Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, November 24, 2014

"The Church is true!"

Bro. Franzen birthday!  

 There were TONS more missionaries that taught him.  

Hiking in the Tryon State Park today!   
Well, it wasn't really a hike, more like a nature walk but it was sure pretty.  
 It's in Lake Oswego

We went to the New Cabalas.  It was huge!  It was also like a little museum.  

This picture is kind of a running juke between Bro. Franzen's dad and myself.  He was talking about the fish has caught in his lifetime and I was telling him about the fish I have caught in my lifetime and we told him we were going to go fishing for p-day and come up with some more "fish stories".  You kind of had to be there, I guess.

What up everybody!

Man, this week has been a blur. A lot of happenings. Something fun this week was that Brother Franzen's parents from Idaho came into town. They are so fun. Bro Franzen senior has the same wit and humor as Bro Franzen junior. Funny how that works.  Anyway, they arrived Thursday night and Friday was Bother Franzen's bday. Sister McLaughlin and I decorated the house a little bit with balloons and streamers in the morning before they woke up. We also wrapped him a present. I was giving him the miniature sister missionaries that I gave savannah for her bday. Sister McLauglin and I signed the box they were in and we wrote a note in it that said, "Signed by real live sister missionaries!" And the on the card he read before he opened it said, "So we will be with you even when we are not with you". He opened it and was just laughing and laughing, it was so great! And the miniature missionaries even looked like Sister McLaughlin and I! A taller blond and a shorter brunette.It was a fun day and we played games later that night. Anywho, now back to missionary work....

Yesterday we taught our investigator  and we were able to bring a young woman with us so that was good. She is doing really well. She is actually moving out of her apartment on Nov 30th and moving with her daughter in Milwaukie just across the river so it's different ward boundaries. She said she is going to still try to come to OC 4th Ward because she has developed so many friendships and support from this Ward but it probably would be good for her to go were she is living. Her daughter is very active in the Ward so that is good. I love our investigator so much! She has had such a change of heart and she is becoming more at peace with herself too. Before she had such guilt and had a hard time with forgiveness but she is in a good place now.

On Saturday we were able to teach our other investigator at a member's house. Their son was able to pick him up was great and it's always so much better when we can have lessons at member homes. We taught him about temples and eternal families.  We read the first few paragraphs of the family proclamation and showed the mormon message "Temples are a Beacon". He liked the idea of eternal families. He had quite a few questions on temples.  We tried to answer the questions the best we could and the members did a great job helping answer some of those questions.  We told him about Young Men's and he seems interested in going.

So in my first two areas I served, Farmington and Reedville (they meet in the same building) there was a less active YSA in the Hazeldale ward (also meets in the same building) that would sometimes go to the Farmington and Reedville church times so he could have time to play golf later on that day. We would talk to him in gospel essentials and stuff. Then when I was serving in Reedville the Elders started teaching his nonmember dad. He and his dad would come to Reedville on occasion because the time was more convenient with their golfing schedule.  When the elders started teaching his dad , it  was a total miracle because he was not interested at all for a long time. Anyway, the dad got baptized in Saturday and his son was able to baptize him! So totally awesome!

Sister McLaughlin was asked to say the prayer at his baptism since she served in Hazeldale and when he found out that we were companions he asked if I could come too! The Hazeldale missionaries said he would always say that I was his favorite missionary which I think is kind of funny but I didn't even teach him, just talked to him in gospel essentials. It was really fun going back to the Farmington building. Seriously as soon as we were driving through the area a flood of memories started coming back to me and I almost started crying! But it was the good kind of cry because that area is so near and dear to my heart. It was pretty surreal. Especially because I was in that area the same time last year so it looked exactly the same even though a whole year has passed.

Friday we taught a less active about the Restoration.  He's deal is that he believes that Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus Christ too far fetched. A 14 year old farm boy having a vision like that, yeah seems a little crazy. But the beauty of it all is you can find out for yourself if it is true! He knows he has to pray and read and go to church to get an answer but the desire is lacking. But he really appreciated us coming by and still wants to meet with us. We are going to teach him the Plan of Salvation hopefully tomorrow. We were also able to bring a YW to that lesson too, which was good. Man, I sure wish there were sister missionaries in the DII ward growing up. That would have totally sped up the learning curve if i could go out with them as a Laurel or something.

Our lesson we taught to our 11 year old investigator was good. We taught her about Priesthood. We had a picture on our ipads of Jesus giving his apostles the Priesthood and then put the picture of Joseph Smith getting the Priesthood from Peter, James, and John next to it to show that it is from the same guys that Jesus gave the priesthood too!

Alright, I'm gunna go. Sorry if i didn't have time to reply personally to your guy's email. I really do appreciate you writing me every week! I love hearing from everybody! I loved the pics! I'm glad the kiddos liked the mini missionaries.

