Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, May 12, 2014

Missionaries, Missionaries Everywhere!

zone hike

missionaries, missionaries, everywhere!

have you ever been hiking with 20 mormon missionaries?  
i have

the oregonian forest

me and sister harris (i don't think we are related...i asked)

an elder found this NASTY slug and sister barret and another elder got dared to lick it....
...so they did.


elders being elders

service chopping up trees

sis. powner and brother gaudreau

me and brother gaudreau

sis powner found a salamander

missionary vs. blackberry bushes

missionaries won

Well, happy post mothers day!

I loved talking to my family and I loved seeing you guys. The mission sure makes you appreciate you family...especially my family because you're awesome.

Last Monday we had a Zone Hike. (see above pictures) We hiked up these trails right behind the Portland Zoo. It was the perfect day for a hike. Not too hot, not too cold, kind of sunny and didn't start raining till the very end. And the Oregonian forest is beautiful. Such a beautiful part of the world Portland is. Anywho, I felt like I was on a 5th grade field trip. The elders and sisters were being crazy! Well, mostly the elders. They were just acting their age. The member who came with us, Brother Baird (he is like in his late 60s but he is a beast...totally ahead of everyone, just charging like a boss) Said he is the scout leader in his ward and he said this hike was like leading a bunch of scouts. It was fun though. It was great to be in the outdoors, moving and grooving .

This Friday we went to Julie's mom funeral.  The hospice chaplain conducted the service and she did a pretty good job but without the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, death is very very sad. She kept saying phrases like "The circle of life is a beautiful thing...." but it just didn't bring a lot of comfort.

Yesterday we attended another Christian church because we had a friend of that faith invited us. We thought sure, we'll go! Anyway, it was cool because everyone was super friendly to us and welcoming even though we were Mormon missionaries. The Pastor even came up to us after the service and said he wanted to study the Mormon religion because his daughter had questions about Mormons and he doesn't know how to answer her. And he also never got a chance to study the Mormon religion during his religious studies to become a pastor. So he wanted to know the best way to go about that. You talk to us buddy! So that was pretty cool. We'll see if he calls us and wants to meet. It would be a different set of missionaries who teach him because he doesn't live in our area but we did invite him to church next Sunday because we are having a "Bring a Friend to Church" Sunday. Yours truly is speaking on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had another impromptu lesson with Amber. We went by to set up an appointment but she was ready to meet right then and there. We showed her an "I'm a Mormon" video. Then she whips out her phone and she shows us the Lindsay Stirling "I'm a Mormon" video. She said she really likes her.  Awesome! Those "I'm a Mormon" videos are amazing. Have you guys seen the new ones? My favorite is the drummer from the band Neon Trees.

You can also see the video by clicking here

We had a cool experience finding a potential the other day. So, we stop by Amber's apartment to set something up but she wasn't home so walking back to our car we see these kids hanging out in found of their apartment and we see them all the time because they are always hanging out whenever we stop by Amber's and I felt like we should talk to them, but I'm like nah, I don't walk to talk to them. Then we use the restroom of a member's down the street because I had to use the restroom and I still had that nagging feeling to see them. So we walk back up and start talking to them and it turns out that the 14 year old girl we were talking to, mom is a pretty solid potential that we have been trying to find that the elders gave us but we had the wrong address. The girl said her mom was on the phone but to try again later. We have been by again but the mom was taking a nap. Hmmmm, we will just keep on trying.

We met with a member this week. She is the less-active we tracted into that we didn't know was a less-active till the second appointment. We shared with her the Restoration and showed he the Restoration movie. She's like, "Hey, I remember this movie!" Haha, yup! We told her in this lesson we saw she was a member because she was in the ward directory. We asked if she remembered getting baptized. She said she did and she had to go under twice because her foot came up the first time. She got baptized when she was nine, ten years ago. She said she might be able to go to church this sunday and we sure hope she does.

We met with Tony and taught him about the Holy Ghost. I sure do love meeting with them. Even if Tony is super stubborn and won't come to church just because, "Well, I just don't want too..." Maybe he'll come this Sunday cuz I'm speaking and I can try to get him to come to hear me speak. He really likes us so maybe he will.

This week is suppose to be in the 80s. How do you spell hallelujah?! I need to get more shirts that I can wear without undershirts. Cuz last time it was in the 80s I was dying. Maybe next week we can make a Goodwill run. Actually I might be transferred next week. Or maybe not. I feel like I'm gunna be in this area forever. So if I don't write next monday, you will hear from me Tuesday.

K, gotta run. I love my family. The church is true!



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