Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Serving in Gladstone is AMAZING!"

we went to teach our neighbors and they have this bird that they had us hold. 
sis. allen is TERRIFIED of birds but she held it too. what a trooper.

service on the clackametter river. 
i LOVED being next to a body of water.  
 it's sister allen and me and senior missionary, sister thomas.  

the mulch pile we were shoveling for the service project at the clamamette river.

elder ballard holding a mole that we found in the mulch pile.  it was full of them.

the workers and elder thomas (dark navy collared shirt) singing in a barber shop quartette.  
the workers loved us!  
there was 12 missionaries that showed up at the service project 
and they thought we were great...
...so they sang to us...and gave us pizza. 

Hola family!

Oh my gosh, I could go on and on with this letter but I might have to keep it short. Serving in Gladstone is amazing. Serving with Sister Allen is awesome. We taught 21 lessons this week! The most we ever taught in Reedville or Farmington would be like 6 or 7....maybe. We taught 7 lessons on Thursday. Sister Allen and I were so grateful for p-day (preparation day) today to rest and relax and prepare for more!

So, Gladstone is an older area than Reedville and Farmington. Older houses, older roads, very hilly, a lot of green foliage going on. It's pretty great. The people here are also, oh so different than my last areas. Everyone is just so chill. The members are chill, the investigators are chill....everyone. AND THEY LOVE TO TALK YOUR EAR OFF! Seriously, we can't pop in anywhere for like 15 or 20 minutes. It usually turns into close to 2 hours! People just love to talk to us. And they tell us EVERYTHING! No filter. There are a lot of people here, members and non-members alike, that have some hard, hard trials. Some are pretty serious.  And they tell the missionaries all about it. Sister Allen is so good at connecting with people. I am so grateful for her.

I wish I could tell you about all our lessons but no time....here are some.....

Investigator #1: He was a potential and was a referral from a member who was selling something at his door and they got talking religion and he said that should listen to the missionaries. Sister Allen only met him briefly before we met him again. He's in his 60's. He is a talker! Started teaching him the restoration and after we talked about God is Our Loving Heavenly Father he went on about volcanos, the oil industry, global warming, Noah and the ark - all without talking a breath! It actually was quite impressive. Also, what was impressive is that we managed to squeeze the whole Restoration in between his tangents. He is actually very knowledgeable about Christ and the scriptures and the Gospel in general, there are just a few minor details that he his missing. But he seems pretty content with what he has. But, he said we could come back....we just didn't have the time this week.

Investigator #2: He is about my age. He just got out of prison and he is living in a halfway house now. He came in contact with the bishop because his mom is a member and wanted some help for her son. He has been to church a couple of times and we taught him twice at the bishop's house. He really doesn't know anything about anything with religion but he is willing to learn and make changes in his life. He has also been clean and sober for 13 months and wants to stay that way. You can really see in him the desire to change. We might hand him over to the Young Single Adult Ward. He needs some friends that can be a good influence for him.

Investigator #3: She is has a lot of trials. She is probably in her late 30s, early 40s. She has 4 kids, 2 with disabilities. She has not had a good childhood and still effects her now and is effecting her family. It is hard to break cycles of abuse. She lives in apartment complex that has so many investigators. We have taught a lot of people there. Mostly teenagers. I really like one of them.  She is 15.  She and her friend just downloaded the Gospel Library App and we committed them to listen to the Book of Mormon because it is hard for them to read. They said they will do it. Attention spans are short around there so we try to keep lessons short. Showing Mormon Messages videos are awesome. There is a "I'm a Mormon" video of the professional skateboarder who's parents got divorced...yeah, that's a good one. We showed that one to them on Saturday. They liked it and it sparked a good discussion.

You can also see the video by clicking here

Investigator #4 : We have a 8 year old getting baptized in a couple weeks. Her mom isn't a member and her dad is less-active. She was going to church with her grandparents and on her own wants to get baptized! I've taught her once. It was on scripture reading, praying, and obedience. We were going to teach her tithing yesterday but they canceled. Too bad. We have a great object lesson planned with that one. President Morby has asked us to be weary of object lessons because they can distract the true meaning of the lesson but with kids you gotta do what you can to keep them engaged because they have an attention span of like one second. It's cool because the mom sits in on the lesson to be supportive of her daughter, but she is also hearing the lesson too :)

We did a lot of service this week! We helped clean out a house and it was the crazy. I don't know how anyone could live in that space with all the clutter and be alive. We would ask the lady if we could throw junk or trash away and she would tell us she used it, or wore it, or needed it. Whatever man. We also did some service at Clackamette Park by the bank of the the Clackamette River. That was fun. Pulled some weeds and shoveled mulch. It was awesome. The workers were so appreciative of us. About 12 missionaries were there. The elders even gave a Book of Mormon away to one of the guys.  All the workers had a drug addiction problem but now are clean! Working there is part of their rehab. I was able to talk to another volunteer about what we do as missionaries! It was great!

