Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello, Goodbye, Hermana Baker

i was with sister baker for a short three days....this was taken at the clackamas river.  
we asked someone to take a pic of us as a conversation starter.  
we gave them mormon.org cards  

me and sister powner, round two!

we hiked mirror lake today up at mount hood.  

Editor's note:  I think I know why they named this lake Mirror Lake. 
 Hello my dear family-

Man oh man, it has been a CUR-AZY week. First off it was transfers. So Monday we had the transfer craziness. That's when Sister Baker and I became companions. Then on Tuesday was p-day. We didn't do anything too exciting. Sister Baker just unpacked and stuff. Wednesday was our usual district mtg. Then a little bit after our district lunch we get a call from President Ballard. Here is the scoop...

At this transfer we were suppose to get one more Spanish speaking sister from the MTC that never left the MTC. President Ballard didn't know this until he was driving from the airport to transfers with the new missionaries that he just picked up. There is now an odd number of spanish speaking missionaries. So within a couple of hours he had to make quite a few switches. Hermana Baker became my companion….but, she wasn't going to be originally. Then there is a sister in Oregon City that was very sick and needed to come home. President told us all this over the phone on that Wednesday afternoon. So Sister Baker was going to be transferred to the visitor's center as a Spanish speaking sister because right now they have none. Since the sick sister had to go home, her companion was going to become my companion which was Sister Powner, who I was with right before I came to Gladstone. After he told us all this he said the change was going to take place the next day....sometime. The APs would call us with a time and location to meet. So then we go back home and Sister Baker packs everything that she just unpacked. Then we were like, so now what do we do. We didn't want to make any new visits because we didn't want the poor people of Gladstone just confused with seeing three different faces of sister missionaries in like a three day period. So we "street" contacted at the river, facebooked, that sort of thing. We had ward coordination that evening. At 10pm the APs call us and tell us to meet at a church building on the other side of the mission....like 50 minutes away at 12:15. So Sister Baker finishes packing and we make the switch. Then on Friday Sister Powner has to unpack and go through the whole thing over again. So needless to say we didn't teach as much this week. But we were able to do some. 

Bad news is that one of your investigators, got a super deep cut in her knee, had to get a lot of stitches and now her whole leg is puffy and swollen. We have made several appointments with her but she keeps forgetting we are coming and she is a little distracted because of her leg and rightly so I guess. Ahhhh!

We did have a good lesson with our neighbor on Saturday. He calls meeting with us "church". He will tell a buddy, "Hey, sorry I can't come by. I got church coming over tonight!" Or, his dad called in the middle us talking and he's like, "Sorry dad, can I call you back? I got church over right now!" I think he is 41. We were going to teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ but we only got to faith. But that's okay. Baby steps man, baby steps. Although he did say he was going to the real church on Sunday but didn't. Grrrrrr. Next time.

Alright, I got to go. Thanks for all your love and support! I have the greatest family ever! And the church is true!


Sister Magnusson

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