Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conference Weekend

me and sister pope attempting to street contact on this trail thing in our area. 
no talked to us. oh well, it was a nice little walk. 
 Notice the beautiful fall trees in the background

Happy post conference weekend! Sounds like all y'all's had a good one. We watched each session at different member's homes.   The last family fed us a nice brunch that was the pic you saw on FB.

My favorite talks were Elder Holland (he is always my favorite) and the guy that spoke in Chinese, Elder Chi Hong Wong. I loved his analogy of the man with the palsy to the hastening of the work of salvation. How everyone needs to be involved in helping others come unto Christ. One of the ward member and his son always have this competition thing going on during conference. He lives in Idaho. As they watch conference, they think of questions to quiz each other afterwards. So after the first Saturday session we joined in on face time and had a quiz off. Questions included, "What side was president packer's hair parted?" "What was the prelude song sung?" "What was the overlying theme of Elder Gibbons talk?" "What color was elder Uchdorf's tie?”  "When all temples are completed, how many will be in operation?" That sort of thing.

I'm way excited for the new movie, "Meet the Mormons." I thought President Ballard (Krisitne's mission president) was going to say something about being able to see it in his email today but he didn't. Hopefully we can see it soon.

The other day we had some time to  and we didn't know if we should go street contacting, tracting, or see less actives. We said a prayer while driving and after we prayed I saw a sign for a garage so I said, "Let's go to that garage sale and talk to people there. Oregon has a ton of yard/garage sales and they are GREAT for talking with people. It's nonintrusive, like tracting, and you can bring up the gospel naturally while you are looking at stuff  (Oh I see you have a badge on...where do you work? Oh well, we are actually missionaries for The Church of.....yadie, yadie, yadie") and then you can easily share what you are doing on this 18 month mission. And you usually get some sweet deals. Like I have been able to get some cheap nice winter stuff in as much I wore all my sweaters and things to threads last winter. So, anywho, we go to this garage sale and we start talking to with these ladies and we get into that we are Mormon missionaries ("Do you have any Mormon friends?" "No actually, which is kind of odd because I know there is a lot of them around.") and what we do. We ask if she is religious and she says she is Born Again. So we get talking about the Atonement a little bit and how great it is. She said she is really happy where she is at (we get that a lot) but the two sweaters I was going to buy for three bucks each she said I could have for free! So nice of her! I invited her to see Meet the Mormons that is showing in the Clackamas Town Center next weekend. I told her that it wasn't a proselyting movie but just a movie depicting who we are and stuff since she didn't have any Mormon friends. I really hope she goes.

So last week we went walking along a busy street hoping to street contact some people and we stop and talk to this guy in an electronic wheelchair. He is about in his late thirties. He was super nice and he lives in the convalescent hospital that we were all front of. There was actually an ambulance and fire truck in front of the place so that's how we got the conversation going. We asked him if he knew what was going on. And Sister Pope and her previous companion used to visit some people in there so they knew some of the same people. So there was a nice connection there. I asked him if he ever heard of the Book of Mormon and he said he actually had one. Oh sweet! I told him as we were talking I thought of a great chapter in there talking about the after-life and the resurrection and thought he might find it a good read, Alma 40. He said he would read it and we could come back. Sweet! So we came back last Friday and I really enjoyed talking to him. He is a very strong believer in Christ and loves his church he goes too. Although he hasn't been able to go for about 2 months because he can't get a ride there in his wheelchair. Trimet (pretty much the same thing as access ride) won't take him to his church because it is kind of out in the country and it's route doesn’t go that far. And he has a van he can drive but can't afford gas now. I felt so sad for him because he really does love his church! He hadn’t read the Book of Mormon chapter we gave him (has been "too busy". I’d tell ya, it's a common curse to be too busy around here to read your scriptures. Something in the water I guess). But we taught him the Plan of Salvation anyway. He pretty much agreed with everything except that we lived with God before we came to earth. Sometimes I get frustrated when people agree with everything we say because we know they really don't, even if they sincerely agree with what we are saying. The Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, those two can sometimes be hard to teach to strong Christians because the doctrines we teach there are principals followed by many Christian religions which is really awesome but I have found it a struggle to incorporate the importance of ordinances and covenants done by the proper authority. Most time that goes over people's heads, even when we teach The Restoration first. Sighhhhhh, it can be frustrating. BUT that is why I am so eternally grateful that I am preaching the gospel to my own culture and language. These experiences I will always keep  and draw upon so I will know how to be a missionary not only for 18 months in America but a missionary for the rest of my life in America!  Well, of course we are all missionaries for the rest of our lives, but I just feel that I have a better understanding of people and how to talk to them about the gospel than before I came to Oregon.

Tuesdays the ward usually goes on splits with the missionaries. This Tuesday we had two lessons set up. One was with a less active couple and the other was with one of our investigators and her neighbor. The sisters have been teaching her for a while and she decided to invite her neighbor in on the discussions. We decided to start from the beginning and teach The Restoration. I went with another member of the ward  to our investigator and Sister Pope went to the less active couple But it turned out really good to have a member with us there because she was able to connect with our investigators in ways that I could not. The best part about the lesson is when our investigator bore her testimony about The Book of Mormon and what is has done for her life and a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. Most of the time non missionaries are the best missionaries. The neighbor is 75 and grew up in the Midwest and is one of 10 kids. He is a super nice guy. Didn't say much during the lesson. Wonder what he thought about the whole thing. He did say he has a granddaughter that is a Mormon and is going to BYU Idaho and that his wife died 30 years ago. I’m really excited to teach him the Plan of Salvation. I hope he wasn't too busy to do his book of Mormon reading this week. The lady went to general conference with a friend this weekend, can't wait to hear about it. It would be her first time going.

K, family. Loved hearing from ya'lls. Happy belated birthday Renee! I thought of you all day on the 3rd. Now Rachel baby’s birthday is coming up. I went to the MTC on Rachel’s birthday one year ago. Seems just like yesterday man.


Sister Magnusson

me and the frazens. i really like my host mama and papa. they went to the taylor family's farm. the taylor family is this family in the ward. anyway, they have a dairy farm and they sell the milk from their cows but it's like super organic, non hormonal, no this or that and they invited the frazens over for FHE and gave them all this milk for free. the chocolate milk was sooooooo good! it was like you were drinking chocolate ice cream.

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