homemade cookies. 
 Hello family!

I sat down here at this computer at the Hillsboro Library, when about 2 minutes later three cops show up and walk up to the teenager I'm sitting next too and say, "So how long have you been on the run, Chris?" He says since yesterday.  Then they handcuff him and take him away. Hmmmmm....just thought you'd like to know.

So it's been one full week with my new comp....

This week has been GORGEOUS! Oregon is really, truly, beautiful. Especially when the sun decides to pop out. So many trees with beautiful, beautiful blossoms. There are blossom petals everywhere on the ground.  Saturday was super-duper nice so that means when we tracted, tried to contact potentials, see less-actives, NO ONE WAS HOME. Because everybody was out and about. There was lots of people taking walks or working in the yard but when people are walking or working in their yard....well, they are doing just that, walking or working in the yard. They are not too keen on talking to missionaries. Ugh. I'm not very good at street contacting either. People don't really talk to people here so it's kind of awkward to strike up random conversations with people...they give you funny looks. But, we did have a tender mercy while tracting on Saturday. It was the last few houses we were going to do for the day and we knock on this door in a new development, and this lady opens it a crack and I say, "Hi! How are ya?!" and she says, "I'm allergic to the sun so I cant talk to you ladies now." Then I'm like, "Oh well we are missionaries and we are just giving people a card to this great website...." I'm shuffling through my bag trying to find a mormon.org card....I just gave my last one away, drat. "It's a website called familysearch.org...." (I only had familysearch cards left) She takes the card and kind of looks at it in disbelief. "It's a really awesome website where you can go and do your family history, find your ancestors, learn where you came from." Then she says after just staring at it for a while, "I haven't seen my sister for twenty years. Do you think I can find her through this?" "Ummmmmm, yeah, it might be possible." Anyway....it was just kind of cool. I hope she goes on it and finds her sister. It probably won't show much if she is still living but maybe if she's passed away she can learn more. We'll have to go back and followup.... on a rainy day.

We had a lesson with our investigator on Tuesday....Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was my first time with Sis. Powner so the lesson wasn't that great. We took  Bro. Johnson from the ward. He's about our investigator’s age  (50s/60sish) and he basically saved the lesson. Our investigator’s concern is that he doesn't see why we need the Book of Mormon because from what he has read so far it teaches the same thing as the Bible...so what's so special about it? Sighhhhhh. Oh....I wish I could just instill to people the knowledge of what I have on the Book of Mormon and just say wha-lah! Now, don't you see! But instead he has to hear two imperfect missionaries try testify to him why the Book of Mormon is important, why we need it with the Bible. They work hand in hand!

Our other investigators  came to church for the first time. They were late but they came. The 10 years old has a really good friend from the ward and they were together the whole time which was good. No Gospel Essential class that Sunday (the one sunday we have an investigator there is no class....) so we go to gospel doctrine (lesson was on Moses), then relief society lesson was on Joseph Smith and Hyrum. Our investigator  told us that we focus too much on Joseph Smith and not Jesus Christ in our church.  And why do we need the Book of Mormon, the good word is all found in the Bible (do we see a theme here...?) Aye ya aye, I left church feeling rather discouraged. But then in choir practice we sung a beautiful song about the Savior that we are singing for Easter and it made me feel better.

On Saturday we had dinner with the Gaudreaus (the people we had dinner with on Sis. Newman's birthday and they invited their neighbors) and  and they said they talked to their neighbors the other day  and they said that they really enjoyed the evening. they said they were super impressed with the after dinner thought, how professional we were, how we weren't pushy, we asked great questions that could be answered by them who were not of the Mormon faith and the Gaudreaus, and they were impressed how we didn't have any techy problems getting the video up.....etc, etc. etc (we showed earthly father, heavenly father). That made my day! I'm glad they said we asked good questions because sometimes I feel like I don't ask good questions at all.

Alrighty, got to go!  Love ya! Church is true! Book of Mormon is true!

Sister Magnusson

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