Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Hello everybody, 

Happy Labor Day.  Hope none of you were too laborious on this Labor Day Monday. 

Weeeeeeelllllllllllllll, man oh man!….Just so you know, sometimes writing on Monday is overwhelming. Like you read all these emails from home and it's so great, you are super busy during the day doing p-day things, and then you sit down to write the family email and it's like, I wish my thoughts could just be transferred to this computer.  

Today we did laundry at a member's house, went to Walmart, then we played kickball with the Zone at the baseball field right next to our house. It was fun. I forgot to take a picture, though. Man, elders can be super crazy together. It was sweet because these two random girls came up to us and asked if we were a league. Um, not really....why? They have a kickball league and they play every monday at 5:30 and they need teams to play against. YEAH! We will come and play with you! So, it's a zone finding activity. Next Monday.  5:30. Bring it on. 

Last Tuesday we were able teach our investigator kind of an impromptu lesson. She had a friend there that is trying to overcome smoking. We watched "The Savior Wants to Forgive". It's a good one. The problem with our investigator is she is super flaky. Not because she means to be, but she'll forget our appointments or yesterday we called her at 9am to make sure she was up to going to church at 11am and then when someone came by at 10:45 she said she wasn't feeling well. Ahhhhh! When someone is so prepared and doesn't keep commitments it drives missionaries up the wall! But that's okay, we got this. She is going to progress! 

Wednesday was Zone Meeting. We talked about Finding and OYM (Open your mouth). President Ballard has made a huge push for OYMs. We should strive to have at least 10 a day. And OYM is opening your mouth to complete strangers and have a meaningful conversation about some gospel topic. Tell you what, it is hard but it can be done. We already have had some miracles from it. Like, we had exchanges on Thursday and I was with Sister Schmutz .  I stayed in Gladstone with her. We were coming from an appointment with a someone and we saw this guy chilling in his garage flying a little helicopter thing. We already drove away and Sister Schmutz was like, we should talk to him. Okay, so we parked at walked back and talked to him for a little bit. Not at all interested. He believes that when we die we become a bunch of nothing. We become like "squished bugs". Squish, that's it, done. Well my goodness, that's not  a fun way to live with that kind of thinking. Still didn't want nothing to do with the Plan of Salvation, so we left. His dog didn't like us anyway. 

We walked by this one house and a lady was in her driveway and it looked like she just pulled up and she was getting out of her car. She had this big bandage thing on her nose. Sister Schmutz was like "Oh no, what happened to your nose?" Then we struck up a conversation. She does ministry stuff in woman's jails and she accepted Christ as her savior at 5 years old, so she is saved and she said it is the most wonderful thing seeing these women in jail that she volunteers at raise up their hand and accept Christ as their Savior and they are SAVED! Hmmmmmmm, is that how is works....? Faith without works is dead. But she was so nice and she invited us in for lemonade. I can count on one hand how many times a stranger has let me in....maybe just on two fingers. It was really good! She had a lot of misconceptions about the church that we were able to answer. And she had a very thick wall about us talking about the Book of Mormon or prophets or any of that in the beginning but by the time we left we were able to give her a Book of Mormon and committed her to read Alma 32. We told her it was a great sermon on faith in the Book of Mormon She should read it. “h—- yeah, I would love to hear some good words on faith." Well, of course you do! She is moving soon, so we also said we would help her move too because we believe Christianity is practiced!  

Another good OYM on our exchange was this random lady and her two sons were just coming from a garage sale and we started talking about the new dog kennel she just bought. "Oh, did you just buy this at the garage sale? Do you have a dog? Oh you don't, but you are planning to get one! Well that is sure exciting!" Anywho, she has ALSO excepted Christ as her Savior when she was 9 so she is good to go as well. And yes, she has had conversations with missionaries before and she doesn't agree with most things…they were things that she had read on anti-Mormon literature.  Well, actually none of that is true. But the thing I've notice when talking to people and they say something to the effect of “Well, you Mormons don't believe this....or you have this some crazy belief....or you add onto the Bible cuz it says in Revelations....you guys believe only Mormons go to heaven....you guys discriminate against gays....." They usually hardly take a breath for us to say, "Um, actually you are completely wrong on EVERYTHING...." They usually don't ever give us time to answer and when we do start to answer they are like, "Um whatever....." and walk away.  But this lady actually agreed to let us answer her questions at a later date. And she  lives in Clackmas, where Sister Schmutz serves. So they set up to do brunch next week.  Swa-eet! 

And we stopped by a new investigator’s place yesterday night. They are a couple we found street contacting at the river a few weeks ago on another exchange (man, exchanges are usually full of miracles!). We have taught them just a couple of times. Both are super active in their faith. She has served on missions too. But we were just visiting with them last night and they had a friend come by (about 60s) and we learned her husband just died in May. And she asked us, "So what do you girls believe in the afterlife....." Well you are going to be sure glad you asked! We taught her part of the Plan of Salvation, part of the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon and such. She also lives in Clackamas so she might be given to the other sisters as well. Good thing it is all the same work right? 

We had a ward campout and we were able to get a family that we are working with to go. It was sooooooooooooooo hot all week then the weekend of the campout, it rained. Sis Powner and I came for the Saturday morning Father and Sons pancakes breakfast and it was raining hard. Not many people were prepared for the rain. Like the dad of the family didn’t have a jacket for his  4 year old, so I gave her mine. Come on peoples, I thought you were Oregonians, ya always got to expect rain! Even in August! 

ward campout....

the place is COVERED in blackberries!

Well, folks it's that magical time when p-day is almost over and I still got to email President Ballard. And dinner is in 20 min. 0K, we can do this. 

The Church is true and I love you!

Sister Magnusson

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