I love you guys! The church is true!

Sister Magnusson

Monday, November 17, 2014

"I live in such a beautiful place!"

our temple trip last week....

dinner with the sisters after saturday session of stake conference.  
we went to a hawaiian bbq

sister franzen took us to our mirror lake hike last week.  
she was so nice to take us.  

it was such a gorgeous hike

this is near the top of the ridge....it's not snow, it's just ice. 
 it made it look soooooooo pretty.  the pics seriously don't give it justice.  

we went with our zone
these are the sisters serving in he 3rd ward along with sister franzen

it was very bright at the top and absolutely beautiful

the hood 
(Mt. Hood, that is)

i live in such a beautiful place!

  the pioneers came this way. 

i don't now how they got through with their wagons without a trail...
the trees are so thick! 

doing service for the frazens!
it was the first time in 15 months i got to mow the lawn!

the wind storm on monday night left quite  mess at the brazens...
but never fear, the sisters are here!

doing service at the church of the Nazarene food drive! 

we tried to go street contacting on this cool trail thing in our area that's on a golf course, we figured, hey! it's sunny, people might be out trying to catch the last of the rays before winter....nope. nobody was out. so we took some pics. there was one guy that we talked to but not about the gospel, just about running. maybe he needed to talk to us.

what do you do when you have to wait for your car to warm up?....
take sefies of course! it was freezing!
notice the scarf, head band, hat, jacket that rachel gave me.....
Hola family!

Man, what a week! It's been a good week....I'll start backwards.....

So yesterday was Sunday, church day. The third hour everybody except primary got training for the new, Just Serve program. Is that happening in SoCal? It's really cool. I'm excited how it will help bridge people from the community with church members and missionaries in a very open way that has no confrontation or misunderstanding. We are all just simply serving together to serve our fellowmen for the common good.

Then in the evening yesterday was the fireside with Brother Travis Tuttle...one of the missionaries that got kidnapped in Russia and held for ransom in 1998 and he and his comp survived. AND GUESS WHAT?! So there is this less-active kid that is 26 that lives in Oregon City but his records are in the Gladstone Ward. Anyway, Sister Allen would meet with him when we were together but me and Sister Powner couldn't ever get a hold of him. When I got put in Oregon City I recognized his house and was like, HEY! That is his house! We stopped by and talked to his roommates a few weeks ago and last week we were able to catch him home. He said he was really glad we stopped by and we were able to share a message and invite him and his roommate who is a Jehovah Witness to the fireside. AND THEY BOTH CAME! And they were able to sit with us even though they came late and we were in the front. It was sooooooooooooo  packed. The whole chapel, culture hall, stage were filled. And they had people sit on the stand too because it was so full and people were standing in the back. And Sister Allen was able to say hi to him as well...she told him, "You know, it wasn't a coincidence that Sister Magnusson was put in your area...." That’s right. We had a less active come too but we couldn't find her because it was so full.

 at the fireside with bro. butte...the missionary that got kidnapped in russia in 1998.
he's the bald guy in the middle

this picture was taken as sister ballard was trying to get 
all 260 missionaries together to take a pic. 

me and sister allen!  oh man, i love that sister so much!  
I was so happy to see her! 

At the beginning of the fireside all 200 some missionaries (I think it is close to 260ish) sang the EFY Armies of Heleman/As Sisters in Zion melody. I'll tell you what, you get that many missionaries singing and the spirit is so strong! I would bawl every time I sang with a big group of missionaries at the MTC but now I am able to contain myself better. What Bro. Tuttle had to say was good. Sam, hopefully you don’t get called to Russia on your mish cuz you could get kidnapped and held for ransom. JK....it's probably a lot safer now....? After the elders escaped they both decided to finish their missions and not go home but they were relocated to England. Holy moly....I could not.

So Saturday was amazing. We had SPC breakfast in the morning. I think it stands for Stake Presidency Council, maybe. Anyways, all the missionaries in the zone were there. Like 24ish of us and the stake presidency served us breakfast and then we had a meeting about our Ward Christmas parties and service and inviting. It's was good, got a free breakfast out of it but it was also pretty random.  Then we met with Muslin investigator  at the Cooks house. The Cooks are members of the ward. They were able to pick him up and everything. Their two teenage kids sat in on the lesson. We taught him the Word of Wisdom. It went really good! Muslims don't drink so that wasn't much of a problem. He did say that he does like to drink his coffee, he drinks it every morning to wake him up but he's not addicted or anything....We asked him how he liked Stake Conference and he said it was long but he enjoyed the talks. He liked hearing President Monson and Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson told a story how this woman in Brazil converted at age 103 and Elder Anderson met her in the temple doing work for her ancestors at age 114. Our investigator said that if she could convert than anyone can, even from Muslim. He said that he is a truth seeker. Golden man! GOLDEN! He was much more open this time then like two weeks ago, cuz there he said he is not interested in ever joining but he would learn. Well, this time there was a different light in his eyes as we were teaching him. I credit most of it to teaching at the Cook's house. There was a great spirit already there. We tell him to pray but he says he doesn't have time to pray. Goodness, it's a serious epidemic among the people around these parts. I think he's worried if he prays he will know it is true.

