Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sister Magnusson is TOO Sweet

it's rainin' in st. george! actually in oregon city. 
the rains have returned.....
temple trip on friday.

'Eh! What is happenin' yo?! Actually I know what is happening cuz you guys all wrote me and I very much appreciate it! I love my family!

Well, this week was kind of a slow teaching week. All three of our investigators canceled on us so that means we taught no investigators just a few less-actives. Ah-well, some weeks are like that I guess.

We taught the 79 year old that Sister Newman helped baptized just a little over a year ago. Our lesson was on service. We read Matt. 25:35-40 about when Jesus is saying "when I was a stranger ye took me in, naked and ye clothed me...." then the other guy says, "Lord, when saw ye a stranger.....?" I'm paraphrasing so it might not be exactly right. Anywho, turns out when the person was serving those other people "the least of these my breathern", he was really serving Christ. Then we read with them "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief". It's one of my favorite hymns. It's a shame we don't sing the last verse more often cuz then you learn that this person that this guy was serving was actually the Savior the whole time! It's so beautifully well written. We talked about how VT and HT are great forms of service. I think the husband went hometeaching with Bro. Franzen for the first time in like 30 years yesterday. I'll have to ask Bro. Franzen how it went. Speaking of the Franzens I love living with members. It's fun to have someone to come home too at the end of the day. Well, I guess it can also depend on who you live with but the Franzens are great! Someday you'll have to meet them....and Bandit.

Bandit, the one eye cat

Our other lesson went good. We brought a 16 year old young man to help teach us the Restoration with us. I think it was good for him. The lady goes off on random tangents but hopefully it was good training for him when he goes on a mission because most people go on random tangents when you try to teach them.

So there is this less-active lady that lives down the street from us. Sister Pope and her last companion started visiting with her first. First she wouldn't let them in the house and but slowing started to warm up to them. They would help her pick her tomatoes and I think the service opened doors. Anywho, she is finally starting to invite us in and lets us share a message. When we saw her we were just planning to stop by and weren't sure if she would even be there, but she was! Her grandkids were there. We shared kind of a random message on the Bible dictionary definition on faith (I was scrambling on what to share, I needed something fast while the grandkids were preoccupied for like 2 seconds) so I don't know how good the message was but I felt really prompted to invite her to church but I was really scared because I know it took a while for her to warm up to the sisters and I didn't want to offend her or anything. I asked if she ever thought about coming back to sacrament meeting to partake of the sacrament to help get through some of her trials. And guess what? She didn't get mad at us for asking. She said she has thought about it but often times her daughter will drop of the grandkids on Sunday mornings without warning so she has to be there to watch them. Hmmmmmmm, that is the top of the iceberg reason. There is another bigger reason below the surface but I felt it okay not to pry. Sam, you will learn about the iceberg analogy a lot in the MTC. It's simple but true. I bore my testimony about my Bahama experience of not being able to take the sacrament for a time because there was no church on the island, and how much it meant to me once I was able to do it again.

Yesterday we were contacting some potentials and we knock on this one door and this older man answers and he didn't even let me finish introducing ourselves when he goes on and on bashing our Church and our beliefs . I'm always so taken aback how someone in the 21st century can be so blunt and rude to fellow Christians when they themselves profess to be a Christian. Sister Pope bore her testimony to him without being confrontational at all but, he wasn't having it. And my patience was growing thin on his doorstep...finally I interrupted and said, "Sir, you are being disrespectful to us so we are going to leave,  have a good day." Yeesh.

So yesterday we have dinner with family. After dinner as we are leaving she tells us she has a whole bunch of clothes she is giving to DI (thrift store)  and asks if we want to go through them. Shoot man, they were NICE clothes! Like a ton of NICE clothes! I took a lot of stuff because we are pretty much the same size and they are great clothes!   Seriously, tender mercy. Now I just need another tender mercy to figure out how get it all home. Like, it is a legit concern of mine. I have accumulated so much stuff! Well, maybe not necessarily a lot of stuff but stuff that is heavy and bulky. Like boots and and sweaters and jackets. Now all these new clothes. Hummmm.  First world missionary problems, I'd tell ya.

