Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, June 23, 2014

It's a Jungle Out There!

Sister Magnusson sent a lot of pictures and didn't have time to write a commentary about them.  So, as the editor of her blog, I have titled these pictures:  It's a Jungle Out There!  My guess is that she took these first few pictures of the beautiful Oregon wilderness on her preparation day. 

These next few pictures looks like Kristine is at a service project with other missionaries that are serving in the mission.  It looks like Sis. Magnusson made friends with a snake!   

As you read through Kristine's email, you can click onto the colored links to learn about what she is teaching the people there in Oregon.  

Hey everybody!

So today is transfers and Sister Allen and I are staying together. It's the Morbys last transfer meeting. (the mission president and his wife are going home July 1st) Everyone is invited so Sister A and I are going to go. The best part is that we have permission to drive to Lake Oswego and we don't have to rely on members for a ride to and from. Transfers always happen at the Stake Center right next to the temple in Lake Oswego. (Did you know the temple is actually in the city of Lake Oswego, not Portland?) 

A lot has gone on this week…..

We had some awesome lessons with one of our investigators this week! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of Wisdom. During the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson with committed her to pray about July 26th to be baptized. She said she would. During the lesson when we were talking about the Holy Ghost, I asked what she thought the role of the Holy Ghost was and she gave like a dictionary definition, it was so awesome! She said something it was God's way of talking to us since he can't be right beside us....or something like that. And the cool part is she really has no religious background, she is just prepared. And she is plowing through the Book of Mormon which is great. So we knew she smoked and we didn't know if she knows that we don't do that. So we were like, well I guess the next lesson will be Word of Wisdom but we were both really nervous because we didn't want to all of a sudden throw stuff at her like, you can't do this, or this, since she is praying about a date. But the Word of Wisdom lesson actually went really well. She has been smoking since she was 16 (she is now 21) so this is going to be hard to quit. She also has a baby and we asked if she was able to quit while pregnant and she said she tried but couldn't. Yikes. It will be a tough one but man, if she can quit the blessings that are in store for her will be so amazing! 

So, our investigator's cousin is going on the pioneer trek that the stake is putting on this week. They leave tomorrow and come back Saturday. Sister Allen and I had a feeling she probably had no idea what a trek even was so we had a movie night at the church on Friday and watched the movie, 17 Miracles.  You can see the trailer to the movie by clicking here  Our investigator and a friend came too. 
The movie turned out really good.  The cousin was crying through it.  They all really liked Albert.  She's like, "if I have to eat flour and water for the meals, I'm not going!"  We assured her she would be wlll taken care of.  

We had another "lesson" with a past investigator.  We decided to drop him. He really has no interest in what we have to say. We were with him for an hour and he pretty much talked the WHOLE time. We barely managed to show the Because of Him video (we were planning the Plan of Salvation but no time for that and he didn't want to hear it anyway). Interesting fellow. 

On Saturday we "street" contacted down by the rivers. That was fun. I actually talked to a family that was at the river that was from Reedville. I knew because  the boy just came from a baseball game and he had a Reedville uniform on and his sister had a Century High School Band shirt on. We were able to strike up a conversation because we asked the mom to take a pic of me and Sister Allen and I asked if they were from Reedville. And I was also like, "Oh, do you know Mr. Dunlop?" Mr. Dunlop is Brother Dunlop from the Reedville Ward and he is the super good band teacher at Century High School so we were able to make that connection. And he also took the band to Hawaii last year for some parade thing they performed in and he took them to the PCC. So we had that connection too. See, it's when missionaries can have normal conversations like that with people on the "street" that is the best kind and then it's not all awkward because you aren't going up to some stranger saying, "hey, do you want to know about Jesus Christ?" Ya know, what I'm saying? That's why contacting at the river is so great because people are usually relaxed and happy down there and are more willing to make pleasant conversation. 

Okay, gotta go to transfers now! This is our last time with Pres. and Sister Morby!  

Sister Magnusson

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