Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, September 29, 2014

Life in the OC

Hi everybody!

Well, I have had my first full week in the OC!
No, not that OC....
 the other OC. 
The Oregon City 4th Ward members seem pretty awesome. Way on top of it with missionary work and taking initiative to fellowship and invite which is the way it's suppose to be. We aren't as busy as we were in Gladstone. I think part of it is we are still feeling are way around. Sister Pope has been out three months but she is pretty awesome. She seems a lot more confident than I was with the lessons when I first started out. I thought she was older than 19 when I met her. I think once I get to know more of the area, investigators, less actives, etc. we will get a little more busy. We will probably have to tract more than we did in Gladstone because we don't have as many investigators, which I'm not super looking forward to because tracting is my least favorite part about missionary work, but miracles happen while tracting! It's just all about following the Spirit, which sometimes can be hard. BUT the investigators we do have are pretty solid. We have an 11 year old girl, that will be baptized in January when she turns 12. She wants to get baptized now but has to wait till then because that's when her parents said she could. We are also teaching another investigator who is absolutely amazing! She will be getting baptized sometime after December. She is totally on the ball and even invited her neighbor to hear the lessons with her so we will teach them the restoration on Tuesday. I'm stoked. She even invited him to the ward emergency preparedness fireside and he came!

Another thing I will have to get use to again is sharing the ward with Elders. I shared in my first two wards (Farmington and Reedville) then in Gladstone was the first time we had free range of the whole ward. It's so nice not sharing because you don't have to worry about tracting in the elders area or stopping by someone that the elders are already teaching, etc, etc.

Our star lessons this week was with our star investigators, The 11 year old’s  grandma is LDS and I think that's how she started meeting with the missionaries. We planned to teach her the Plan of Salvation and when we told her that is what we wanted to teach her, she was like "Oh I know that." She gets a piece of paper and her grandma drew out the Plan of Salvation and I guess already taught it to her. Awesome! We were like, "Okay, here is our plan of salvation cut outs. We want you to teach the Plan of Salvation to us using these." She did really well and the parts she didn't really know, like how we will all be resurrected at the second coming and the three kingdoms we were able to help her out. She is really smart and mature for an 11 year old. My host mama, has really taken her taken her under her wings and  she is like her second mom. She is also the Young Woman's president so when she turns 12 and is baptized and goes into Young Women’s she will have an immediate support group.

Speaking of Young Women’s, we went to New Beginnings on Wednesday. The theme was Bee-coming like Christ....I think. Our bishop has a beehive hive and he brought it in and talked about it when he was giving his little talk thingy. The beehive looks like an ant farm. It's in a skinny glass case so the bees weren't flying around everywhere.
Our lesson with our other star investigator went really well.  She is reading the Book of Mormon, I think, for the first time. She had a lot of questions about the background and the history and how things connect with the Bible timeline. We shared a lesson on the Atonement. President Morby always said that the Atonement is the MIT (the most important thing) and we should incorporate it in everything lesson. And it's true! The Atonement is central to EVERYTHING in the gospel! Everything! We wanted to focus that the Atonement is not only for the sinner but also the saint. Sometimes people exercise their agency unrighteously upon you and you are hurt by their actions, either physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You end up very hurt. Even when the person repents of the sin they committed against you, it won't repair the damage that it has done. But the Atonement can. Through the Savior's sacrifice for you, He can repair what no one can. Pretty amazing to think about.
We had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom with an older less-active couple that is coming back to church! They are pretty funny. The lady is a talker and man, she can jump from subject to subject without taking a breath. I feel like that is a talent. We read the Word of Wisdom pamphlet with them and that turned out good. I really like the Word of Wisdom pamphlet. The couple really liked what they were learning about, but by the end they finally told us they drank coffee and tea but need to stop. Their goal is the temple and they know what they need be worthy to get there.
Yesterday was Ward Conference. During the 2nd and 3rd hour we had combined Relief Society and Priesthood. One of the Stake President councilors gave the lesson and he did a really good job. He did it on the Law of Chastity and more specifically how parents need to be so open with this topic with their kids. How parents need to use very specific language with what the law of chastity is. They need to use the scientific words to explain things and not speak in generalities. They need to take the shame and taboo out of the subject. They need to ask specifically what happened at dances, dates, etc.  He did a really good job at teaching and addressing a hard subject. He said the Youth were getting the same lesson that hour.

