Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"At least you got pics this week"...

......a lot of pictures!
 at the timberline lodge 2 mondays ago

with the sandy sisters

it's good at the hood
Mt. Hood

we went to calamity jane's restaurant before zone meeting last week in sandy 

calamity jane's ceiling

only in oregon

SOUPLANTATION.  a member gave us money to eat there.

the "brier patch"
Janelle lived in a Greenbrier apartment complex in Rexburg, Idaho when she met Dave.

happy rock
Maybe Scott's school should make him one of these when he retires

this is justin.  he is pretty hilarious

sis a was really nervous to hold the snake

eating out with sis. Leppert last week

some crazy all organic, all natural, all whatever soap shop in downtown

these bike signs are all over portland


This has to be another quickie, but hey! At least you got pics this week. 

Today we went to Mt. Hood with some other missionaries. We went to the Apline Slide... I got a 20 dollar "Drug Rug" out of it! *See attached picture. I am way excited about it. Mt. Hood is a year round ski mountain. So the little towns on Mt. Hood are funny because it's all like surfer people walking around but with more clothes on....cuz surfers and snowboarders are of the same breed. It feels good up there. Fresh air, lots of trees....oh wait, there are lots of trees anyway, but these are like different kind of trees. Like mountain trees. 

mt. hood is in the background

us and the clackamas sisters.  they are our sister training leaders.  

riding up the ski lift

madison and nathan....they drove up up there

These peeps were just chillen from skiing all day i guess....

these aren't so awesome

i love donuts.  this place is in sandy.  

*so i got one....50% off.  
they are totally eco friendly, made from all recycled products.  
cuz we are in portland, ya know.  

So we live right next to the Seven Day Adventist Conference Center. And once a year they have a conference. Well, this week was the conference. They have a ton of land and all the Seventh Days park their RVs and camp there for the week and do conference things. Anyway, Sister Allen and I were pretty curious about it so one morning for morning exercise we went and explored incognito because we were wearing our exercise clothes. Oh my goodness, there was so much land! Like acres of acres! All filled jam packed with RVs. Like it seemed inches away from each other. I kept telling sister Allen this has got to be a fire hazard. So on a Friday evening we were doing this ward member lady’s grocery shopping at Safeway because she was sick and asked us to get her stuff and this random guy comes up to me and was like, "I would like to invite you girls church tonight." I'm like huh? He's like at the 7th Day conference. I was like ooooooooooooh, that makes much more sense. He was like "I see you missionaries all around the world and I just felt like I should invite you." We are like sweet, we'll go. So we did. It was alright. We didn't get to hear the sermon because we had to leave a little early for an appointment so that would have been interesting to hear. It was on "Covenants". 

We had like the best lesson I have ever had with a couple we tracted into a couple of weeks ago.  All the stars aligned just right....we had the perfect member with us, the man was already reading the Book of Mormon we gave him, he had some questions about it, the Spirit was there, AND THEY ASKED US WHAT TIME CHURCH STARTED! That has never happened to me. They actually didn't end up coming to church because they got called into work but they said next week for sure! We shared the Restoration with them and after I told them the Joseph Smith vision in his own words, you know...."I saw a pillar of light....." part, the lady was like "Wow." And had a genuine look of awe on her face. That was pretty cool. When we were explaining what the Holy Ghost was and how it was a warm good feeling, she was like, "I feel that way right now!" It was pretty  awesome.  

We are helping a recent covert quit smoking.  Check out our church’s addiction recovery program here.  After she got baptized, she started hanging out with some friends that weren’t very supportive of her change and went back to old habits.  But she is on day 6!  We went to Safeway with her and got vitamin C cinnamon gum, grapefruit juice, mouthwash because Sis.ter Allen  know this 15 step program thingy that helps people to quit with those things.  We call and text her everyday as well to see how she is doing. She tagged us on Facebook getting the stuff and throwing away her cigs.

K, time is up. p-day is over. Love you guys. 


Sister Magnusson 

ho, hum
...I don't think so!

Editors' notes are in italics 

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