Anyway, we taught a lot more and met with a lot more people but that's all I have time to write. I am sure learning A LOT from this area! And I also feel like I have been prepared for this area as well.  I'm also learning how to be a better missionary when I go home. We had two investigators and lots of less-actives show up to church yesterday and not many people spoke or sat with them. Always talk to people that you don't know at church, ALWAYS!

I love you guys! The church is true!

-Sister Magnusson

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"So, I've been transfered to....

...GLADSTONE!  Home of the Gladiatores!"
 "And I'm very happy to be on this rock!"

Editor's note:  
Sis. Magnusson's dad is principal at Gladstone Highschool in California!
This is a screen shot of the California Gladstone's webpage

Hello Everybody!

The day has come that I have been transferred from the Aloha and Hillsboro area. I didn't think I was going to be transferred because I was there forever so I thought I would keep being there forever.

Well I have been transferred to Gladstone Oregon, in the Milwaukee Stake! I was very excited when I heard I was going to Gladstone! I didn't know anything about the area but just the fact that I will be in GLADSTONE...Dad's namesake, I knew this was going to be a very good thing. I'm serving with Sister Taylor Allen from Arizona. She seems pretty awesome. I am way excited to serve with her. She has graduated from some school in Georgetown with a fashion marketing degree. She has been serving in the Gladstone for three months. I'm glad I'm not whitewashing. She is driving. First time I haven't driven on the mission. I kind of wish I was because that's how you get to know where everything is but, that's okay.   Gladstone seems to be an area where they do a lot of  teaching.

So miracles of miracles last week.  We had an investigator and his wife come to church last week.  I told her I was speaking in church and she said she'd come. They came to our ward game night party! They were able to connect with few people there! So awesome! And her husband said he liked church! I love love them. They are going to be a family I definitely make a priority to see when I come back to Oregon.

Oh and  another family we’ve been working with came to the ward party as well!  They had such a great time! And she came to church! A family from church was able to give her a ride. She really enjoyed herself I think and said she loved how people were so welcoming.

My talk went good on Sunday! I talked about he Gospel of Jesus Christ, and kind of threw in the Restoration in there. I was a little nervous because I didn't even really finish planning it by Sunday morning, but it all came together. A lot of people said they liked it, and a lady in the ward who is a married to a non-member said she was glad her husband was in sacrament meeting that day. That made me feel good.

And also miracles of miracles we were able to have one of our investigator’s lesson at the patriarch's house who lives super-duper close to her and we were able to have a member come! It was like all the stars aligned just right. We did some review of the Plan of Salvation and she remembered pretty much all of the points! We reviewed the Plan of Salvation because we had a lesson on Agency. We read about Agency out of the strength of the youth pamphlet. I wish she talked more so we know what she is thinking about all this but she usually doesn't say much during the lesson. But I think she really likes us. I wasn't able to say goodbye to her but I wrote her a note for Sister Powner to give her.

We taught a less-actives family and their daughter really loves Sister Powner so that is good that she is staying. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she seemed to get it which is awesome. Her brother also sat in which is great! We read a scripture in Alma 32 about faith and then he was just sitting there reading the rest of the chapter to himself as we were talking to his sister. Cool! We committed them to finish Alma 32. They are both in their 20’s.

We were also able to teach and help out  another member. We helped her clean out her house for a garage sale and she actually fell when we were there (she's 72) and we were able to help her up with a neighbor. She said she didn't know what she would do if we were there because she wouldn't be able to get up by herself. She's awesome. I hope to see her when I come back as well.

Okay, I should go. Guys, I truly am excited to be here in Gladstone with Sister Allen and I feel like Heavenly Father has been watching out for me, as he does with all of His children. Love you all! The church is true!