We have a 17 year old investigator who is a Muslim. I have never taught a non-christian before. I really like him. He is a smart, intelligent kid. He has come to church a couple times and I think enjoyed it. Sister Pope said that he has told them in a previous lesson that he is looking for truth. We had the lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end. He was pretty familiar with the faith and repentance part but they don't baptize so teaching him that was new to him. "So how would you become Mormon? Do you have to be baptized?" That was one of his questions. We read out of Matthew 3 where it talks about Christ being baptized and then read 2 Nephi 31:5-12, where Nephi explains why it was important that Christ was baptized and why it is important that we are as well. Afterwards he had some questions about fasting so we told him how we usually fast once a month for 2 consecutive meals and give the money we would have spend to the poor. He told us about Ramadan. He also had a question on repentance and violation of the law of chastity. Sister Pope said that last week in church during Young Mens they had each of the youth pick out of standard out of the strength of youth pamphlet and talk about it. She said that he chose the Law of Chasity. Sounds like it is important to him which is awesome!  

Alright, I love you all! Happy Conference this weekend! I can't wait!  Oh yeah, my favorite part about the Women’s Conference meeting was when the different ladies were sharing their testimony of the temple!  If you don't know much about Mormon temples, you might want to watch this video first.  
You can also see above the video by clicking here.  
Then afterwards we went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner with a couple of members and one of the ladies is a convert and her husband died when she was 22 with a toddler and unborn baby. The elders tracted into her a few months later and she got baptized. That was 11 years ago. She is preparing to be sealed to her husband soon.* Such a cool story to hear! And it gave me hope for tracting!

The church is true!

Sister Magnusson

*This is explained on Mormon.org here 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Good bye Gladstone! Hello Oregon City!

Enjoy the pictures of Sister Magnusson saying farewell to all her Gladstone peeps:

Don't you LOVE the bush?

this sister from gladstone drove me to oregon city.

Hello Oregon City!

me and sister POPE!

posterity picture (ask lisa what that means)

this is my new house in oregon city

This is bandit.  The one eyed cat.  
Right now he is my email buddy.  
He also joined us for comp study this morning.  

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Guess what?! The day has come that I have left the Happy Rock! Oh my goodness, I was so sad to leave. I didn't think I was leaving! I thought for sure Sister Powner was going. My first two transfers there was kind of overwhelming so I wouldn't have minded if I got transferred then but I didn't want to leave this time!

I had an opportunity to bare my testimony in sacrament meeting, because that's what they do for all the leaving missionaries in the Gladstone Ward. Actually there is one good thing about leaving for transfers. You can get people to come to church! I'll tell you about one of my investigators who came! Yippee-skippee! We have been teaching her for a long time and I don't think she has been to church at the Gladstone Ward yet. Saturday morning before I knew I was leaving we texted her just like we do every week asking if she wanted to come to church. She said she would think about it. Then when we found out I was living we texted her again and was like, "You have to come to church cuz Sister Mag is getting transferred!" No answer. We assumed she wasn't coming. THEN SHE TOTALLY SURPRISED US! It was the primary program. It went way over but it was good. The little ones are cute. OH AND HER NEIGHBOR CAME! She is a less-active and I think it was our investigator that actually made her go. They are really good friends and neighbors. She said she told her neighbor I was leaving so she had to come to church. And her kids came too! That was awesome.