And speaking of first world missionary problems, we now come upon the holidays. Please if anyone is going to send me anything in the mail, PLEASE do not send ANYTHING WITH SUGAR! I'm trying keep the sugar consumption at a low this year. Last year was pretty ridiculous. Sister Pope's family has sent her a ton of candy, the Frazens have candy and goodies, the ward has candy and goodies. Yeah, a large amount of sugar in my diet is not good for bearing sons....or being a healthy missionary.

On Saturday was supposed to be the Stake's Trunk or Treat but it got canceled cuz of bad weather so we carved pumpkins with the Sprazoffs instead. They are an awesome family in the ward. They said they have the missionaries carve pumpkins at their place every year.

K, I'm going. We are gong to Ross to find me a couple of caradens for my new outfits. Cuz I only have one. Actually two.

The Church is true!

Sister Magnusson

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Fall in Oregon.....

on exchanges on mt. hood with sister halogen. 

you just can't capture the beauty up there from your camera.

Wha' up! It is Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall! Did you know for my whole life I have never lived in a place that truly had Fall till I became a missionary in Oregon? Think about it...SoCal, Hawaii, Bahamas. Yep, no fall in those places. It's really pretty. I love the colors that it brings. And the rains are a comin'. Hmmmmm, not super looking forward to that, but whateve’s. It's part of life, it's part of Oregon!

It's been a pretty good week I guess. There is a bummer part about it and that is Sister Pope has been getting super bad migraines so we have to stay in sometimes. Being sick as a missionary is the wooooooooooooorst. Getting migraines seems pretty bad too. She is going to the doctor again on Thursday. She got medicine, but it's not helping. If anything it is making them worst. So in your prayers can you remember to ask that Sister Pope has the strength to endure this trial, and we can figure out how to deal with this situation, and the doctors will know how to help her? She is a real trooper though. Doesn't ever complain, but I know she is in pain.

Wednesday was an awesome day. We had a full day scheduled. We had district meeting in the morning and lessons planned for the rest of the day and we were able to get members to ALL OF  THEM! It made for a long weekly planning a few days before but we found people. Then we were just praying that no one would cancel their appointment and that we would get out of our lessons on time to meet the other members or pick up the other member on time - that sort of thing. Our first lesson was with our star returning less active couple. They are in their 70s.  A member from the ward came to that one. It was really good to have her there. She was able to connect with them and offer them carrots from her garden and she sat next to her in Relief Society today! Yay! We had the lesson on fasting. Shared Alma 17: 1-3 about the sons of Mosiah doing a lot of fasting and prayer and they got great blessings because of it!

Then after our first family we had a lesson with another lady. I can't remember if I told you guys, but she was actually taught by Sister Newman and I think was Sister Newman's first baptism! Oregon City 4th Ward was Sister Newman's greenie area. Anyway, she is 79 and really great. She got baptized last August and just went through the temple for the first time and got sealed to her deceased husband who died 15 months ago. She is so great. Pretty spunky. We decided we wanted to bring a youth to her lesson because she is so easy to teach we thought it might be good practice for them, especially if they were preparing for a mission. Well, our appointment was at 3:30, kind of an awkward time because it's close to school time but we were able to get  a young man. (I think he is 16....maybe just turned 17) to come with us since he is homeschooled. He met us there and we had a ten minute prep time where we showed him the Plan of Salvation cutouts I have from Sister Newman, did a quick little role play and then we went to teach her. The young man did great and I think appreciated the experience. And on another side note is the night before she and her daughter who is probably in her late 50s who is kind of her care giver came on splits with us the night before. We taught this less-active mom and her less-active single mother daughter the Plan of Salvation as well. That went really well. It was really good to have her daughter there.  She is a high school English teacher and she just has a way with explaining things simply and clearly and understands people. English teachers can do that, right, Renee? So she  had the Plan of Salvation taught to her on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on either Friday or Saturday she told us she was able to comfort another resident in the place she lives at who just lost a loved one and she was able to teach them a water downed version of the Plan of Salvation! She told us about it when we had dinner with them on Saturday. We told her how awesome it was that she was able to hear the Plan of Salvation twice in one week and then the Lord puts in her path this struggling person who just had a lost and she was able to comfort them through the gospel! Pretty cool I'd say.