Then after dinner on Saturday when we were sharing  our dinner thought with the Lovelands, Brother Loveland actually said, "Yeah, I know of a sister that you guys should meet. After the prayer we can all go over together and I can introduce you guys." Whoa. What? Members and missionaries working together?! Revelation happening on the spot?! I think that was the first time a active member just said that and then we really did just leave right after dinner to this person's house that we have never met and it was a super good visit! The Lovelands earned 35 brownie points that night.

Then we went over to the another member's house . The mom said that her 17 year old daughter invited a couple of friends from school over for a game night and she really wants them to meet us but she wants to be stealthly about it. She said to "just happen pop on by" around 7:30pm that night. So that night we stopped by to give the mom some Primary manuals that we had (she is the primary prez) and to use the restroom (we really did need to go). Anyway, we joined in on the games and it was a super fun night! We shared a message before we left. We showed Because of Him and talked about the Atonement and Plan of Salvation. We had a good discussion and the spirit was there. It was just a super good day because I was a witness that the most effective way to do missionary work is members and missionaries working together! We tried some finding on our own that day and we had no success.

On Tuesday we mowed the Franzens lawn. I LOVE MOWING LAWNS! People never ask the sister missionaries to mow their lawns as acts of service. They always ask the elders and the sisters clean the floor. Bah. But it felt glorious to mow the lawn in the sun even if it was like 31 degrees. And good thing we mowed the lawn that day cuz there was a massive wind storm that night that blew a lot branches and things down. So the next day we picked up the yard and good thing we did cuz the next day came the freezing rain. That's when the temperature is like 32/33 degrees and it's raining but then it freezes on the ground or on the trees. Freezing rain is super cold. Probably because it was windy too. So yeah, if you haven't guess it is pretty to cold now. The sun is still out but it is freezing, literally. So don't worry y'all's up in Utah and Idaho, I'm cold too but a different kind of cold...a wet, moist, seeping into your bones kind of cold.

Alright, I got to go. I love you all! I'm glad I'm a missionary in Portland Oregon! The church is true!


Sis. Magnusson

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I love to see the temple

Hey family and friends!

Sorry this might have to be a quick letter. We are going hiking up Mt Hood area today.  I love hiking here.
We went to the temple with our 11 year old investigator on Saturday. It turned out perfect, Our ride almost fell through but we got it all figured out. We took some 14 year old twins as fellowshippers. They did great, we basically stepped back and let them do the teaching. They are so spunky and outgoing. Our investigator LOVED the temple. She very much wanted to go in but we were able to go inside the lobby and atrium. The only bummer part about the day was when we got home she said that her mom has now said she has to wait till she is 16 to be baptized instead of 12 and she turns 12 in a month and a half. Man oh man, we are going to pray really hard to have her mom have a softened heart.
So we were able to have a lesson with our 17 year old Muslim investigator. He has been really good avoiding us lately. We were finally able to tract him down and he told us he is not interested in ever joining but he will still learn. So we taught him about prophets and invited him to Stake Conference which was yesterday and he came! The best part about it was that half of stake conference was a broadcast from Salt Lake and Pres. Monson spoke so he got to hear the prophet himself after we just taught him about it! I don't know what he thought because we couldn't find him afterwards. We'll have to ask him later.
We had a great lesson with our other investigator. We showed her the Mormon Message, Reclaimed. It's probably my favorite on repentance. She was in much better spirits than last time we met with her. She even fed us lunch! I love her so much.
And guess what?! So have you heard of the movie Saratov Approach? About the missionaries that got kidnapped in Russia in 1998? It's a true story. Anyway, on of the missionaries that got kidnapped is speaking in a fireside at the Lake Oswego bundling and missionaries can come if they bring an investigator and our investigator said she would love to come! I can't wait! It's going to be so good.

We gave some service to the a member of the ward the other day. We were helping the sister sort through her brother's stuff who just died. They are doing so awesome! Just a few months ago they were completely in-active. The husband did 20 hours of family history work last week!

It seems we have been in a lot of retirement homes as of late. We volunteer at one and we teach two people in two different ones. On Friday we played some games with a resident. She has quite a bit of memory loss but sometimes she will say the most wittiest and sassy things in total context! Other times she will talk and not make much sense so it's cool to hear her say those things. One of the workers told us that sometimes at lunch she talks about playing games with the girls on Fridays. That made us feel good. Even though we can't proselyte there we are still being missionaries by our example.