On Thursday we had a mission tour with Elder Johnson from the 70. Basically he came to visit the mission and he spoke to all the missionaries in three sessions. We were scheduled for the Thursday 12:30pm session . It started a little late and we were there until a little after 4pm. It was a long meeting but it was good. He had us read somethings before hand...talks mainly from a new mission president training with the apostles that were really good! Every stake pres., bishop, and ward mission leader should read them. In fact I'll probably just send it to you guys. Anyway, his "talk" was like a discussion panel. He would ask questions and ask for participation in answering them and he would ask other questions based on what had been answered. It was good. In the beginning he also said not to take notes. Because when we take notes we lose 2/3 of what the speaker is saying and he said when we write in our journal that night we need to write down the revelation we received during the meeting. He said that he used to take notes diligently for serval decades and guess what? He never looks back at them. I would have to say, that I'm the same way. I have never looked back on my notes that I have taken for general conference, byu-h devotionals, firesides, etc. but this is just a side tangent. He told us we should never leave a member's home, less-active's home, a non-member's home without teaching a gospel principal, leaving them with an invitation to act, and say a prayer. He said when we do that, especially with active members of the church, revelation will come to them on who is ready to hear the gospel. That's a pretty powerful statement. So then we practiced. But it was a real practice. We had some members come to the meeting too and we separated into rooms, 4 missionaries to a member. We were to teach a gospel principal to them and ask which name they thought of it while we were teaching them that principal, and what action item they were going to take and what action item we could take. Ours went good! We taught a senior missionary lady about how God is our loving Heavenly Father.

So lessons this week in Gladstone... We taught a married couple the Plan of Salvation. Both are so nice, super Christian people, know the Bible really well. We street contacted her and we have seen them a couple times before teaching them the Plan of Salvation. She is really super nice. She gave us donuts when we came in. They really liked the Plan of Salvation  lesson and in the middle of the lesson he opens up to 1 Corinthians 15 and just starts reading the chapter to us. Then he like, "Well ladies, what do you think of that chapter?" Beautiful! Couldn't ask for a better segway to open up three more gospel principals. We told him we LOVED that chapter! That the apostle Paul knew and understood the Plan of Salvation very well....ah, it was great. They pretty much agree and already believe in the Plan of Salvation so all we got to do is teach them about of the Restoration of the Gospel and Priesthood authority. That's the tricky part about teaching strong Christians because a lot of times they will agree and believe what you teach because they recognize truth but they won't really accept restoring Christ church or of priesthood authority. Ugh. So they like us coming over because we give them a good feel good message but that's not our purpose. Hopefully they will become progressing. They are. They are not my sheep anymore since my transfer :(

We had a good lesson with another one of our investigators  on baptism and confirmation. We were able to have her set her own date for October 4th. But we told her for that date to work she HAD to come to church that Sunday and the next. She promised us she would but on Sunday she called us and she was sick. Good gravy. Satan is working so hard on her it's unfair. She will get baptized though, it just might take some more time. I really love her.

We were able to see a sister from the ward this week. She is probably in her 80s but she is super spunky and sassy. I really like her. She hasn’t been to church in a very long time, BUT she came last Sunday and this Sunday to church! We saw her after she came the first time and she said she really enjoyed it and it made her week go by better and "there really isn't a reason why I shouldn't go." That's right, there isn't! And we dropped by the Book of Mormon on cd and she really appreciated it. We read part of the Book of Mormon intro and talked about how the Book of Mormon can bless her life.

Oregon city seems really great. Oregon city is RIGHT next to Gladstone….just across the river actually. Oregon City is super old. It's one of the first cities in Oregon...hence the name Oregon City I guess. It's really pretty, we have fun looking old town/downtown, cool looking old houses and country. The people also seem nice. We met with the bishop yesterday and I can already tell I'm really going to like him. He is just on top on the work, ya know? Cares about the Ward members, cares about the missionaries. We have elders serving in this Ward too.

I live with a family in the ward. They have seven kids but they are empty nesters. Their house is really nice. They seem pretty chill and way awesome. The house is REALLY clean and I hope I don't mess it up too bad. It's 4:40 and I haven't even started unpacking. Stuff is everywhere. Man, you sure accumulate stuff on the mish. The bulkiest of it all is my winter stuff and of which is not coming home with me.  Boots take a lot of room too. Yeesh!

Sorry I don't have time to reply personally to your emails but just know I LOVED reading them and LOVED hearing about your first week sam! I so look forward to everybody's emails!

OK, I have to go. Hasta la pasta. Church is true! Love ya!

Sister Magnusson

Monday, September 15, 2014

Become Who You Wish You Were....

for our district meeting, the theme was orange :)  
i picked it.  more specifically, i said "mango orange."

p-day hike picture

What is up?!  Before I forget, I saw the best bumper sticker the other day.....
Hilarious man. 