Then after the lesson we were able to get out in time to pick up a young woman to teach 11 year old investigator with us. We taught her the Word of Wisdom. She pretty much knew it because she has already read the Strength of the Youth Pamphlet, True to the Faith, and parts Preach my Gospel.

Then we had dinner then we had a lesson with our other investigator. She called us earlier before and she was having a real hard time with her roommate. They got into an argument and her roommate said some really nasty things to her. She was trying to be the bigger person and apologize but her roommate kept lashing out out her....and said some pretty rude things to us too. Hmmmm. A sister from the ward was able to come to this lesson and she did most of the talking, comforting her and telling her things that no 20 year old missionary could quite say in a way that she could appreciate and understand. Members are such great missionaries!

Then we had a MRL lesson with Sister English. A MRL lesson stands for Member Referral Lesson. Basically you teach a gospel principal to an active family and at the end you ask if they know anyone who could use this message....basically. Well, let me tell you I always find it interesting doing MRL lessons cuz honestly I don't know if I have ever gotten a referral doing them and sometimes the response that members can have are pretty funny. Like we would have just have a great lesson on the Atonement. Spirit is there, there was great discussion, maybe a couple tears shed, experiences that were forgotten were remembered...then we would say, "Brother and Sister So and So, we just had a great lesson on the Atonement and how it has blessed your lives and your children lives. We know you have such a strong testimony of this principal and you have seen how applying to your life blesses you for the eternities. Is there anyone you know that can also use these same blessings?" Now the funniest answer and the one I don't understand is, "No. I don't know anyone that could use this." Errrrrrrrrr, say what? At least I can appreciate the answer of, "You know sisters, so many people can use this message of hope in their lives. If more people would apply it, our world would be a better place.  I may not know of anyone I can ask now but let me pray about it and get back to you." See, that's an answer I can appreciate. Rather than, no, I don't know of anyone that could use the hope, peace, and blessings that the gospel can bring. Nope, not one soul. Okay, I'm off my soap box. Remember, in the words of  Rachel's last email, the success is in the inviting. So needless to say, it was a good visit, but there were no referrals. That's okay because our success was in the invite.

So by the end of Wednesday I was beat! Thursday we had a lesson with another lady…(early 50s maybe). She is a convert of about a year but can't come to church because she has to work on Sundays. That's no fun. Anyway, we showed her Hope of God's Light Mormon Message but she didn't' really take to it. I don't know what it was. She said that she would probably feel differently about things if she went to church and I agree. Probably the best mission prep I could have had was living in the Bahamas. It was great mission prep for a lot of reasons but one of them was knowing how it feels and the effects of not attending church months at a time. My spiritually suffered, absolutely.

Friday was exchanges. I was going to be in the Sandy River Sister's area and be with Sister Halgren and Sister Bloxham was going to be in the OC with Sister Pope. The Sandy River area is up near Mt. Hood. The area they cover is HUGE. Like I would say if our mission was split in half, half would be Mt. Hood area and the other half is well, the other half. We met half way and exchanged Thursday night and then I spent the night in Sandy then on Friday we worked in the Hood. It's like what Sister Halgren said, "In this area you feel like you are on a road trip." And it's true. You really have to plan your day because if you have an appointment with someone up in the mountain, you have to plan driving time and then what to do up in the mountain for an hour or two before your next appointment. Then you finish your appointment and you drive back down the mountain for your dinner appointment and your dinner appointment is out in the sticks but you still got 40 min to kill and you can't really do anything else cuz there is no where to tract (and honestly tracting in the sticks is creepy and probably not very safe), and you cant' drop by a less-active because by the time you get to the nearest one you'll have to turn around and drive back to dinner. So thank goodness for iPads and online proselyting that you can make your time productive when you aren't being so productive. When we got to dinner early we started updating our lessons. Sweet.

