Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, December 29, 2014

"EVERYBODY has a dog in Oregon"

There is this cool trail thing right next to our house
that is good to walk on to try to contact people.

Go OREGON DUCKS!  Rose Bowl game 2015 baby!

We tried walking our Ward Mission Leader's dog on Christmas Eve to see if more people would talk to us cuz EVERYBODY has a dog in Oregon. But it didn't really work cuz Luna didn't like other dogs. She wasn't a very good missionary.

The kids are our bishop's grandkids getting ready to act out the nativity on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning!
Thanks for all the presents everyone! 
I feel so blessed to have so much support! 

Christmas Brunch... 

...with the Bottger Family

Christmas lunch with Nelli and Mateo...yum yum tamales!

We went on a nature walk in Nobel Woods Park in Hillsboro today... 
...twas fun. 

I think Sister Magnusson is on the lookout for contacts.  

Well, Merry Post Christmas!
It was great talking to all y'alls on Christmas! 

I’m glad sisters made it safe back to Utah. Next Christmas I'll be able to join them! But not Sam. He will be Elder Magnusson. 
This is the photo Sam used for his missionary application.
We' should hear soon about where he'll be called to serve.  

So, the underlying theme and saying for the week was, "Oh sisters, we are pretty crazy busy right now, why don't you see us sometime after the holidays?…." Ugh. I guess people have lives. Well, if people didn't want to see us we tried our best to see them anyway....in the stores, on the streets, with dogs, none were too successful, but oh well, we tried. We did have some really good conversations with cashiers. One cashier was a less-active in a different area, one was a Christian woman struggling in her faith, one was a returned missionary that Sister Larsen knew from a previous area. The best conversation was with the Goodwill cashier, the Christian woman struggling in her faith. We had a good 5 minute conversation with her and were able to give her a He is the Gift card. Probably a lot more talking there than if we were tracting.

Christmas Eve we had dinner with our Bishop and his family and grandkids. On Christmas we got up and worked out at our little gym, studies, opened presents, brunch, watched the MoTab Christmas Concert where they told about the making of the Christmas Carol (I really liked it! Y'alls should see it), then talked to the family, then went over to the Lopez's and they made some really good Mexican food and I overate, then went to dinner. Holy moly Sister Larsen and I don't think we have ever been that full. Like I felt so sick I ate too much! Not because I wanted to eat a ton, but because people kept feeding us! Do some missionaries a favor and if they say they are full or don’t want anymore, don't give them any more. There is probably a good reason for it. First world missionary problems.....

As far as teaching goes, we didn't teach a whole lot. I think four lessons this week. Our only investigators,were not at their apartment when we knocked on their door for our scheduled appointment. Sighhhhhhh. There is a couple in this area that are eternagators (eternal investigators). Sister Larsen and I met with them both for the first time this week and it was the most frustrating lesson ever. She knows a lot about Mormons and has some real good friends that are Mormon. She doesn't believe you need to be baptized to enter the kingdom of heaven; you can accept Christ on your death bed and be saved, believes in the Trinity, and it really doesn't matter what religion you are because if you are a good person and accept Christ God you will go into heaven. She made it pretty clear that she is not willing to change. We read Alma 7:10-12 with her and talked about the Atonement. She said she has read parts of the Book of Mormon and she said she has found nothing in their that contradicts her beliefs but is not willing to pray to know because she is going to stick with her religion. We really didn't see our point in being there. She just likes to "Bible Study" and she is lonely and likes our company. It was just frustrating because all we could do is just sit there and hear her tell us about her beliefs and not really say anything because she wasn't open to really want we had to say anyway. It would just come across as Bible bashing.  We decided we will see her again because she really wants us to come back but when we make the appointment we are going to set the grounds and say, "Look, we want to come over and teach you The Plan of Salvation. When can we come over and teach you The Plan of Salvation?" Then she knows exactly the point of our visit.

We were able to have FHE with a family. We shared the Mormon Message Reclaimed and she really liked it. She asked us to send it to her on Facebook. She liked the part where it talked about why would anybody would want to dig up something so beautiful and useful when it has already been reclaimed. So true. Repentance and the atonement are two pretty miraculous things.
You can also see the video by clicking here

Yesterday we were able to have a stop-by-lesson with a member who is Cambodian. She stopped going to church when they got rid of the Asian Branch in Beaverton (not sure when they got rid of it). She was so nice. Probably in her late 60s/early 70s. She was telling us how she survived/escaped the genocide that happened in Cambodia in the 70s. Pretty horrific stuff went on then. I told her she needed to write a book. We asked if she had ever been through the temple and she said she went to the Portland Temple Open house in 1989 and she loved it. It felt so peaceful. We showed her the Mormon Message Temples are a Beacon and asked her if she would like to prepare herself to go to the temple. She said, "Maybe." We told her about the Temple Visitor Center and asked if she would come with us. "Maybe."  The desire wasn't there. We gotta figure out how to get that desire.

Well, I think I'm done. You'll hear from me next year folks! And remember the church is true!

Sister Mag

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