Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Farewell Sis. Pope...Hello Sis. McLaughlin

pumpkin carving for family home evening....

....with a family from the ward, one of our investigators, and the elders

sis pope made some scrumptious cupcakes on halloween night!  
Notice their missionary halloween costumes
(hint:  check out Sis. Magnusson's hair 
and Sis. Pope's hands and above her ears)

sister pope saying her goodbyes....*sniffle, sniffle*

The next pictures are from right after transfers.  Sister Frazen took us to and from transfers and on the way home she took us to downtown Oregon City to be tourists for 15 minutes.  We went on the historic  Oregon City Municipal Elevator where you can see the river and all the paper mills.

The paper mills are pretty ugly right on the river which is a real shame because the river could be a beautiful part of the town but it has all these factories around it.

My new companion is Sister McLaughlin from Houston, Texas!  

Oregon City was founded by this dude name McLoughin.... 
Not spelled the same as my companion, but pronounced the same.  

What up family!? So yesterday was transfers and I got a new comp, Sister McLaughlin from Houston Texas. I already know, the first thing people are going to say when they ask where Sister McLaughlin is from, they are going to be like, "Oh! Both you guys aren't from Utah!" They would say that all the time when Sister Newman and I were together.

I was sad to leave Sister Pope. I was hoping we would have at least one more transfer together but it was not so. She was also really sad to leave. This was her greenie area. Greenie areas always hold a special place in missionaries hearts. Sister McLaughlin seems cool. Seems pretty easy going and chill which is good. I am realizing sometimes its hard for me to work with people with intense personalities. Something I didn't always know about myself.

This week was a slower week. Sister Pope and I were sick with a little flu something, something so we had to stay in on Friday and Saturday. I wasn't too bad. Just headachy and sore throat but Sister Pope was not in a good way. We had an appointment and some service that needed to get down on Friday so we called the Spanish sisters and we did an exchange with them. Sister Espenoza stayed with Sister Pope and I went with Sister Santos. She is from Columbia. I like people from Columbia. Luisa, the other lionfish intern from the Bahamas was from Columbia, and she was awesome. She has lived in the states for about a year and half. She's been on her mission for 9 months. I think she really enjoyed the exchange. I told her she needs to go to BYU Hawaii. Our lesson fell through so that was a bummer but we were still able to do service. Every Friday we play games at this retirement home. It’s pretty fun. I raked the Frazne’s leaves a few times while sister pope was resting. Tis the season you know. Oregon has lots of leaves therefore lots of leaves fall on he grown therefore lots of leaves to rake. It does make Oregon look really pretty with all the colors.

We had a good lesson with one of our investigators this week. She is going through the repentance process and she is having a hard time forgiving herself and moving on. It's probably the hardest step. I told her to read Alma 36. She was seriously talking just like him. How she just felt so much anguish over some things she had done. Alma 36 is one of my favorite chapters. We see her again on Thursday, so hopefully she read it by then. The Atonement is so cool. Sis pope and I taught Gospel Essentials class on Sunday on the Sacrament and it was neat to see how it all connects with the Atonement. I need to remember to appreciate the Sacrament every time I take it.

We also had a few other lessons with some less actives. We meet with this lady who is probably about 40 and most of the time she gets around in an electric wheelchair. She served a mission and she still seems very in tune with the spirit but we don't know how to get her to church. Still working on that one. Our lesson with another family was on baptism and confirmation but most she was talking about random stuff and Sister Pope and I both felt we needed to let her talk so we did and it turned out good. I think it was more important that she talk to someone than hearing about baptism and confirmation at the moment.

Okay sorry, this email is kind of short. Kind of had a lot to do today...bunch of random errands.

I love you guys! I read all your emails and loved them. A shout out to Sam for still writing at 1 am. I love getting your emails Sam! And I love getting every body else's emails!

K, church is true!

Sister Magnusson

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