Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, August 25, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

sister krualt from the ward is wonderful!... 

...they shared some yummie treats from their garden!  they have an awesome garden. 
seeing people's gardens here makes me appreciate our gardens growing up. 

Hello beautiful people of the non missionary world! Well of course, every member a missionary....so I guess to the non-full time missionary world!

Well, its been a good week I guess. Our long time investigator came to church yesterday! Can I get a hallelujah?!  It’s been hard to work with her lately. But I don’t blame her I guess. She cut her knee open a little bit ago and got some gnarly stitches. She just came for sacrament meeting because her knee was bothering her. The miracle is we found someone that could pick her up AND drop her off after sacrament meeting, the Lepperts. May the blessings of heaven be pored out upon the Leppert family! And we were able to ride with them to church to pick up our investigator. (And another shout out to the Lepperts is that they fed us that night when we had to cancel our original dinner because we were at the visitor center later in the evening. Someday y'all will have to meet them. They are cool. They are getting sealed very soon! They are just younger than Mom and Dad. Bro Leppert reminds me of Uncle Craig. And his first name even is Craig too) Our investigator was only in the chapel for the sacrament and one talk before she had to go to the foyer to sit on couches to be more comfortable. She was asking if they passed around a basket for offerings. We explained to her we don't do that but we do pay tithing and bam, right then and there we had a lesson on tithing. We showed her the slip and everything and she said she wanted to donate 5 dollars. Well, sure! We showed her what she could put the money towards. She really wanted to put it toward Ward Missionary fund! So that's what she did. We committed her to pay a full tithe when she gets baptized and she said yes! Easy peezy man. Lots of people said hi to her after sacrament meeting which was good. She said she really enjoyed sacrament meeting and she is looking forward to coming to all three hours next week. The first thing she said when she walked into the foyer was, "Oh, I love the pictures!" Something interesting we learned about her was she smoked from when she was 15 till about three years ago. She is 57 now. Wow, that takes a lot. Trying to get someone to quit is like stopping all conflict in the Middle East. But it can be done! On Saturday we were able to stop by and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. We have been trying to teach her that for a long time. She was also able to open up more about herself. She has gone through a lot. I feel like she has been prepared to learn and accept the gospel! 

So remember in my last email how I said that we just got a text from someone we have been working with that basically said she didn't know what she believed anymore? Well, we were able to meet with her on Tuesday and it was really good. We watched that new Mormon Message, The Hope of God's Light and it was really good for her. She was able to come up with on her own that she needed to meet with the bishop. It's always better when you get the people you are teaching with to think up ideas, concepts, ways to build their testimony, etc, on their own because then true conversion is more likely to happen.
this mormon message truly has a powerful message.
some pretty profound things are said in this video.
i notice something different each time i watch it.
it just might be my new favorite mormon message.  
You can also view the video by clicking here

We were able to meet with another investigator again. We read 1 Nephi 18 with her. She is our star Book of Mormon reader. She reads and gets it. It's awesome. She said the closing prayer and she said a good one. Of course there is no right or wrong way to say a prayer but she just said some things that made me happy like, "Lord, I thank thee for sending the Sisters over today, it was a real special treat...." Yeah, things like that. She has been through a lot and has learned a lot from her past. It's also made her pretty wise. 

We were able to go to the temple and have two visitor center lessons! One was on Wednesday. I was kind not in a good mood because our ride literally canceled on us AT THE LAST MINUTE! You just can't do that to missionaries! So may the heavens also be poured out on our bishop's wife who took us last minute.

Then we were also able to go to the temple on Sunday. Again, our ride canceled on us because something came up. So may the blessings of heaven ALSO be poured upon the Kuralts for taking us. The Kuralts are truly one of the greatest missionary minded individuals. They are so great and so kind and generous. And Bro. Kuralt makes the best dinners (besides our Ma of course). Our investigator  said her favorite part was watching the "I'm a Mormon" videos at the visitor center. 

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll folks, I think that is all I am going to write about for this week's adventures in Happy Rock. Y'alls have a great week! The church is true! 


Sister Magnusson

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