Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, May 5, 2014

Weather Forcast Last Week: "SUNNY AND HOT!..."

"....But, of course, now it is cold and rainy again. Ah well, summer is a comin'! We hear it stops raining in like, July."

we are advertising a ward game night/crazy hat adult party

so it was 85 on thursday soooooooooo 
i got some sun-in and we did weekly planning outside! 
oh happy day!
 and don't worry i also got sunscreen....

this one is for dad...
...he is the principal at Gladstone High School...in Calif

thanks for the poster cousins! i got the best family ever! 

Aloha from Aloha!

This is gunna have to be a quicky cuz we don't have a lot of time because we are actually going to go on an hike today! Yipp-eeeeeee! So we gots limited time folks......

So sad...so I saw president on Saturday at a baptism for someone in Sister Powner's old area and he said that Sister Newman is going home on Wednesday because her foot is not getting any better and it's only getting worse. That made me oh so sad. He said I could call her that day so I did. Man, I miss that chicka. She was a great trainer...I'm starting to realize that more and more now that we are not together. I also ran into her at Winco this morning so it was good to see her one last time. Poor thing. I hope everything works out and her foot gets better.

So on Wednesday and Thursday it was so SUNNY AND HOT! Like 85 degrees folks! Man, I was sweating and it was great! We had weekly planning outside and I bought some sun-in and sunscreen. Putting on that sunscreen kind of put me in a trance. It brought me back to the pool, the ocean, Hawaii, Bahamas, home, EVERYTHING! I love the smell of sunscreen! Just cuz it means fun in the sun I guess. If ever I get gloomy because there is no sun maybe I should just put on sunscreen. We had lunch with our district outside on Wednesday for just an hour and I got a little pink on my arms and legs. Wow, that hasn't happened in a looooooong time. We weren't even outside that long. But, of course, now it is cold and rainy again. Ah well, summer is a comin'! We hear it stops raining in like, July.

We taught two of our investigators  this week. The first one went well. We taught baptism and it was great because their daughter is getting baptized in Texas in a few weeks so it was a good topic to teach...this week it will be the Holy Ghost. I really like the their family.

It was a good lesson with our other investigator, but we have hit a wall. He is so nice and pleasant, has a strong Christian/Catholic background, really believes in good works and service but he doesn't believe a lot of the stuff in the Bible really happened. That made it hard teaching him about Adam and Eve and the fall. He believes a lot of the Bible stories are just that...stories. Written to teach us about principles and morals and to explain stuff like the nature of man. So, he doesn't believe that Adam and Eve literally existed. Hmmmmmmm. We read 2 Nephi 2 with him. Bro. Johnson and Sis. Swallow came. Bro. Johnson is great. So glad to have him there. He kind of reminds me of Dad...quiet type but super knowledgeable about the gospel and presents it in a simple way.

We taught a less-active in the ward. 72, super nice. She used to work in the temple and really enjoyed that but has gotten out of the habit of attending church so she hasn't been in years. Her testimony is still there though. She just needs some feeding.

We were able to do a stop by lesson with another sister in the ward.  She is 40-ish, was baptized a few years ago and is now less-active. Every time we go by she talks about her sister missionaries that tracted into her and introduced her to the church. She says they saved her life. She has a testimony too but has gotten back into some old habits. She is super hard to get a hold of so we were so happy that she let us in yesterday. She just needs to know that she is loved and missed. She used to be a primary teacher when she was first baptized. We showed her the Because of Him video. It's a great video.
You can also see the video by clicking here

We went tracting yesterday and it was like POURING and we go walking up to this house and this guy is standing in his garage and he starts waving us and talking to us and stuff. That usually doesn't happen. Usually when people are in their garage and see us walking up they try to avoid eye-contact. This guy is probably in his 40’s-ish and he says he is not a member but he loves Mormons and he actually pays tithing to our church. Wow. His business mentor dude is Mormon and  he talks about the church with him and he used to meet with missionaries. He was talking like 90 miles a minute. He told us he has ADHD. Um yeah buddy, like ADHD times a million. We asked him if he has ever read the Book of Mormon. He says he hasn't but has one right here...then he pulls one out of the cubby hole in her garage. He says to call him in three days and he will have read a chapter. Sure thing man...no need telling us twice. He was asking a lot of questions....very valid questions but it was hard to answer right then and there. We will be better prepared with a set appointment. Stay tuned.

I can't wait to talk to y'alls on Sunday!

Sister Mag

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