Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, September 29, 2014

Life in the OC

Hi everybody!

Well, I have had my first full week in the OC!
No, not that OC....
 the other OC. 
The Oregon City 4th Ward members seem pretty awesome. Way on top of it with missionary work and taking initiative to fellowship and invite which is the way it's suppose to be. We aren't as busy as we were in Gladstone. I think part of it is we are still feeling are way around. Sister Pope has been out three months but she is pretty awesome. She seems a lot more confident than I was with the lessons when I first started out. I thought she was older than 19 when I met her. I think once I get to know more of the area, investigators, less actives, etc. we will get a little more busy. We will probably have to tract more than we did in Gladstone because we don't have as many investigators, which I'm not super looking forward to because tracting is my least favorite part about missionary work, but miracles happen while tracting! It's just all about following the Spirit, which sometimes can be hard. BUT the investigators we do have are pretty solid. We have an 11 year old girl, that will be baptized in January when she turns 12. She wants to get baptized now but has to wait till then because that's when her parents said she could. We are also teaching another investigator who is absolutely amazing! She will be getting baptized sometime after December. She is totally on the ball and even invited her neighbor to hear the lessons with her so we will teach them the restoration on Tuesday. I'm stoked. She even invited him to the ward emergency preparedness fireside and he came!

Another thing I will have to get use to again is sharing the ward with Elders. I shared in my first two wards (Farmington and Reedville) then in Gladstone was the first time we had free range of the whole ward. It's so nice not sharing because you don't have to worry about tracting in the elders area or stopping by someone that the elders are already teaching, etc, etc.

Our star lessons this week was with our star investigators, The 11 year old’s  grandma is LDS and I think that's how she started meeting with the missionaries. We planned to teach her the Plan of Salvation and when we told her that is what we wanted to teach her, she was like "Oh I know that." She gets a piece of paper and her grandma drew out the Plan of Salvation and I guess already taught it to her. Awesome! We were like, "Okay, here is our plan of salvation cut outs. We want you to teach the Plan of Salvation to us using these." She did really well and the parts she didn't really know, like how we will all be resurrected at the second coming and the three kingdoms we were able to help her out. She is really smart and mature for an 11 year old. My host mama, has really taken her taken her under her wings and  she is like her second mom. She is also the Young Woman's president so when she turns 12 and is baptized and goes into Young Women’s she will have an immediate support group.

Speaking of Young Women’s, we went to New Beginnings on Wednesday. The theme was Bee-coming like Christ....I think. Our bishop has a beehive hive and he brought it in and talked about it when he was giving his little talk thingy. The beehive looks like an ant farm. It's in a skinny glass case so the bees weren't flying around everywhere.
Our lesson with our other star investigator went really well.  She is reading the Book of Mormon, I think, for the first time. She had a lot of questions about the background and the history and how things connect with the Bible timeline. We shared a lesson on the Atonement. President Morby always said that the Atonement is the MIT (the most important thing) and we should incorporate it in everything lesson. And it's true! The Atonement is central to EVERYTHING in the gospel! Everything! We wanted to focus that the Atonement is not only for the sinner but also the saint. Sometimes people exercise their agency unrighteously upon you and you are hurt by their actions, either physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You end up very hurt. Even when the person repents of the sin they committed against you, it won't repair the damage that it has done. But the Atonement can. Through the Savior's sacrifice for you, He can repair what no one can. Pretty amazing to think about.
We had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom with an older less-active couple that is coming back to church! They are pretty funny. The lady is a talker and man, she can jump from subject to subject without taking a breath. I feel like that is a talent. We read the Word of Wisdom pamphlet with them and that turned out good. I really like the Word of Wisdom pamphlet. The couple really liked what they were learning about, but by the end they finally told us they drank coffee and tea but need to stop. Their goal is the temple and they know what they need be worthy to get there.
Yesterday was Ward Conference. During the 2nd and 3rd hour we had combined Relief Society and Priesthood. One of the Stake President councilors gave the lesson and he did a really good job. He did it on the Law of Chastity and more specifically how parents need to be so open with this topic with their kids. How parents need to use very specific language with what the law of chastity is. They need to use the scientific words to explain things and not speak in generalities. They need to take the shame and taboo out of the subject. They need to ask specifically what happened at dances, dates, etc.  He did a really good job at teaching and addressing a hard subject. He said the Youth were getting the same lesson that hour.

We have a 17 year old investigator who is a Muslim. I have never taught a non-christian before. I really like him. He is a smart, intelligent kid. He has come to church a couple times and I think enjoyed it. Sister Pope said that he has told them in a previous lesson that he is looking for truth. We had the lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end. He was pretty familiar with the faith and repentance part but they don't baptize so teaching him that was new to him. "So how would you become Mormon? Do you have to be baptized?" That was one of his questions. We read out of Matthew 3 where it talks about Christ being baptized and then read 2 Nephi 31:5-12, where Nephi explains why it was important that Christ was baptized and why it is important that we are as well. Afterwards he had some questions about fasting so we told him how we usually fast once a month for 2 consecutive meals and give the money we would have spend to the poor. He told us about Ramadan. He also had a question on repentance and violation of the law of chastity. Sister Pope said that last week in church during Young Mens they had each of the youth pick out of standard out of the strength of youth pamphlet and talk about it. She said that he chose the Law of Chasity. Sounds like it is important to him which is awesome!  

Alright, I love you all! Happy Conference this weekend! I can't wait!  Oh yeah, my favorite part about the Women’s Conference meeting was when the different ladies were sharing their testimony of the temple!  If you don't know much about Mormon temples, you might want to watch this video first.  
You can also see above the video by clicking here.  
Then afterwards we went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner with a couple of members and one of the ladies is a convert and her husband died when she was 22 with a toddler and unborn baby. The elders tracted into her a few months later and she got baptized. That was 11 years ago. She is preparing to be sealed to her husband soon.* Such a cool story to hear! And it gave me hope for tracting!

The church is true!

Sister Magnusson

*This is explained on Mormon.org here 

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