Anywho, it was fun serving in Mt. Hood for the day. We taught this one recent convert in his 40’s. Pretty interesting fellow. Lives in this old trailer on his dad's property in the woods. He loves the Gospel and how it has helped his life. He doesn't have any support from family and friends but he sticks up for the church and himself when they mess with him for being Mormon.

Living in the mountains is a lot like living on an island I decided. I don't have time to write to you guys my whole spill I gave to Sister Halgren on the subject maybe you guys can figure it out. It even has a lot of the same culture.

This Sunday was the primary program. It was one of the best I have ever seen. The whole gospel was taught by children and it was so awesome! The gospel is really simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

Well, the church is true and I am grateful I can be a missionary in the great state of OREGON!


Sister Magnusson

Monday, October 13, 2014

One Year Mark

October 9th  was Sister Magnusson's one year mark from when she left for her mission.  This is what her her first companion, Sister Newman, said about her on Facebook:

I can't believe it has be one full year since Sister Magnusson started her mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Throughout the six months we spent together I learnt so many things from her. She is such an example of hard work, faithfulness, diligence and endurance. We had so many fun times and crazy adventures together - from spending Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, and our birthdays, to many rainy and even some snowy days together. I am beyond grateful for her and the amazing spirit she has!
This was Kristine's response:

This post made my day! Sister Newman I was so lucky to have you as my mission mum! Learned so much from you! It's great serving in an area where people know and love the same sister Newman I do!

"I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain....."

by Mita Dale Milner
click on the above song title link to hear the song.  

1.  I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain

And ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again.


I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain.

I want to be the best I can and live with God again.

2.  I know when I am baptized my wrongs are washed away,

And I can be forgiven and improve myself each day.


and boy there is sure a lot of rain here! 
i don't know if i am ready for it to start.
 i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaally loved
having the sun around these past 4 months. 
Hola everyone.

Well, I wore my sweater yesterday. And I wore my black sweater this morning. And last p-day I got two more fleece leggings from Ross. Last winter I would wear the same three fleece leggings I got at Ross and the same black sweater EVERY DAY. But now I am armed with TWO MORE fleece leggings, because I wore my last three to shreds, and thanks to the nice lady at the garage sale I have a white sweater and a nice looking grey Roxy sweater for FREE that I can rotate through my wardrobe.  And I am armed with my nice boots, which I love because they are so comfortable. Probably even more comfortable than my other shoes. I think I forgot to tell you, Mom, but remember those shoes I got at REI for clearance for 75 bucks, those tan sandal ones?  Anyway, they broke a few weeks into my time at Gladstone. When it happened I was like, nooooooooooooooo! Now my wardrobe was severely limited with only wearing my black shoes. But I went to this thrift store called "Red, White, and Blue" in Gladstone which is famous among missionaries, and got a pair of brown Danskos for 10 bucks. Score. So I rotated between those Danskos and my black shoes all summer and still now, because it's not totally boot weather yet. But come boot weather, I will wear those allllllllllllllllllll winter...probably up until I go home.

Our lesson with our 11 year investigator went well this week. We were a little nervous because we were planning to teach the Law of Chasity. Teaching the Law of Chasity is like whatevs but she is 11, but she is a very smart, very mature 11 year old that has had to go through a lot. We asked the Young Woman President’s advice because she loves the President and she knows her better than we do. The YW Pres. suggested we invite her parents to sit in which was really smart. We read some things out of the strength of youth pamphlet (ma's favorite).  The young woman that came with us last time was there again and that was good cuz she was able to relate to the 11 year old in ways we couldn't  because you know....we are just SUPER OLD missionaries. Our investigator was given a For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet at New Beginnings and she said she has already read through the whole thing! And The YW Pres. also gave her a little Preach My Gospel book. Anywho, Katie said her favorite things in the Strength of the Youth pamphlet was the Friends section. She said a lot of people her age do inappropriate things and we said that's why it's so great to be a member of The Church because you will be with youth that are striving for the same goal and trying to have good standards! I can't wait for her to be baptized! I hope I'm still her for that. Her 12th birthday is in January. Her dad said she can get baptized when she is 12.

