Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, June 2, 2014

Loving the LONGER Days for Preaching the Gospel

 another week in happy rock.

we went to a cowboys store last monday.  I don't know who the cut out is.

enjoying some wendy's for lunch

we got some clear sunglasses at walmart.  
they have 100%UV protection but they are clear! 
and we look hipster as well 

Well it's been another week in happy rock! It's been busy, busy, busy! So in my last areas we always had the problem of finding stuff to do after 8pm...now it is the opposite. We have a hard time getting out of people’s houses after 9pm! It's crazy! We even set alarms to go off before and after nine so we can tell members, "Oh sorry, that's our alarm for our curfew...." Then they are like, "Oh okay...." Then they just keep yackin'! Goodness gracious! It also helps that it's still super light at nine so you can't even tell it's late. I didn't like when it would get dark like waaaaaaaaaaay early in the winter. People didn't seem to want to talk to you. You would get weird looks cold contacting at 7pm, like "What are you doing here this late?! We are going to bed!" But that's not the case now.

So, we discovered that part of the Williamette River is in our area! And the Clackamette! They join together at some point in our area too! So on Fridays we don't have dinner with members and from 5-7 we find people to teach. So we either tract or we street contact. This Friday was awesome! We started tracting but no such luck. I don't like tracting anyway, not very effective. So we go walking on the trail by the Clackamette River (it was such a gorgeous day too!) and we talk to a whole bunch of people and it wasn't awkward at all! It was awesome! And then when we were eating our dinner after 7pm on the Williamette River so people just started talking to us and we weren't even actively proselyting...we were just sitting on the bank eating our dinner. 

And we were weekly planning on Saturday on the Williamette and it was so awesome because it was sunny and i got a little sunburned (i should've put some sun-in, i wasn't even thinking of it) and people were talking to us there too! See....the water has a calming effect on people and they will talk to you. I love the water! It was killing Sister Allen and me staring at the river for two days and not being able to do anything about it but, that's okay. It's gunna be a joyous reunion when I get to jump into some water again!

We were able to have 4 member present lessons this week, that was good! And we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I went to the Clackamas (sp?) area with Sister King. I've only been on splits once before and that was when i was brand new, like 3 weeks out and I didn't even know what exchanges were. Tuesday night I spent the night with Sister King and Sister King's companion, Sister Munger, spent the night at our place and we worked in each other's area. Sister King and I taught a sweet lesson to a lady. We taught the Restoration and she was so open to it. She has a lot of kids and most of them practice a different religion and she is trying to find something that can fit for all of her kids and unify them. She was so open to the Restoration and it was great! She was excited for us to come back...well, it won't be me next time, it will be Sister Munger, but it will be interesting to hear how it goes with her.

We taught the Restoration to a husband and wife this week. The husband is awesome. He is like 60 some years old and knows a lot about Mormons. He is 7th Day Adventist . He is also pretty open and he's already been to church twice. We brought a brother from church to our lesson. He is in his 80s and joined the church in 2009. They hit it off real good.

We taught a girl who is 15 and a spunky kid. She came to the Young Womans' activity with her neighbor and another  girl we are working with. Usually she is pretty easy to read but not during the lesson. Hmmmmmm, I want to know what she is thinking about all this. She enjoys meeting with us, so we will see how it goes with her next lesson.

There is a family that we seeing a lot who has some hard trials. We had dinner at their house and we watched the Restoration movie with them and it was so great because the seven year old got really excited about when Joseph Smith had his vision and was being baptized. I've never seen her get excited like that. It was cool to see.

We taught someone we taught last week again but we will probably drop him soon. We just can't get a word in and he goes off on crazy tangents. But the sad part is most of his beliefs are so spot on with ours! Like amazingly so. He is just not open at all and he holds on to some teachings that he is not willing to let go (like the fallen star from heaven is not Satan but Mohammad...) 

We had one of our investigators come to church yesterday! It was so stressful before church trying to get him a ride because usually he rides his bike, but he had a flat. And we were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation at a member's home. It was good because the member is a recent convert so he shared some things that connected with him that we couldn't have shared. That's why member present lessons are so good and important.

So, I got some sister missionary figurines from Dad's roommate's family from 1974 that lives in Ohio, along with some other fun things! It was so great to get the package! We are filming a District 3 here in the Oregon Portland mission featuring Sister Jones/Sister Peterson and Sister Johnson/Garcia....stay tuned folks! It's going to be sweet. You can get a taste with some of the pics.

We had Zone Meeting this week. President and Sister Morby were there. They leave July 1st. So crazy! They are awesome. We had a training on finding then we went out and tracted around the church building that we had our meeting at with a different companion…..All 12 pairs of missionaries. It was great. Transfers are only 5 weeks this time because something to do with our new mission president, President Ballard's, schedule. Then the next transfer is going to be 7 weeks so it will all even out. I hope Sister Allen or I don't get transferred.

We are going to take the MAX to the Rose Festival gardens in Portland today. It's gunna be sweet.

K, gotta run. Love you ALL! Summer is approaching! My favorite time of the year! A time for sun, water, sunscreen, and long days! Longs days for preaching the gospel! Love it! The church is true!

Sister Magnusson

Editor's note:  You have heard of Where's Waldo.  In this post you can look for different sightings of the sister missionary figurines in the different pictures in this post. 

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