Well another week has come and gone in the Happy Rock. We had the prize for the lesson of the week! The only problem is we didn't have a member present to witness such an event. Sighhhhh.....it was very difficult to get member presents this week in general. School back in session, people back to work, back to BYU, too busy....ugh.  Anyway, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! We told her that she didn't have to take our word for it but she could pray to know if it is true and she said, "I already believe it is true!" So awesome! She had a stillborn grandbaby that took a toll on the family.  Now the challenge is to get her to church. She has a lot of health problems so she doesn't get out much.  So we will see if she is willing to come one of these days. She is a referral from a member of the ward and she is reeeeeeaaaally good friends with her so that always helps. Referrals are seriously the way to go.

We also had good lesson with someone else on the Word of Wisdom....It was funny cuz we were a little early and she wasn't in her apartment when we got there so we were just waiting on the bench outside her door and then she comes out of someone else's apartment and was like, "Oh hi! Sorry, to keep you waiting...I was just having coffee with one of my friends...." Me and Sister Powner both look at each other and were like, ooooooookay, we will see how this goes! But it went really well! She loved the pamphlet! And we read through the Ten Commandments with her and she liked that too. She really is the sweetest lady. I really like her. Her soul is so good and pure. 

We were able to have dinner with a wonderful couple this week! She recently moved to Gladstone she has a TON of really good Mormon friends in her old town and has made some Mormon friends here too. We had dinner with them and showed them the new Mormon Message, "The Hope of God's Light" as an after dinner thought. The husband was a little confused on why we showed that to him because he's like, "I already believe in God...." As if to say, So why did you show me that video? Because the video talks about a man coming to know God. We explained to him that we just wanted to hear their insights on what they thought of the video etc.....ie, maybe something about answers to prayers....that's kind of what we were going for.
You can also see the video by clicking here.

Next Monday is transfers. I have a feeling I am staying and Sister Powner is leaving.  Or maybe not. Maybe I'm leaving. Regardless, I have a feeling that there is going to be a change. So if no email next week it is because I will be at transfer meeting and you will hear from me Tuesday.

Love you guys so much you don't even know!


Sister Magnusson

Monday, September 8, 2014

11 Month Mark

this is sister coffey garden- the coolest garden ever.
 i want a really cool garden when i grow up. 
we picked lots of tomatoes here. 

oregon has this nasty looking rodent thing called nutria (pronounced "new-tree-a"). it looks like a beaver but it has a rat like tail. they are nasty lookin'! they like swampy marshy places. we were going to do some weeding for service at our investigators house and there he was! 

the first thursday of every month we go out to dinner, 
but first we have a lesson at their house.
What up my family and friend in Cali, Utah, Idaho, and wherever else!!!

Well the summer clock is ticking. it is getting a lot cooler in the mornings. I take my jacket to morning exercise to our baseball field next to our apartment. Some leaves have already fallen by the river and there is a noticeably difference in the light or lack of it around 7pm and onward. Phooey.  That was seriously the best part of missionary work....it still being light out at like 8pm. People wouldn't give you weird looks when you tried to see them so late at night! "Um sisters, it's 7:30.We are going to bed, why are you out this late?" Dah! 

We picked up a new investigator last week….She moved into the apartment complex where we teach so many people. We did service for her last week (helped her separate clothes and fold them that we everywhere in her bedroom) and then she asked us to come by to ask us advice on how to deal with some drama that has already been happening in her life. We gave her our two cents and then I asked her if she ever heard of the Atonement. "No, what is that?" I told her she probably had but hadn't heard it called that term before (I have realized since I have been on my mission that even the strongest of Christians don't know what the word atonement means). I told her it's when Christ died for us and suffered for our pains and sorrows. "Oh yes! I know what that is!" She said she grew up Christian and still goes to Church but probably isn't living the most Christian life. We watched Mountains to Climb, the Mormon Message about enduring trials and receiving strength from the Atonement. It went good. She got pretty teary eyed. She says she knows what Christ can do for her and how she needs to give a lot of baggage to him but she is just not ready for that yet. We asked what is something she can do to get her closer to that step. She said, "I need to read my Bible." Okay, we will followup with her with that. A couple of weeks ago we offered her a Book of Mormon and she declined. Maybe in a little bit we will bring it up to her and see if she has changed her mind. 