Our lesson with our other investigator was also great too. We brought from the ward with us and that was so good to have her because she was able to say things to our investigator that we definitely could not relate too. The sister from the ward joined the church about 7 years ago. She was already married to her husband and he was a very inactive member at the time. In fact, he professed to be atheist. Anyway, her husband started to get active again and she started to take the missionaries lessons and got baptized and now they are sealed in the temple with their kid, who is 14. Our investigator was asking questions about why being a member of THIS church matters and not how any other church will do. The sister from the ward was able to tell her about her conversation story and why it was important to her to have a confirming answer that this was the True Church. She said something that stood out for her when she was taking the missionary lessons was that the missionaries always said she has to find out for herself that it was true and not believe it because they said so. She said so many other churches she investigated told her she HAD to believe something because that's what the Bible said or because that's what they said, etc. It was really quite powerful. I love to hear convert’s testimonies. Our investigator was also asking why Heavenly Father had such strict rules. The Sister was able to answer that one super well because she related it to having kids, how we give our kids strict rules because we love them and want them to progress in the right direction. See, Sister Pope and I could have said that same thing but I think it just sounded better coming from a mother to a mother. Members are the best missionaries.

So the other day we went out to cold contact some less actives. We were trying to find this one house on this busy street but we couldn't find it driving so we parked and tried to find it walking. Well, we couldn't find it but we knew we were in the general area and we saw a lady working in her yard in her swimming suit and I had a feeling to talk to her but I brushed it off cuz I didn't want to talk to a middle aged lady in a swimming suit, but then I was, eh what the heck, at least maybe we can ask her if she knows where this house is. So we go up to her and ask if she knows where this house number is but she doesn't know but then we give her the name of the lady and she's like, "oh yeah! she lives right next door!" Oh. Then she's like, "Oh yeah, she needs some God in her life...." Or something to that nature. Well, we end up talking to her for like 45 minutes, and she is just shooting the breeze with us telling us all about her ex-boyfriend that she dumped because he was not a Godly man and doesn't ever want to believe in God and her surgeries that she has had, and how her and her ex-husband still have a good relationship and will go to church with her and the kids together, yadie, yadie, yadie. We told her that we have some male Mormon missionaries that we can send to her ex-boyfriend that is a atheists if she feels like that would do him good (she said she still prays for him). She said that's okay but we were able to finally get into who we were and stuff. She said that her mom is Mormon and her sister studied the Mormon religion just for the sake of studying it because she likes to do that sort of thing. I invited her to Meet the Mormons and she appreciated the gesture, although she didn't seem too interested. I was trying to figure out how to place a Book of Mormon with her and I figured it was going to be reeeeeaaaaally tricky because she is so set in her religion and stuff BUT good thing for companions because Sister Pope was able to and she did it so naturally and she took it and said she would read it. She said we can stop by anytime! Score! We got her name, and I am came to the conclusion I really like her.

We were also about to have a few good lessons with some less-actives. We went to see this one lady but her daughter was home who we have been trying to see and it turned out to be a really good visit. She is probably in her late 30s, single. Someone said that she sometimes just comes to sacrament meeting but I haven't ever seen her before. But then again I have only had two sacrament meeting since I've been here cuz of General Conference.  Anyway, we got talking about prayer and trials and such and we showed her The Hope of God's Light. She really appreciated us coming by. She said we can come back next week which is always a good sign.

We got most of our set lessons next week set up with members coming along as well. Man oh man, I'd tell ya, getting members to lessons takes a lot of planning and coordination. If only our teachee knew what we had to do to get them a friend there. Cuz you have to coordinate a time between, you, your investigator/less active, and your member that all work. And sometimes you have to coordinate rides and make sure you leave your last appointment in time, etc,etc. And about 50% of missionary lessons fall through and so you hate asking people to come when people cancel. Sighhhhhhhh, whatevs man.

