Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th  y'all's

our hike from last week....

um, yeah

at the park for 4th of july ward picnic

the  three girls who we brought to the ward 4th breakfast....the taller ones are twins. 
we had a water balloon fight and i was like those girls only target.
 i got pretty wet. it was fun though.

we literally live right next to this place called heavenly donuts. pretty tasty. we go there kind of a lot. yeah, it's bad. we need to cut back. it's especially bad when we are exercising right outside our apartment and we can smell them

so, in honor of heavenly donuts, sis a's mom sent her this shirt. 
we were totally cracking up! greatest shirt ever!

hello there familia! 

my goodness, a lot to say, not much time to write. 

the YSA elders tracted into a lady......she is 30 with four kids so they gave her to us. she is going through so much right now.  seriously, it's trial after trial...things are really bleak right now. she said when the elders tracted her a week ago she was busy so couldn't talk to them. but they gave her a mormon.org card with their phone number on it. she said she kept feeling like she needed to call them so she did. i'll tell you what....i have probably given out hundreds of those mormon.org  cards while tracting and nobody has ever called us, but i guess sometimes people do. she said the elders showed her a couple of videos on their ipads and she felt a lot better after that. when we stopped by and she told us her situation. she says she felt better as well and feels like she has hope. she saids she is pretty open right now and is lost and by golly the gospel can help her with that! we will see how things turn out. 

it was 4th of july.....we had a 4th of july ward breakfast at the park. a lot of less actives and investigators came! we are trying to teach this lady who has has twin daughters.   we invited them to the breakfast and they came, rolling up on their bikes.  they brought a friend on a skateboard. we had a water balloon fight and i was like the only person they would get. it was pretty funny. afterwards when we were cleaning up they were like, "Can you guys come over today and play games!?" Haha, it was cute. We said we could if their mom was home. She actually wasn't home so we couldn't go over but it was cute how they really liked sister allen and I. 

President Ballard said that 4th of July was a non-proselytizing day but make it a service day and such. Okay prez! We did some visits then we helped a lady in the ward clean her closet. she was so appreciative! the lady is pretty cool.... Oh and we were allowed to be out until 11:30pm. Holy moly, there was no way I was gunna be out that late. after dinner with some members we stopped by our investigators and recent converts apartment complex and did some sparklers. i think we were home by 10:20. but man oh man, i was tired. and tired the next morning cuz we had some early morning sunday meetings we had to go to. 

this week it has been so hot. i think on tuesday it got up to 100. I WAS DYING! i was seriously so hot and we were helping someone move. i forgot about what 78 degrees feels like. it was everybody's conversation topic around town. sister a is from arizona so she was like, shezh, this is nothin' man. 

we meet president ballard and his family on wednesday with the whole mission. we were an hour late because we were helping someone, but apparently we only missed there kids playing the violin and some introductions. they have a son that just left for a mission and son that just got back from a mission that will be with them for the summer (i think) and then a  junior and  freshman boys, then two girls....maybe like 5th and 7th grade i think. sister ballard was being funny. she is loves taking pictures. so we got a lot of pictures while we were there. pres. ballard said we all just have to humor sister ballard and her picture taking fetish. pres ballard seems like he will be a great mission president. we have interviews with him this week. can you imagine interview 200 young single adults in one week. yikes.  

we had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators about temples this week. and she is SO EXCITED to go to the temple visitor's center with us on tuesday. we  are have having a YSA from the YSA ward take us. i am going to be the sister missionaries best friend when i get back from the mish. 

k, sorry i do have more that i could say but we gotta jet because we are going to go hiking with some other sisters at mt. hood. yippee!


sister magnusson 

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