Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's a Zoo Out There!

yep, this is where I live

Yesterday we went to the Oregon, Portland Zoo with the McVey family! It was fun! While there I kept thinking of the good ol' LA zoo. Sorry Lisa, you probably didn't go to the zoo on your p-days in Argentina.
i wore my cheetah shirt in honor of going to the zoo.


i almost have the wing span the size of a california condor

so a few months ago there was no glass between me and the sea life.....
You can read about some of Sister Magnusson's 
pre-mission adventures in the deep blue sea by clicking here

 i am with the daughter of the members that took us. she's a cute kid.

This week we taught a lot which is always good. We picked up a new investigator.  She is happy and smiley. The elders found her and she on is the edge of our ward boundaries and theirs and they didn't realize till after they taught her a couple times.   Then they handed her over to us. She is pretty golden.  Our first lesson with her went really good. Taught her a little more about the Book of Mormon. She said she wanted to go to church and the member we brought with us said she would love to pick her up, sweet. We had another appointment with her later that week on Friday but that fell through. We did see her briefly though and she still mentioned that she really wanted to go to church. Well, Sunday rolled around and when the member went to pick her up she wasn't there at her apartment. So frustrating. Man on man, if you guys ever see a missionary's investigator show up at church, just know a miracle happened. Remember that. 

So at our new investigator’s same apartment complex we picked up another investigator. He looks slightly disheveled. He's 48, long curly hair, scratchy beard, wears wife beaters with swim trunks, and fuzzy socks. Talking to him I'm pretty sure he is autistic in some form or another, super nice. We started talking to him after we saw our first investigator and it turns out he used to meet with missionaries a lot in Gersham, a city kind of near us. He remembered a lot and really enjoyed meeting with them. He was asking us questions about the Pre-Earth life. We saw him again on Sunday and we were talking about the Restoration/Book of Mormon/Joseph Smith. He was way into Moroni and how Joseph Smith got the gold plates. And into temples. Especially angel Moroni on top of the temples. He knew A LOT! It was actually pretty cool. We gave him the Children’s Book of Mormon Scripture Stories along with the regular Book of Mormon and he was super excited. 

We had the Milwaukie Stake Country Fair on Saturday! The missionaries didn't have to wear proselyting clothes which was great....but you know what, I might have been cooler in my skirt than in pants but whate’vs. I wore my 50 cent plaid shirt I got at the garage sale the other day. It was A LOT of work. Lots and lots of people were there. There was a lot going one. Games, live band, car show, games for kids, wagon ride, free dinner, face painting, that sort of thing. 

the Milwaukie stake county fair! 

me with one of the most incredible people i know!
She has taught me a lot about overcoming trials.   
One of the most frustrating/stressful part about that whole ordeal was finding a ride for some of our investigators. Holy macheral! And on top of that we were trying to find two members that day to come to two lessons in the morning. Well, trying to find the members for that morning started the day before but literally NO ONE IN THE WHOLE GLADSTONE WARD was available! Everyone was either out of town, helping setup for this fair thing, busy, working, etc, etc etc. So we couldn't have a member with us for those lessons....which actually one of them fell through anyway. Go figure. BUT! Our first lesson went so good! She was pretty awesome. She has had a pretty hard life and is very smart and intelligent but never had an opportunity to go college or anything. She might of not even finished high school, not sure. Anywho, she started reading the Book of Mormon and she totally gets its. She's not one that you can really make an appointment with to sit down and have a specific lesson but she wanted to meet because she had some questions about what she was reading. She read up to 1 Nephi 13. We met with her and she had questions about the two plates Nephi was writing in (the small plates and the large plates). She also had a question about the gathering of Israel in reference to the olive tree. And she wanted to know what the Doctrine and Convents and Pearl of  Great Price was because she has a triple combination. We gave her a large print Book of Mormon and it's actually a triple combination so she has the three books. 

Alright, I gotta go. Sorry for not emailing yesterday. To make a VERY long story short:  We went to the zoo in the morning. Got home around 3pm, then we were helping an investigator from 3:30 till 9pm. Made for a very long, exhausting day. 

I love you guys! The church is  true!


Sister Magnusson

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