Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, April 21, 2014

"We Got to do Service Three Times this Week!"

me and my comp, sis. powner

feeding the duckies sis. newman's leftover gluten free bread.  
we are at the pond by the library.

a rainbow at the chapel  

death to the blackberries!  doing service at the shaws' backyard...
totally overrun with blackberry bushes.

happy birthday, sis powner, yesterday!

we are at our district meeting.  
we had to teach the restoration with blindfolds.  
it is harder than you think.  
the elders are our zone leaders. they are teaching sis. harris

at the relief society activity, we were part of a skit where we were ants

doing service at the hornibrooks

setting bricks and moving rocks

elder wilkinson is in the purple shirt, elder gray in the blue shirt...
and then arron is sis. hornibrook's son

Why, hello everybody!

Thanks for all your emails...i haven't read them all yet because time is a limited today...I might read them later on my iPad or print them, but I will read them.  You bet I will!

I met an Elder Hindricksen at a Zone p-day a couple of weeks ago. I overheard him saying that their was an earthquake in his hometown and I am like, hey are you from LaHabra? He said, yeah. Do you know the Albrecht's?  Yeah, Pres. Albrecht started his mission papers with him! Turns out he's not from cousin's ward but the other LaHabra ward.   But he knows cousins and stuff. He was asking about Dane and I also told him that Alec just got his mission call. Small world, eh?

This week was alright. We did get to do service three times this week! Yippee for service! I LOVE doing manual labor and wear real clothes. It's great. So get this...we have Elders in our ward too right? Well one of them got transferred last transfer and we got a new elder named Elder Wilkinson. Turns out Elder Wilinson's sister is in the Reedville Ward. Sister Jessica Hornibrook. She's married and has a couple of young kids. Sis. Hornibrook came to one of our lessons with a less-active family a few weeks ago. Crazy huh! I can't imagine serving in the same ward as Renee, or  Rachel, or Lisa, or Janelle.   It would be too weird! Elder Wilkinson and his sister look JUST LIKE EACH OTHER. It's pretty hilarious. Anywho, we had a service project at the Hornibrooks the other day, setting down brick things for there front yard and moving rocks and stuff. It was fun. Even got to talk to their neighbors which was good.

We also had a service project at the Shaws’ home Saturday morning. The Shaws are a family in the ward. They are on a 6 week vacation so the High Priest Group leader who is also their neighbor organized a service project with the other high priests (and the elder and sister missionaries ) to try to get rid of their blackberry bushes that have overrun their backyard. We made some good progress and once again it was going and digging in the earth and being outside. It's kind of funny being at a service project with a bunch of high priests.  No one really talks much, just does their thing, getting it done.

We had the best experience tracting the other day! We ACTUALLY got in a house! That is the first time that has ever happened to Sister Powner and I. We also had a young woman with us. Shoot man, we need to bring a young woman every time we go tracting. Anyway, we knock on this door, this 19 year old answers and before we even really say anything she's like, "Come in!"  Oh, okay. The older sister is eating Lucky Charms, we say hi to her. Then the 19 year old starts showing us all her artwork. She likes to draw anatomy. The dad walks in, and he starts chattin' away. He is talking to me and his daughter is still showing off her artwork to Sis. Powner and the young woman. Turns out his mom and brother are Mormon and they "are always sickin' the Mormon missionaries on me." We told him we were tracting and didn't know he lived there. We were in their house for like a good 45 min to an hour just chattin' away. Well, more like they were talking to us. And finally I was able to ask if we could share a message with them. I showed them "Hope ya Know, We Had a Hard Time" Mormon message because  it talks about the Atonement and it was almost Easter.  (You can see the video by clicking here)  They said they liked it and then they kept talking. I tried to bear my testimony in there about it but couldn't get much in. But they are super nice. Said we could come back and seem excited for us to come on Tuesday! We are going to try to shared the Restoration with them and maybe we will watch the video.

We had a lesson with our younger investigator and her mom joined us! And it was a member's house that lives close by so we didn't have to teach them outside their apartment complex. We taught them about the Ten Commandments and were going to tie it into having a prophet today giving us commandments but they kind of cut it short so we barely talked about Pres. Monson. We gave them a Strength of Youth Pamphlet and hopefully they will read it.

We taught  the husband of a member.   The wife thanked us for teaching him. The husband has a little dementia so she said that he doesn't really remember the lesson we taught last week but he loves meeting with us because it gives him purpose to get ready for the day, shave, and feel the spirit and that  is what she wants. She said his heart has softened much over the years. Their daughter who is in her 30's is getting baptized this summer. She is in the Navy and lives in Texas now but, is going to be baptized here so her parents can come. The mother is so excited for her!

OK, got to go, but I love you guys and can't wait to talk to some of y'alls on Mother's Day!

Sis. Magnusson

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