Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sister Magnusson is TOO Sweet

it's rainin' in st. george! actually in oregon city. 
the rains have returned.....
temple trip on friday.

'Eh! What is happenin' yo?! Actually I know what is happening cuz you guys all wrote me and I very much appreciate it! I love my family!

Well, this week was kind of a slow teaching week. All three of our investigators canceled on us so that means we taught no investigators just a few less-actives. Ah-well, some weeks are like that I guess.

We taught the 79 year old that Sister Newman helped baptized just a little over a year ago. Our lesson was on service. We read Matt. 25:35-40 about when Jesus is saying "when I was a stranger ye took me in, naked and ye clothed me...." then the other guy says, "Lord, when saw ye a stranger.....?" I'm paraphrasing so it might not be exactly right. Anywho, turns out when the person was serving those other people "the least of these my breathern", he was really serving Christ. Then we read with them "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief". It's one of my favorite hymns. It's a shame we don't sing the last verse more often cuz then you learn that this person that this guy was serving was actually the Savior the whole time! It's so beautifully well written. We talked about how VT and HT are great forms of service. I think the husband went hometeaching with Bro. Franzen for the first time in like 30 years yesterday. I'll have to ask Bro. Franzen how it went. Speaking of the Franzens I love living with members. It's fun to have someone to come home too at the end of the day. Well, I guess it can also depend on who you live with but the Franzens are great! Someday you'll have to meet them....and Bandit.

Bandit, the one eye cat

Our other lesson went good. We brought a 16 year old young man to help teach us the Restoration with us. I think it was good for him. The lady goes off on random tangents but hopefully it was good training for him when he goes on a mission because most people go on random tangents when you try to teach them.

So there is this less-active lady that lives down the street from us. Sister Pope and her last companion started visiting with her first. First she wouldn't let them in the house and but slowing started to warm up to them. They would help her pick her tomatoes and I think the service opened doors. Anywho, she is finally starting to invite us in and lets us share a message. When we saw her we were just planning to stop by and weren't sure if she would even be there, but she was! Her grandkids were there. We shared kind of a random message on the Bible dictionary definition on faith (I was scrambling on what to share, I needed something fast while the grandkids were preoccupied for like 2 seconds) so I don't know how good the message was but I felt really prompted to invite her to church but I was really scared because I know it took a while for her to warm up to the sisters and I didn't want to offend her or anything. I asked if she ever thought about coming back to sacrament meeting to partake of the sacrament to help get through some of her trials. And guess what? She didn't get mad at us for asking. She said she has thought about it but often times her daughter will drop of the grandkids on Sunday mornings without warning so she has to be there to watch them. Hmmmmmmm, that is the top of the iceberg reason. There is another bigger reason below the surface but I felt it okay not to pry. Sam, you will learn about the iceberg analogy a lot in the MTC. It's simple but true. I bore my testimony about my Bahama experience of not being able to take the sacrament for a time because there was no church on the island, and how much it meant to me once I was able to do it again.

Yesterday we were contacting some potentials and we knock on this one door and this older man answers and he didn't even let me finish introducing ourselves when he goes on and on bashing our Church and our beliefs . I'm always so taken aback how someone in the 21st century can be so blunt and rude to fellow Christians when they themselves profess to be a Christian. Sister Pope bore her testimony to him without being confrontational at all but, he wasn't having it. And my patience was growing thin on his doorstep...finally I interrupted and said, "Sir, you are being disrespectful to us so we are going to leave,  have a good day." Yeesh.

So yesterday we have dinner with family. After dinner as we are leaving she tells us she has a whole bunch of clothes she is giving to DI (thrift store)  and asks if we want to go through them. Shoot man, they were NICE clothes! Like a ton of NICE clothes! I took a lot of stuff because we are pretty much the same size and they are great clothes!   Seriously, tender mercy. Now I just need another tender mercy to figure out how get it all home. Like, it is a legit concern of mine. I have accumulated so much stuff! Well, maybe not necessarily a lot of stuff but stuff that is heavy and bulky. Like boots and and sweaters and jackets. Now all these new clothes. Hummmm.  First world missionary problems, I'd tell ya.

And speaking of first world missionary problems, we now come upon the holidays. Please if anyone is going to send me anything in the mail, PLEASE do not send ANYTHING WITH SUGAR! I'm trying keep the sugar consumption at a low this year. Last year was pretty ridiculous. Sister Pope's family has sent her a ton of candy, the Frazens have candy and goodies, the ward has candy and goodies. Yeah, a large amount of sugar in my diet is not good for bearing sons....or being a healthy missionary.

On Saturday was supposed to be the Stake's Trunk or Treat but it got canceled cuz of bad weather so we carved pumpkins with the Sprazoffs instead. They are an awesome family in the ward. They said they have the missionaries carve pumpkins at their place every year.

K, I'm going. We are gong to Ross to find me a couple of caradens for my new outfits. Cuz I only have one. Actually two.

The Church is true!

Sister Magnusson

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