Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, September 8, 2014

11 Month Mark

this is sister coffey garden- the coolest garden ever.
 i want a really cool garden when i grow up. 
we picked lots of tomatoes here. 

oregon has this nasty looking rodent thing called nutria (pronounced "new-tree-a"). it looks like a beaver but it has a rat like tail. they are nasty lookin'! they like swampy marshy places. we were going to do some weeding for service at our investigators house and there he was! 

the first thursday of every month we go out to dinner, 
but first we have a lesson at their house.
What up my family and friend in Cali, Utah, Idaho, and wherever else!!!

Well the summer clock is ticking. it is getting a lot cooler in the mornings. I take my jacket to morning exercise to our baseball field next to our apartment. Some leaves have already fallen by the river and there is a noticeably difference in the light or lack of it around 7pm and onward. Phooey.  That was seriously the best part of missionary work....it still being light out at like 8pm. People wouldn't give you weird looks when you tried to see them so late at night! "Um sisters, it's 7:30.We are going to bed, why are you out this late?" Dah! 

We picked up a new investigator last week….She moved into the apartment complex where we teach so many people. We did service for her last week (helped her separate clothes and fold them that we everywhere in her bedroom) and then she asked us to come by to ask us advice on how to deal with some drama that has already been happening in her life. We gave her our two cents and then I asked her if she ever heard of the Atonement. "No, what is that?" I told her she probably had but hadn't heard it called that term before (I have realized since I have been on my mission that even the strongest of Christians don't know what the word atonement means). I told her it's when Christ died for us and suffered for our pains and sorrows. "Oh yes! I know what that is!" She said she grew up Christian and still goes to Church but probably isn't living the most Christian life. We watched Mountains to Climb, the Mormon Message about enduring trials and receiving strength from the Atonement. It went good. She got pretty teary eyed. She says she knows what Christ can do for her and how she needs to give a lot of baggage to him but she is just not ready for that yet. We asked what is something she can do to get her closer to that step. She said, "I need to read my Bible." Okay, we will followup with her with that. A couple of weeks ago we offered her a Book of Mormon and she declined. Maybe in a little bit we will bring it up to her and see if she has changed her mind. 

We had a good experience tracting during our Finding Friday time. So we started tracting this street and I'm telling ya, everybody was pretty rude. Except for this guy making beer in his garage, he was nice, but not interested. But at least he was nice. This one lady opened her door and before we could even say hi, with a look of disgust said, "No." and shut the door on us. Well, at least she let us save our breath. Anywho, the last house (it's always the last house) this lady with kind eyes opens the door and starts talking to us and when she finds out we are Mormon missionaries, not Jehovah Witnesses, she's like "I have never seen girl Mormon missionaries before! " I have actually gotten that a lot. Anyway, she has had some great Mormon friends growing up and has always admired how family orientated we are and she said that in nearly every Mormon home she has been in, there has just been a different feeling there. She is a studier of all religions and believes all good people are going to heaven no matter what you believe as long as you practice what you preach type of deal. We asked if she has ever read the Book of Mormon and she said parts. But like she said, she believes all religion is good and if the Mormons follow the good teachings of the Book of Mormon, good on them. Okay lady. We told her about The Family Proclamation and she said she would be interested it reading it. So we ran to our car (didn't have any on me, thought about it but didn't grab any) and we were able to give it to her. She said she was excited to read it.

We had a good lesson with a referral from one of the members. We helped her move from Milwakuie to Gladstone a couple months ago. We have seen her on and off since then. But this lesson was good because most times when we have seen her she just talks the whole time then we only have a little bit to share a message, but this time she expressed that she was sincerely interested and was basically like, okay ladies, teach me. Then she was quiet and let us talk! We didn't have a whole lot of time cuz we had dinner real soon so we talked about the Book of Mormon and showed her the Mormon Message "A Book of Mormon Story"with the Jamaican man that lives in England that is a Bishop. She was like, that is something that I have always noticed about Mormons is that they are always wanting to share with others their religion and their Book of Mormon. Well, because it is amazing! We kind of got talking about her grandchild that was a still born and I shared with her Moroni 8 about how little children do not need to be baptized and they automatically have eternal life. She was like, where is that in there? I put a book mark there and she said she would read it. Awesome! That is why the Book of Mormon is so great because it can answer a lot of questions and give one a lot a peace even in the midst of troubling circumstances. One of my favorite things to read with people when explaining the Book of Mormon is, "It puts forth the doctrines of the gospel, outlines the plan of salvation, and tells men what they must do to gain peace in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come."  -Book of Mormon Intro, paragraph 3. Who wouldn't want to know that is beyond me. 

K, love you all! Tomorrow is my 11 month mark. It's weird to think that just a year ago I was totally freaking myself out and being totally anxious about this whole mission thing. Remember that ma? I was constantly bouncing my knee up and down. At dinner, on the computer, watching TV, and when I wasn't doing anything, my leg was moving and grooving. Well, it's all good now. Hope y'alls have a great week! And remember, the church is true! 

Sister Magnusson

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