Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I love to see the temple

Hey family and friends!

Sorry this might have to be a quick letter. We are going hiking up Mt Hood area today.  I love hiking here.
We went to the temple with our 11 year old investigator on Saturday. It turned out perfect, Our ride almost fell through but we got it all figured out. We took some 14 year old twins as fellowshippers. They did great, we basically stepped back and let them do the teaching. They are so spunky and outgoing. Our investigator LOVED the temple. She very much wanted to go in but we were able to go inside the lobby and atrium. The only bummer part about the day was when we got home she said that her mom has now said she has to wait till she is 16 to be baptized instead of 12 and she turns 12 in a month and a half. Man oh man, we are going to pray really hard to have her mom have a softened heart.
So we were able to have a lesson with our 17 year old Muslim investigator. He has been really good avoiding us lately. We were finally able to tract him down and he told us he is not interested in ever joining but he will still learn. So we taught him about prophets and invited him to Stake Conference which was yesterday and he came! The best part about it was that half of stake conference was a broadcast from Salt Lake and Pres. Monson spoke so he got to hear the prophet himself after we just taught him about it! I don't know what he thought because we couldn't find him afterwards. We'll have to ask him later.
We had a great lesson with our other investigator. We showed her the Mormon Message, Reclaimed. It's probably my favorite on repentance. She was in much better spirits than last time we met with her. She even fed us lunch! I love her so much.
And guess what?! So have you heard of the movie Saratov Approach? About the missionaries that got kidnapped in Russia in 1998? It's a true story. Anyway, on of the missionaries that got kidnapped is speaking in a fireside at the Lake Oswego bundling and missionaries can come if they bring an investigator and our investigator said she would love to come! I can't wait! It's going to be so good.

We gave some service to the a member of the ward the other day. We were helping the sister sort through her brother's stuff who just died. They are doing so awesome! Just a few months ago they were completely in-active. The husband did 20 hours of family history work last week!

It seems we have been in a lot of retirement homes as of late. We volunteer at one and we teach two people in two different ones. On Friday we played some games with a resident. She has quite a bit of memory loss but sometimes she will say the most wittiest and sassy things in total context! Other times she will talk and not make much sense so it's cool to hear her say those things. One of the workers told us that sometimes at lunch she talks about playing games with the girls on Fridays. That made us feel good. Even though we can't proselyte there we are still being missionaries by our example.

So, my companion and I and the 3rd Ward sisters were invited to the priesthood session of stake conference.  They asked us to come because they were talking about "The Rescue" and after a few talks we split up and met as a ward in different rooms and talk about names than came to mind as we were in the conference and what we were going to do. It was really good!  Then we all met back in the chapel and the stake president facilitated a discussion. One of the questions was asked to me so I had to stand up in front of everyone in attendance and share how we would go about eating dinner at a less active's home and why it would be beneficial....or something to that nature. A little intimidating but I felt the spirit was prompting me what to say.

K, I got to go. You guys may or may not get pics this time. It depends if we have time to go to the library after our hike. I love you guys! Happy birthday Pa!

Love,  Sister Magnusson


Sorry, I don't have time to send pics but lots will come next week.  The hike today was awesome! I live in such a beautiful place! We just got back and now we have  to rush to dinner.

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