Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, September 15, 2014

Become Who You Wish You Were....

for our district meeting, the theme was orange :)  
i picked it.  more specifically, i said "mango orange."

p-day hike picture

What is up?!  Before I forget, I saw the best bumper sticker the other day.....
Hilarious man. 

Well another week has come and gone in the Happy Rock. We had the prize for the lesson of the week! The only problem is we didn't have a member present to witness such an event. Sighhhhh.....it was very difficult to get member presents this week in general. School back in session, people back to work, back to BYU, too busy....ugh.  Anyway, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! We told her that she didn't have to take our word for it but she could pray to know if it is true and she said, "I already believe it is true!" So awesome! She had a stillborn grandbaby that took a toll on the family.  Now the challenge is to get her to church. She has a lot of health problems so she doesn't get out much.  So we will see if she is willing to come one of these days. She is a referral from a member of the ward and she is reeeeeeaaaally good friends with her so that always helps. Referrals are seriously the way to go.

We also had good lesson with someone else on the Word of Wisdom....It was funny cuz we were a little early and she wasn't in her apartment when we got there so we were just waiting on the bench outside her door and then she comes out of someone else's apartment and was like, "Oh hi! Sorry, to keep you waiting...I was just having coffee with one of my friends...." Me and Sister Powner both look at each other and were like, ooooooookay, we will see how this goes! But it went really well! She loved the pamphlet! And we read through the Ten Commandments with her and she liked that too. She really is the sweetest lady. I really like her. Her soul is so good and pure. 

We were able to have dinner with a wonderful couple this week! She recently moved to Gladstone she has a TON of really good Mormon friends in her old town and has made some Mormon friends here too. We had dinner with them and showed them the new Mormon Message, "The Hope of God's Light" as an after dinner thought. The husband was a little confused on why we showed that to him because he's like, "I already believe in God...." As if to say, So why did you show me that video? Because the video talks about a man coming to know God. We explained to him that we just wanted to hear their insights on what they thought of the video etc.....ie, maybe something about answers to prayers....that's kind of what we were going for.
You can also see the video by clicking here.

Next Monday is transfers. I have a feeling I am staying and Sister Powner is leaving.  Or maybe not. Maybe I'm leaving. Regardless, I have a feeling that there is going to be a change. So if no email next week it is because I will be at transfer meeting and you will hear from me Tuesday.

Love you guys so much you don't even know!


Sister Magnusson

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