-Sister Magnusson 

 elder barlow is leaving so we gave him a pinada

serving a member of the ward

me and a  young woman we would take to lessons 
we are standing beside their "toaster van"  :)

the next couple of pictures are from the ward party

the next few pictures are of ward members

i love these ladies

one of my favorite ward members.  also a ward missionary

a great ward family and also our neighbors

Monday, May 12, 2014

Missionaries, Missionaries Everywhere!

zone hike

missionaries, missionaries, everywhere!

have you ever been hiking with 20 mormon missionaries?  
i have

the oregonian forest

me and sister harris (i don't think we are related...i asked)

an elder found this NASTY slug and sister barret and another elder got dared to lick it....
...so they did.


elders being elders

service chopping up trees

sis. powner and brother gaudreau

me and brother gaudreau

sis powner found a salamander

missionary vs. blackberry bushes

missionaries won

Well, happy post mothers day!

I loved talking to my family and I loved seeing you guys. The mission sure makes you appreciate you family...especially my family because you're awesome.

Last Monday we had a Zone Hike. (see above pictures) We hiked up these trails right behind the Portland Zoo. It was the perfect day for a hike. Not too hot, not too cold, kind of sunny and didn't start raining till the very end. And the Oregonian forest is beautiful. Such a beautiful part of the world Portland is. Anywho, I felt like I was on a 5th grade field trip. The elders and sisters were being crazy! Well, mostly the elders. They were just acting their age. The member who came with us, Brother Baird (he is like in his late 60s but he is a beast...totally ahead of everyone, just charging like a boss) Said he is the scout leader in his ward and he said this hike was like leading a bunch of scouts. It was fun though. It was great to be in the outdoors, moving and grooving .

This Friday we went to Julie's mom funeral.  The hospice chaplain conducted the service and she did a pretty good job but without the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, death is very very sad. She kept saying phrases like "The circle of life is a beautiful thing...." but it just didn't bring a lot of comfort.

Yesterday we attended another Christian church because we had a friend of that faith invited us. We thought sure, we'll go! Anyway, it was cool because everyone was super friendly to us and welcoming even though we were Mormon missionaries. The Pastor even came up to us after the service and said he wanted to study the Mormon religion because his daughter had questions about Mormons and he doesn't know how to answer her. And he also never got a chance to study the Mormon religion during his religious studies to become a pastor. So he wanted to know the best way to go about that. You talk to us buddy! So that was pretty cool. We'll see if he calls us and wants to meet. It would be a different set of missionaries who teach him because he doesn't live in our area but we did invite him to church next Sunday because we are having a "Bring a Friend to Church" Sunday. Yours truly is speaking on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had another impromptu lesson with Amber. We went by to set up an appointment but she was ready to meet right then and there. We showed her an "I'm a Mormon" video. Then she whips out her phone and she shows us the Lindsay Stirling "I'm a Mormon" video. She said she really likes her.  Awesome! Those "I'm a Mormon" videos are amazing. Have you guys seen the new ones? My favorite is the drummer from the band Neon Trees.

You can also see the video by clicking here

We had a cool experience finding a potential the other day. So, we stop by Amber's apartment to set something up but she wasn't home so walking back to our car we see these kids hanging out in found of their apartment and we see them all the time because they are always hanging out whenever we stop by Amber's and I felt like we should talk to them, but I'm like nah, I don't walk to talk to them. Then we use the restroom of a member's down the street because I had to use the restroom and I still had that nagging feeling to see them. So we walk back up and start talking to them and it turns out that the 14 year old girl we were talking to, mom is a pretty solid potential that we have been trying to find that the elders gave us but we had the wrong address. The girl said her mom was on the phone but to try again later. We have been by again but the mom was taking a nap. Hmmmm, we will just keep on trying.

We met with a member this week. She is the less-active we tracted into that we didn't know was a less-active till the second appointment. We shared with her the Restoration and showed he the Restoration movie. She's like, "Hey, I remember this movie!" Haha, yup! We told her in this lesson we saw she was a member because she was in the ward directory. We asked if she remembered getting baptized. She said she did and she had to go under twice because her foot came up the first time. She got baptized when she was nine, ten years ago. She said she might be able to go to church this sunday and we sure hope she does.

We met with Tony and taught him about the Holy Ghost. I sure do love meeting with them. Even if Tony is super stubborn and won't come to church just because, "Well, I just don't want too..." Maybe he'll come this Sunday cuz I'm speaking and I can try to get him to come to hear me speak. He really likes us so maybe he will.

This week is suppose to be in the 80s. How do you spell hallelujah?! I need to get more shirts that I can wear without undershirts. Cuz last time it was in the 80s I was dying. Maybe next week we can make a Goodwill run. Actually I might be transferred next week. Or maybe not. I feel like I'm gunna be in this area forever. So if I don't write next monday, you will hear from me Tuesday.

