Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Good bye Gladstone! Hello Oregon City!

Enjoy the pictures of Sister Magnusson saying farewell to all her Gladstone peeps:

Don't you LOVE the bush?

this sister from gladstone drove me to oregon city.

Hello Oregon City!

me and sister POPE!

posterity picture (ask lisa what that means)

this is my new house in oregon city

This is bandit.  The one eyed cat.  
Right now he is my email buddy.  
He also joined us for comp study this morning.  

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Guess what?! The day has come that I have left the Happy Rock! Oh my goodness, I was so sad to leave. I didn't think I was leaving! I thought for sure Sister Powner was going. My first two transfers there was kind of overwhelming so I wouldn't have minded if I got transferred then but I didn't want to leave this time!

I had an opportunity to bare my testimony in sacrament meeting, because that's what they do for all the leaving missionaries in the Gladstone Ward. Actually there is one good thing about leaving for transfers. You can get people to come to church! I'll tell you about one of my investigators who came! Yippee-skippee! We have been teaching her for a long time and I don't think she has been to church at the Gladstone Ward yet. Saturday morning before I knew I was leaving we texted her just like we do every week asking if she wanted to come to church. She said she would think about it. Then when we found out I was living we texted her again and was like, "You have to come to church cuz Sister Mag is getting transferred!" No answer. We assumed she wasn't coming. THEN SHE TOTALLY SURPRISED US! It was the primary program. It went way over but it was good. The little ones are cute. OH AND HER NEIGHBOR CAME! She is a less-active and I think it was our investigator that actually made her go. They are really good friends and neighbors. She said she told her neighbor I was leaving so she had to come to church. And her kids came too! That was awesome.

On Thursday we had a mission tour with Elder Johnson from the 70. Basically he came to visit the mission and he spoke to all the missionaries in three sessions. We were scheduled for the Thursday 12:30pm session . It started a little late and we were there until a little after 4pm. It was a long meeting but it was good. He had us read somethings before hand...talks mainly from a new mission president training with the apostles that were really good! Every stake pres., bishop, and ward mission leader should read them. In fact I'll probably just send it to you guys. Anyway, his "talk" was like a discussion panel. He would ask questions and ask for participation in answering them and he would ask other questions based on what had been answered. It was good. In the beginning he also said not to take notes. Because when we take notes we lose 2/3 of what the speaker is saying and he said when we write in our journal that night we need to write down the revelation we received during the meeting. He said that he used to take notes diligently for serval decades and guess what? He never looks back at them. I would have to say, that I'm the same way. I have never looked back on my notes that I have taken for general conference, byu-h devotionals, firesides, etc. but this is just a side tangent. He told us we should never leave a member's home, less-active's home, a non-member's home without teaching a gospel principal, leaving them with an invitation to act, and say a prayer. He said when we do that, especially with active members of the church, revelation will come to them on who is ready to hear the gospel. That's a pretty powerful statement. So then we practiced. But it was a real practice. We had some members come to the meeting too and we separated into rooms, 4 missionaries to a member. We were to teach a gospel principal to them and ask which name they thought of it while we were teaching them that principal, and what action item they were going to take and what action item we could take. Ours went good! We taught a senior missionary lady about how God is our loving Heavenly Father.

So lessons this week in Gladstone... We taught a married couple the Plan of Salvation. Both are so nice, super Christian people, know the Bible really well. We street contacted her and we have seen them a couple times before teaching them the Plan of Salvation. She is really super nice. She gave us donuts when we came in. They really liked the Plan of Salvation  lesson and in the middle of the lesson he opens up to 1 Corinthians 15 and just starts reading the chapter to us. Then he like, "Well ladies, what do you think of that chapter?" Beautiful! Couldn't ask for a better segway to open up three more gospel principals. We told him we LOVED that chapter! That the apostle Paul knew and understood the Plan of Salvation very well....ah, it was great. They pretty much agree and already believe in the Plan of Salvation so all we got to do is teach them about of the Restoration of the Gospel and Priesthood authority. That's the tricky part about teaching strong Christians because a lot of times they will agree and believe what you teach because they recognize truth but they won't really accept restoring Christ church or of priesthood authority. Ugh. So they like us coming over because we give them a good feel good message but that's not our purpose. Hopefully they will become progressing. They are. They are not my sheep anymore since my transfer :(

We had a good lesson with another one of our investigators  on baptism and confirmation. We were able to have her set her own date for October 4th. But we told her for that date to work she HAD to come to church that Sunday and the next. She promised us she would but on Sunday she called us and she was sick. Good gravy. Satan is working so hard on her it's unfair. She will get baptized though, it just might take some more time. I really love her.

We were able to see a sister from the ward this week. She is probably in her 80s but she is super spunky and sassy. I really like her. She hasn’t been to church in a very long time, BUT she came last Sunday and this Sunday to church! We saw her after she came the first time and she said she really enjoyed it and it made her week go by better and "there really isn't a reason why I shouldn't go." That's right, there isn't! And we dropped by the Book of Mormon on cd and she really appreciated it. We read part of the Book of Mormon intro and talked about how the Book of Mormon can bless her life.

Oregon city seems really great. Oregon city is RIGHT next to Gladstone….just across the river actually. Oregon City is super old. It's one of the first cities in Oregon...hence the name Oregon City I guess. It's really pretty, we have fun looking old town/downtown, cool looking old houses and country. The people also seem nice. We met with the bishop yesterday and I can already tell I'm really going to like him. He is just on top on the work, ya know? Cares about the Ward members, cares about the missionaries. We have elders serving in this Ward too.

I live with a family in the ward. They have seven kids but they are empty nesters. Their house is really nice. They seem pretty chill and way awesome. The house is REALLY clean and I hope I don't mess it up too bad. It's 4:40 and I haven't even started unpacking. Stuff is everywhere. Man, you sure accumulate stuff on the mish. The bulkiest of it all is my winter stuff and of which is not coming home with me.  Boots take a lot of room too. Yeesh!

Sorry I don't have time to reply personally to your emails but just know I LOVED reading them and LOVED hearing about your first week sam! I so look forward to everybody's emails!

OK, I have to go. Hasta la pasta. Church is true! Love ya!

Sister Magnusson

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