Alright, I should go. Still have some things to do before p-day ends. Oh wait! I almost forgot, so on Friday was zone conference....It was good. President Ballard is a good leader and he knows what he is doing. It was all about planning and teaching when you find and find when you teach.  Actually it was so good it made me feel really overwhelmed and stressed. Sister Pope felt the same way. Like we can be doing way more than what we are doing. But I guess if we didn't feel that way we would feel there is no need to improve and when you feel like that because we can constantly be improving ourselves. And we watched Meet the Mormons! We weren't allowed to watch it in the theaters but they wanted the missionaries to see it so we got a private viewing. We were the last zone conference so the first group of missionaries that had zone conference on Tuesday got to see it first. I really liked it. I'm curious to hear how it was received by the non- Mormon world.

K, love Ya all. The Church is true!


Sister Magnusson

zone meeting scripture mastery competition. everyone on your team had to get the scripture that they read off, then you could start eating the donut. the first person to finish the donut without using your hands wins that round.
our team won over all. 

so we went to cold contact to someone and they live on this big property place. so we park outside the gate and open the gate and walk up their loooooooooong drive way to their house, then this horse out of no where starts galloping towards us. good thing he was nice. (the people weren't home if you were wondering) 

Is this Anna from Frozen?
 Nope, it's Sister Magnusson as she is serving in the Oregon, Portland Mission.
This is what happens when she doesn't put moose in her hair. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conference Weekend

me and sister pope attempting to street contact on this trail thing in our area. 
no talked to us. oh well, it was a nice little walk. 
 Notice the beautiful fall trees in the background

Happy post conference weekend! Sounds like all y'all's had a good one. We watched each session at different member's homes.   The last family fed us a nice brunch that was the pic you saw on FB.

My favorite talks were Elder Holland (he is always my favorite) and the guy that spoke in Chinese, Elder Chi Hong Wong. I loved his analogy of the man with the palsy to the hastening of the work of salvation. How everyone needs to be involved in helping others come unto Christ. One of the ward member and his son always have this competition thing going on during conference. He lives in Idaho. As they watch conference, they think of questions to quiz each other afterwards. So after the first Saturday session we joined in on face time and had a quiz off. Questions included, "What side was president packer's hair parted?" "What was the prelude song sung?" "What was the overlying theme of Elder Gibbons talk?" "What color was elder Uchdorf's tie?”  "When all temples are completed, how many will be in operation?" That sort of thing.

I'm way excited for the new movie, "Meet the Mormons." I thought President Ballard (Krisitne's mission president) was going to say something about being able to see it in his email today but he didn't. Hopefully we can see it soon.

The other day we had some time to  and we didn't know if we should go street contacting, tracting, or see less actives. We said a prayer while driving and after we prayed I saw a sign for a garage so I said, "Let's go to that garage sale and talk to people there. Oregon has a ton of yard/garage sales and they are GREAT for talking with people. It's nonintrusive, like tracting, and you can bring up the gospel naturally while you are looking at stuff  (Oh I see you have a badge on...where do you work? Oh well, we are actually missionaries for The Church of.....yadie, yadie, yadie") and then you can easily share what you are doing on this 18 month mission. And you usually get some sweet deals. Like I have been able to get some cheap nice winter stuff in as much I wore all my sweaters and things to threads last winter. So, anywho, we go to this garage sale and we start talking to with these ladies and we get into that we are Mormon missionaries ("Do you have any Mormon friends?" "No actually, which is kind of odd because I know there is a lot of them around.") and what we do. We ask if she is religious and she says she is Born Again. So we get talking about the Atonement a little bit and how great it is. She said she is really happy where she is at (we get that a lot) but the two sweaters I was going to buy for three bucks each she said I could have for free! So nice of her! I invited her to see Meet the Mormons that is showing in the Clackamas Town Center next weekend. I told her that it wasn't a proselyting movie but just a movie depicting who we are and stuff since she didn't have any Mormon friends. I really hope she goes.