We had a good experience tracting during our Finding Friday time. So we started tracting this street and I'm telling ya, everybody was pretty rude. Except for this guy making beer in his garage, he was nice, but not interested. But at least he was nice. This one lady opened her door and before we could even say hi, with a look of disgust said, "No." and shut the door on us. Well, at least she let us save our breath. Anywho, the last house (it's always the last house) this lady with kind eyes opens the door and starts talking to us and when she finds out we are Mormon missionaries, not Jehovah Witnesses, she's like "I have never seen girl Mormon missionaries before! " I have actually gotten that a lot. Anyway, she has had some great Mormon friends growing up and has always admired how family orientated we are and she said that in nearly every Mormon home she has been in, there has just been a different feeling there. She is a studier of all religions and believes all good people are going to heaven no matter what you believe as long as you practice what you preach type of deal. We asked if she has ever read the Book of Mormon and she said parts. But like she said, she believes all religion is good and if the Mormons follow the good teachings of the Book of Mormon, good on them. Okay lady. We told her about The Family Proclamation and she said she would be interested it reading it. So we ran to our car (didn't have any on me, thought about it but didn't grab any) and we were able to give it to her. She said she was excited to read it.

We had a good lesson with a referral from one of the members. We helped her move from Milwakuie to Gladstone a couple months ago. We have seen her on and off since then. But this lesson was good because most times when we have seen her she just talks the whole time then we only have a little bit to share a message, but this time she expressed that she was sincerely interested and was basically like, okay ladies, teach me. Then she was quiet and let us talk! We didn't have a whole lot of time cuz we had dinner real soon so we talked about the Book of Mormon and showed her the Mormon Message "A Book of Mormon Story"with the Jamaican man that lives in England that is a Bishop. She was like, that is something that I have always noticed about Mormons is that they are always wanting to share with others their religion and their Book of Mormon. Well, because it is amazing! We kind of got talking about her grandchild that was a still born and I shared with her Moroni 8 about how little children do not need to be baptized and they automatically have eternal life. She was like, where is that in there? I put a book mark there and she said she would read it. Awesome! That is why the Book of Mormon is so great because it can answer a lot of questions and give one a lot a peace even in the midst of troubling circumstances. One of my favorite things to read with people when explaining the Book of Mormon is, "It puts forth the doctrines of the gospel, outlines the plan of salvation, and tells men what they must do to gain peace in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come."  -Book of Mormon Intro, paragraph 3. Who wouldn't want to know that is beyond me. 

K, love you all! Tomorrow is my 11 month mark. It's weird to think that just a year ago I was totally freaking myself out and being totally anxious about this whole mission thing. Remember that ma? I was constantly bouncing my knee up and down. At dinner, on the computer, watching TV, and when I wasn't doing anything, my leg was moving and grooving. Well, it's all good now. Hope y'alls have a great week! And remember, the church is true! 

Sister Magnusson

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Hello everybody, 

Happy Labor Day.  Hope none of you were too laborious on this Labor Day Monday. 

Weeeeeeelllllllllllllll, man oh man!….Just so you know, sometimes writing on Monday is overwhelming. Like you read all these emails from home and it's so great, you are super busy during the day doing p-day things, and then you sit down to write the family email and it's like, I wish my thoughts could just be transferred to this computer.  

Today we did laundry at a member's house, went to Walmart, then we played kickball with the Zone at the baseball field right next to our house. It was fun. I forgot to take a picture, though. Man, elders can be super crazy together. It was sweet because these two random girls came up to us and asked if we were a league. Um, not really....why? They have a kickball league and they play every monday at 5:30 and they need teams to play against. YEAH! We will come and play with you! So, it's a zone finding activity. Next Monday.  5:30. Bring it on. 

Last Tuesday we were able teach our investigator kind of an impromptu lesson. She had a friend there that is trying to overcome smoking. We watched "The Savior Wants to Forgive". It's a good one. The problem with our investigator is she is super flaky. Not because she means to be, but she'll forget our appointments or yesterday we called her at 9am to make sure she was up to going to church at 11am and then when someone came by at 10:45 she said she wasn't feeling well. Ahhhhh! When someone is so prepared and doesn't keep commitments it drives missionaries up the wall! But that's okay, we got this. She is going to progress! 

