Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"This was a different week fo' sho'!"

 Sup Everybody!

I was so happy to get everybody's emails! I'm so happy that Sam graduated and sisters were able to come!

And now Sam is teaching swim! That's so exciting. I remember my first week was pretty bad. I was always exhausted but you get the hang of things and then you realized it's like the best summer job ever. So you gunna put Sun-In in your hair Sam? Your hair could get very blonde like mine :) Or how it was. It's not so much blonde now. 

Well this week was a different week fo' sho'! We had Zone Conference went took up the whole day. From 8pm to 5:30. It was President and Sister Morby's last Zone Conference. So sad. They are such incredible people! Our Zone Conference was focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of holy ghost, enduring to the end). We talk about it a lot in Zone Conferences. President loves to teach about that. 2 Nephi 31 is all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Have you guys read it as a of late? You should, it's pretty good.

We had an awesome lesson this week with someone about...The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is probably going to get baptized. He is going out of town for a few weeks to help his brother out....hopefully he doesn't fall out of the loop. He came to church yesterday but we didn't see him much because he was with his fellowshipper but we were able to talk to him for a little bit. He is so sincere and so in tune with the spirit. He knows a lot about the Gospel and already talks like a Mormon....like when he was explaining how he needed to get his answer and feeling promptings from the spirit, etc. 

We also had an awesome lesson with another person on the Restoration. It started out kind of scattered because there was just a lot going on at the house and her cousins were kind of being distracting so we taught up to the Joseph Smith part and watched the movie. (Editor's note:  Click on the movie link to learn more about what Sis. Magnusson is teaching.)  With talkers we have found that watching the movie works best so then we can get through it and it's a good way to feel the spirit. Plus it's super good. We asked her if she feels like Joseph Smith could be a prophet of God, she said yeah, she believes it. AWESOME! She is so solid. We just need to get her to church! She couldn't come yesterday but maybe next week. 

So there have been like 5 or so stakes in the area practicing for this Dance Festival since January and they performed this weekend at Liberty High School in Hillsboro next to my old areas. It's been a pretty big deal. Like there was no Youth Activities for a while because Dance Festival practice took it's place and they practiced on Saturdays and all this stuff. Anywho, the peeps in charged asked President if the whole mission would sing We Are As The Army of Heleman. President was pretty reluctant to take a whole proselyting day off to do this but he agreed. So Saturday morning the whole mission met up at Liberty High to do this. We were able to watch the first performance and the other two performances we waited in the Auditorium. The actual performance was in the basketball gym. Man oh man, there were a TON of kids performing. Like 1,300 I think I heard. That's nuts. It pretty much was the definition of E over G. (effort over gain) But what they had us do was the performance before ours we waited by the doors to the entrance of the gym and then after this girl on the screen started talking about the theme of the Dance Festival (which was Stand, Believe, and Shine....I think....) we come in and start singing the Army of Heleman. It was kind of a weird arrangement but we were singing with a soundtrack that already had a choir singing so that was good or else you probably wouldn't be able to hear us. Anyway, I think the audience really liked it. There was a performance at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm, and at the 3pm and 7pm performances we got some real enthusiastic applause!  After the 11am performance the head honcho guy came into the auditorium where we were waiting and said some people said we were their favorite part of the performance and he even said he was tearing up when we came out. It sure was weird watching the performance and hearing real music again.

all the sisters in the mish...sorry it's fuzzy
I think Sis. Magnusson is on the top row in the middle of the picture

chilln' like a villian in the auditorium

me and sister A with some random elders

i found the greens from the reedville ward!

the gutierrez family from farmington!

Well, I think I'm gunna go. Sorry, I feel like my emails don't even cover a portion of what I'm doing. We have seriously been so busy. We didn't even have time to weekly plan this week. Probably will do it tomorrow...maybe. It's also been kind of emotionally draining. There was this one day we were meeting with someone that we see pretty frequently that has a lot of baggage and she was just unloading on us so it made us pretty weighed down. Sometimes people just tell us everything....it's like, well maybe sister so and so you should tell that to the bishop. Then our other investigator that just got out of prison and is trying to turn his life around is having a hard time. He literally has no support except us and the bishop. He is trying so hard but it seems like society is just against him. He's 25. He is going to go to FHE with the singles ward tonight. That should be good for him. He needs good friends that will influence him to do good things. We ALL need good friends that influence us to do good things! 

Well, church the church is true and I love my family!


Sister Magnusson

Editor's note.  I was reminded of this short video when I read about the young man who just got out of prison who is turning his life around.  
You can also watch the video by clicking here

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