Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"I'm grateful to be on this mission"

hurry, elder!  come into the picture before the self timer goes off!  

this was at a zone breakfast last week

our district

from a service project last week, weeding the berries
Hey family! 

So a lot went on this week. It started with going to transfers to say good bye to the Morbys. They left two days ago on Saturday. Crazy to think we have a new mission president now. We are doing a meet the Ballards thing on Wednesday from 10-2pm. The whole mission was there. We have gotten together as a whole mission a lot, which is pretty cool. I guess that's one of the blessings of having such a small mission. We have gathered together for Elder Christofferson, the mission Christmas party, The Dance Festival, and then this transfer meeting. 

The new Mission President and his wife, Craig and Melissa Ballard
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This is Kristine's whole mission at the Mission Christmas Party Dec. 2013
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Monday night we had dinner with a couple and it was really good. This was the second time I've eaten with them and the husband was actually pretty open during our after dinner message. We shared a message about prayer and committed them to say prayers together as a couple. They said they would....over their meals, but hey, it's a start! 

Tuesday we had a set appointment with a lady and we brought a member with us but she wasn't home. So we went to our backup, which is to see another investigator with our member. We have been meeting with this sister for a long time. She knows the church is true I'm pretty sure, but just has some things she has to work out in her mind.  Anyway, she is really close to a lot of members in Oregon City which is the town right next to Gladstone because she lived in Oregon City for like 20 some years or something and just recently moved here. She goes to Relief Society activities all the time in Oregon City. Anyway, she needs more fellowship here for her to progress. We felt like she needed to meet with the sister from our ward that was with us. They connected so well! … Anyway, that was kind of a random story.

Then after that experience, we saw  a member who is 25 and she got baptized just before I got here. She goes to the Young Single Adult ward. I really like her. She is so strong and has to do a complete lifestyle change but she is happy. She was introduced to the gospel through her boyfriend and they both started to learn about the gospel together.  She gained a testimony and was baptized. Anyway, her boyfriend still doesn't seem as excited about the gospel as she is and she is running with it but he is still lagging behind. This lesson was good because she was able to get a priesthood blessing (her first one since her confirmation) for some health problems and other things going on and it was such a sweet blessing. And she was asking about family history work! We explained a little about it and next lesson we are going to do some family history at the Family History Library! Which is where I'm actually typing this email . 

On Wednesday we had a really good lesson with an investigator.  So, most times when we have lessons with people they talk so much and we really got to work hard to jump in there and start the lesson but with this man it's kind of refreshing because he is such a typical man and he doesn't share a lot of commentary and we just get right through the lesson. But it's also hard because since he doesn't talk a lot we don't really know what he is thinking or feeling. But this lesson with brought a with us someone from the ward and they really connected! Basically because they are both big into hunting elk and stuff but hey, whatever works! 

We've had a couple lessons with our previous investigator. They were good but she recently started dating someone and he is already holding her back on things! Ahhhhh! Satan is really working hard on her because she is so prepared for the gospel right now. Goodness, it's frustrating. Her cousin went on the trek this week and she loved it! Hip-hip hooray! But we are so glad it was a good experience for her.

Alrighty, we got to get crack-a-lackin! We are gunna go on a little hike. I'm glad Sister Allen likes to hike and do stuff outside :) The church is true and I'm grateful to be on this mission in good ol' Portland, Oregon! 


Sister Magnusson 

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