So, my companion and I and the 3rd Ward sisters were invited to the priesthood session of stake conference.  They asked us to come because they were talking about "The Rescue" and after a few talks we split up and met as a ward in different rooms and talk about names than came to mind as we were in the conference and what we were going to do. It was really good!  Then we all met back in the chapel and the stake president facilitated a discussion. One of the questions was asked to me so I had to stand up in front of everyone in attendance and share how we would go about eating dinner at a less active's home and why it would be beneficial....or something to that nature. A little intimidating but I felt the spirit was prompting me what to say.

K, I got to go. You guys may or may not get pics this time. It depends if we have time to go to the library after our hike. I love you guys! Happy birthday Pa!

Love,  Sister Magnusson


Sorry, I don't have time to send pics but lots will come next week.  The hike today was awesome! I live in such a beautiful place! We just got back and now we have  to rush to dinner.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Farewell Sis. Pope...Hello Sis. McLaughlin

pumpkin carving for family home evening....

....with a family from the ward, one of our investigators, and the elders

sis pope made some scrumptious cupcakes on halloween night!  
Notice their missionary halloween costumes
(hint:  check out Sis. Magnusson's hair 
and Sis. Pope's hands and above her ears)

sister pope saying her goodbyes....*sniffle, sniffle*

The next pictures are from right after transfers.  Sister Frazen took us to and from transfers and on the way home she took us to downtown Oregon City to be tourists for 15 minutes.  We went on the historic  Oregon City Municipal Elevator where you can see the river and all the paper mills.

The paper mills are pretty ugly right on the river which is a real shame because the river could be a beautiful part of the town but it has all these factories around it.

My new companion is Sister McLaughlin from Houston, Texas!  

Oregon City was founded by this dude name McLoughin.... 
Not spelled the same as my companion, but pronounced the same.  

What up family!? So yesterday was transfers and I got a new comp, Sister McLaughlin from Houston Texas. I already know, the first thing people are going to say when they ask where Sister McLaughlin is from, they are going to be like, "Oh! Both you guys aren't from Utah!" They would say that all the time when Sister Newman and I were together.

I was sad to leave Sister Pope. I was hoping we would have at least one more transfer together but it was not so. She was also really sad to leave. This was her greenie area. Greenie areas always hold a special place in missionaries hearts. Sister McLaughlin seems cool. Seems pretty easy going and chill which is good. I am realizing sometimes its hard for me to work with people with intense personalities. Something I didn't always know about myself.

This week was a slower week. Sister Pope and I were sick with a little flu something, something so we had to stay in on Friday and Saturday. I wasn't too bad. Just headachy and sore throat but Sister Pope was not in a good way. We had an appointment and some service that needed to get down on Friday so we called the Spanish sisters and we did an exchange with them. Sister Espenoza stayed with Sister Pope and I went with Sister Santos. She is from Columbia. I like people from Columbia. Luisa, the other lionfish intern from the Bahamas was from Columbia, and she was awesome. She has lived in the states for about a year and half. She's been on her mission for 9 months. I think she really enjoyed the exchange. I told her she needs to go to BYU Hawaii. Our lesson fell through so that was a bummer but we were still able to do service. Every Friday we play games at this retirement home. It’s pretty fun. I raked the Frazne’s leaves a few times while sister pope was resting. Tis the season you know. Oregon has lots of leaves therefore lots of leaves fall on he grown therefore lots of leaves to rake. It does make Oregon look really pretty with all the colors.

We had a good lesson with one of our investigators this week. She is going through the repentance process and she is having a hard time forgiving herself and moving on. It's probably the hardest step. I told her to read Alma 36. She was seriously talking just like him. How she just felt so much anguish over some things she had done. Alma 36 is one of my favorite chapters. We see her again on Thursday, so hopefully she read it by then. The Atonement is so cool. Sis pope and I taught Gospel Essentials class on Sunday on the Sacrament and it was neat to see how it all connects with the Atonement. I need to remember to appreciate the Sacrament every time I take it.

We also had a few other lessons with some less actives. We meet with this lady who is probably about 40 and most of the time she gets around in an electric wheelchair. She served a mission and she still seems very in tune with the spirit but we don't know how to get her to church. Still working on that one. Our lesson with another family was on baptism and confirmation but most she was talking about random stuff and Sister Pope and I both felt we needed to let her talk so we did and it turned out good. I think it was more important that she talk to someone than hearing about baptism and confirmation at the moment.

Okay sorry, this email is kind of short. Kind of had a lot to do today...bunch of random errands.

I love you guys! I read all your emails and loved them. A shout out to Sam for still writing at 1 am. I love getting your emails Sam! And I love getting every body else's emails!

K, church is true!

Sister Magnusson