Wednesday was Zone Meeting. We talked about Finding and OYM (Open your mouth). President Ballard has made a huge push for OYMs. We should strive to have at least 10 a day. And OYM is opening your mouth to complete strangers and have a meaningful conversation about some gospel topic. Tell you what, it is hard but it can be done. We already have had some miracles from it. Like, we had exchanges on Thursday and I was with Sister Schmutz .  I stayed in Gladstone with her. We were coming from an appointment with a someone and we saw this guy chilling in his garage flying a little helicopter thing. We already drove away and Sister Schmutz was like, we should talk to him. Okay, so we parked at walked back and talked to him for a little bit. Not at all interested. He believes that when we die we become a bunch of nothing. We become like "squished bugs". Squish, that's it, done. Well my goodness, that's not  a fun way to live with that kind of thinking. Still didn't want nothing to do with the Plan of Salvation, so we left. His dog didn't like us anyway. 

We walked by this one house and a lady was in her driveway and it looked like she just pulled up and she was getting out of her car. She had this big bandage thing on her nose. Sister Schmutz was like "Oh no, what happened to your nose?" Then we struck up a conversation. She does ministry stuff in woman's jails and she accepted Christ as her savior at 5 years old, so she is saved and she said it is the most wonderful thing seeing these women in jail that she volunteers at raise up their hand and accept Christ as their Savior and they are SAVED! Hmmmmmmm, is that how is works....? Faith without works is dead. But she was so nice and she invited us in for lemonade. I can count on one hand how many times a stranger has let me in....maybe just on two fingers. It was really good! She had a lot of misconceptions about the church that we were able to answer. And she had a very thick wall about us talking about the Book of Mormon or prophets or any of that in the beginning but by the time we left we were able to give her a Book of Mormon and committed her to read Alma 32. We told her it was a great sermon on faith in the Book of Mormon She should read it. “h—- yeah, I would love to hear some good words on faith." Well, of course you do! She is moving soon, so we also said we would help her move too because we believe Christianity is practiced!  

Another good OYM on our exchange was this random lady and her two sons were just coming from a garage sale and we started talking about the new dog kennel she just bought. "Oh, did you just buy this at the garage sale? Do you have a dog? Oh you don't, but you are planning to get one! Well that is sure exciting!" Anywho, she has ALSO excepted Christ as her Savior when she was 9 so she is good to go as well. And yes, she has had conversations with missionaries before and she doesn't agree with most things…they were things that she had read on anti-Mormon literature.  Well, actually none of that is true. But the thing I've notice when talking to people and they say something to the effect of “Well, you Mormons don't believe this....or you have this some crazy belief....or you add onto the Bible cuz it says in Revelations....you guys believe only Mormons go to heaven....you guys discriminate against gays....." They usually hardly take a breath for us to say, "Um, actually you are completely wrong on EVERYTHING...." They usually don't ever give us time to answer and when we do start to answer they are like, "Um whatever....." and walk away.  But this lady actually agreed to let us answer her questions at a later date. And she  lives in Clackmas, where Sister Schmutz serves. So they set up to do brunch next week.  Swa-eet! 

And we stopped by a new investigator’s place yesterday night. They are a couple we found street contacting at the river a few weeks ago on another exchange (man, exchanges are usually full of miracles!). We have taught them just a couple of times. Both are super active in their faith. She has served on missions too. But we were just visiting with them last night and they had a friend come by (about 60s) and we learned her husband just died in May. And she asked us, "So what do you girls believe in the afterlife....." Well you are going to be sure glad you asked! We taught her part of the Plan of Salvation, part of the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon and such. She also lives in Clackamas so she might be given to the other sisters as well. Good thing it is all the same work right? 

We had a ward campout and we were able to get a family that we are working with to go. It was sooooooooooooooo hot all week then the weekend of the campout, it rained. Sis Powner and I came for the Saturday morning Father and Sons pancakes breakfast and it was raining hard. Not many people were prepared for the rain. Like the dad of the family didn’t have a jacket for his  4 year old, so I gave her mine. Come on peoples, I thought you were Oregonians, ya always got to expect rain! Even in August! 

ward campout....

the place is COVERED in blackberries!

Well, folks it's that magical time when p-day is almost over and I still got to email President Ballard. And dinner is in 20 min. 0K, we can do this. 

The Church is true and I love you!

Sister Magnusson