So last week we went walking along a busy street hoping to street contact some people and we stop and talk to this guy in an electronic wheelchair. He is about in his late thirties. He was super nice and he lives in the convalescent hospital that we were all front of. There was actually an ambulance and fire truck in front of the place so that's how we got the conversation going. We asked him if he knew what was going on. And Sister Pope and her previous companion used to visit some people in there so they knew some of the same people. So there was a nice connection there. I asked him if he ever heard of the Book of Mormon and he said he actually had one. Oh sweet! I told him as we were talking I thought of a great chapter in there talking about the after-life and the resurrection and thought he might find it a good read, Alma 40. He said he would read it and we could come back. Sweet! So we came back last Friday and I really enjoyed talking to him. He is a very strong believer in Christ and loves his church he goes too. Although he hasn't been able to go for about 2 months because he can't get a ride there in his wheelchair. Trimet (pretty much the same thing as access ride) won't take him to his church because it is kind of out in the country and it's route doesn’t go that far. And he has a van he can drive but can't afford gas now. I felt so sad for him because he really does love his church! He hadn’t read the Book of Mormon chapter we gave him (has been "too busy". I’d tell ya, it's a common curse to be too busy around here to read your scriptures. Something in the water I guess). But we taught him the Plan of Salvation anyway. He pretty much agreed with everything except that we lived with God before we came to earth. Sometimes I get frustrated when people agree with everything we say because we know they really don't, even if they sincerely agree with what we are saying. The Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, those two can sometimes be hard to teach to strong Christians because the doctrines we teach there are principals followed by many Christian religions which is really awesome but I have found it a struggle to incorporate the importance of ordinances and covenants done by the proper authority. Most time that goes over people's heads, even when we teach The Restoration first. Sighhhhhh, it can be frustrating. BUT that is why I am so eternally grateful that I am preaching the gospel to my own culture and language. These experiences I will always keep  and draw upon so I will know how to be a missionary not only for 18 months in America but a missionary for the rest of my life in America!  Well, of course we are all missionaries for the rest of our lives, but I just feel that I have a better understanding of people and how to talk to them about the gospel than before I came to Oregon.

Tuesdays the ward usually goes on splits with the missionaries. This Tuesday we had two lessons set up. One was with a less active couple and the other was with one of our investigators and her neighbor. The sisters have been teaching her for a while and she decided to invite her neighbor in on the discussions. We decided to start from the beginning and teach The Restoration. I went with another member of the ward  to our investigator and Sister Pope went to the less active couple But it turned out really good to have a member with us there because she was able to connect with our investigators in ways that I could not. The best part about the lesson is when our investigator bore her testimony about The Book of Mormon and what is has done for her life and a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. Most of the time non missionaries are the best missionaries. The neighbor is 75 and grew up in the Midwest and is one of 10 kids. He is a super nice guy. Didn't say much during the lesson. Wonder what he thought about the whole thing. He did say he has a granddaughter that is a Mormon and is going to BYU Idaho and that his wife died 30 years ago. I’m really excited to teach him the Plan of Salvation. I hope he wasn't too busy to do his book of Mormon reading this week. The lady went to general conference with a friend this weekend, can't wait to hear about it. It would be her first time going.

K, family. Loved hearing from ya'lls. Happy belated birthday Renee! I thought of you all day on the 3rd. Now Rachel baby’s birthday is coming up. I went to the MTC on Rachel’s birthday one year ago. Seems just like yesterday man.


Sister Magnusson

me and the frazens. i really like my host mama and papa. they went to the taylor family's farm. the taylor family is this family in the ward. anyway, they have a dairy farm and they sell the milk from their cows but it's like super organic, non hormonal, no this or that and they invited the frazens over for FHE and gave them all this milk for free. the chocolate milk was sooooooo good! it was like you were drinking chocolate ice cream.