K, gotta run. I love my family. The church is true!



Monday, May 5, 2014

Weather Forcast Last Week: "SUNNY AND HOT!..."

"....But, of course, now it is cold and rainy again. Ah well, summer is a comin'! We hear it stops raining in like, July."

we are advertising a ward game night/crazy hat adult party

so it was 85 on thursday soooooooooo 
i got some sun-in and we did weekly planning outside! 
oh happy day!
 and don't worry i also got sunscreen....

this one is for dad...
...he is the principal at Gladstone High School...in Calif

thanks for the poster cousins! i got the best family ever! 

Aloha from Aloha!

This is gunna have to be a quicky cuz we don't have a lot of time because we are actually going to go on an hike today! Yipp-eeeeeee! So we gots limited time folks......

So sad...so I saw president on Saturday at a baptism for someone in Sister Powner's old area and he said that Sister Newman is going home on Wednesday because her foot is not getting any better and it's only getting worse. That made me oh so sad. He said I could call her that day so I did. Man, I miss that chicka. She was a great trainer...I'm starting to realize that more and more now that we are not together. I also ran into her at Winco this morning so it was good to see her one last time. Poor thing. I hope everything works out and her foot gets better.

So on Wednesday and Thursday it was so SUNNY AND HOT! Like 85 degrees folks! Man, I was sweating and it was great! We had weekly planning outside and I bought some sun-in and sunscreen. Putting on that sunscreen kind of put me in a trance. It brought me back to the pool, the ocean, Hawaii, Bahamas, home, EVERYTHING! I love the smell of sunscreen! Just cuz it means fun in the sun I guess. If ever I get gloomy because there is no sun maybe I should just put on sunscreen. We had lunch with our district outside on Wednesday for just an hour and I got a little pink on my arms and legs. Wow, that hasn't happened in a looooooong time. We weren't even outside that long. But, of course, now it is cold and rainy again. Ah well, summer is a comin'! We hear it stops raining in like, July.

We taught two of our investigators  this week. The first one went well. We taught baptism and it was great because their daughter is getting baptized in Texas in a few weeks so it was a good topic to teach...this week it will be the Holy Ghost. I really like the their family.

It was a good lesson with our other investigator, but we have hit a wall. He is so nice and pleasant, has a strong Christian/Catholic background, really believes in good works and service but he doesn't believe a lot of the stuff in the Bible really happened. That made it hard teaching him about Adam and Eve and the fall. He believes a lot of the Bible stories are just that...stories. Written to teach us about principles and morals and to explain stuff like the nature of man. So, he doesn't believe that Adam and Eve literally existed. Hmmmmmmm. We read 2 Nephi 2 with him. Bro. Johnson and Sis. Swallow came. Bro. Johnson is great. So glad to have him there. He kind of reminds me of Dad...quiet type but super knowledgeable about the gospel and presents it in a simple way.

We taught a less-active in the ward. 72, super nice. She used to work in the temple and really enjoyed that but has gotten out of the habit of attending church so she hasn't been in years. Her testimony is still there though. She just needs some feeding.

We were able to do a stop by lesson with another sister in the ward.  She is 40-ish, was baptized a few years ago and is now less-active. Every time we go by she talks about her sister missionaries that tracted into her and introduced her to the church. She says they saved her life. She has a testimony too but has gotten back into some old habits. She is super hard to get a hold of so we were so happy that she let us in yesterday. She just needs to know that she is loved and missed. She used to be a primary teacher when she was first baptized. We showed her the Because of Him video. It's a great video.
You can also see the video by clicking here

We went tracting yesterday and it was like POURING and we go walking up to this house and this guy is standing in his garage and he starts waving us and talking to us and stuff. That usually doesn't happen. Usually when people are in their garage and see us walking up they try to avoid eye-contact. This guy is probably in his 40’s-ish and he says he is not a member but he loves Mormons and he actually pays tithing to our church. Wow. His business mentor dude is Mormon and  he talks about the church with him and he used to meet with missionaries. He was talking like 90 miles a minute. He told us he has ADHD. Um yeah buddy, like ADHD times a million. We asked him if he has ever read the Book of Mormon. He says he hasn't but has one right here...then he pulls one out of the cubby hole in her garage. He says to call him in three days and he will have read a chapter. Sure thing man...no need telling us twice. He was asking a lot of questions....very valid questions but it was hard to answer right then and there. We will be better prepared with a set appointment. Stay tuned.

I can't wait to talk to y'alls on Sunday!

Sister Mag