Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Friday, December 19, 2014

Farewell Oregon City. Hello Beaverton!

For a zone service project, 22 missionaries were put to the task of demolishing a bus on this guy's property out in the sticks.

 a bunch of elders went under the hood of the bus and just flipped it over...
I was honestly scared for their life.  

i think i hit it twice then i left the rest of it to the elders

 elder gull....the senior missionary in the red shirt was master of the blow torch.  

we were also in charge of demolishing a trailer.  
the elders LOVED it! 

santa made an appearance at the ward christmas party!

on saturday night we went with an investigator and a couple of her friends to the Milwaukee Stake Nativity.  I wish i got more pics of it.  It was very well done and A LOT of work.  That was the night we found out we were leaving on the way there, so we were both in kind of a haze.....

Sister Magnusson saying goodbye to her OC peeps.  

saying goodbye to the Bishop and his wife

we drove to Brother Franzen's work on the way to transfers to say one last goodbye.  

MY NEW COMP! Sista' Larsen :) 

Why hello everybody!

My oh my, what the week it has been....what the past few days have been! 

Saturday night we have dinner with someone from the ward and she was so awesome, she invite her less-active and non-member friend over as well and then we drove over to the Milwaukee Stake Center for this nativity program thing. As we are leaving dinner and getting into her car, we see we have a missed call from our district leader about transfers. Sister McLaughlin and I thought we were FOR SURE safe. We called him back on our drive over to the Stake Center and he said we were white washing out (meaning we were both leaving). We seriously thought he was joking with us, but he wasn't. We. Were. Shocked. And so bummed. It put such a damper on our mood that night. Then the whirlwind of activity happens. Last minute meetings, packing, saying goodbyes, updating the area book so the new sisters coming in know what to do with our peeps. Man oh man was it stressful! Plus I was pretty sick. I still am sick. I felt a scratch in my throat last monday then it developed to a full blown nasty cold. One of the worst because it has lasted such a long time. No fun being a missionary while your sick. I have gone through so many tissue boxes…  

Some other interesting news to add to the mix, the new sisters that they put in to OC 4th are both going home next transfer. At first Sister McLaughlin and I were really confused why they were doing that, to white wash the area twice in a row, then we finally realized they are probably going to close the area to sisters after this transfer. We have double sets of missionaries in that ward and we are losing a TON of sister missionaries in the next few transfers because the wave has passed so President is closing a lot of sister areas just because well....there aren't any sisters to fill them! So sad. The Oregon City 4th Ward did so well with sisters. So many people connected with us. 

So, I learned that night that I was going to go to the Five Oaks Ward in the Cedar Mill Stake, which is pretty close to my old wards of Farmington and Reedville. I'm in the same Stake as President Ballard and his family. Our ward boundaries are SUPER small. Like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay small. My new comp, Sister Larsen, told me you can basically get anywhere in the area in 5 minutes from our apartment. And so far I have seen that to be true. They use to have sisters on bikes in this area because it's so small. Man, I would LOVE to be on bike. She has told me they don't really do a lot of teaching in this area. Area is small, ward is small, it's been tracted out and the less-actives have been visited and revisited. She said for planning they have to have backup plans for the backup plans. Should be interesting. She did say they do a lot of service which is always fun. We live right across from the Food Bank so she said we do service there a lot. Service is a great way to talk to people. It's non-threatening, people see you are a real person, you can bring up the gospel pretty easily, explain what you do, yeah....it's good. I'm really excited to be with Sister Larsen. She is from Brigham City, Utah and we were in the same district for my first 4 1/2 months as a missionary so I already know her. She likes to run! YAY! My first comp that likes to run! And work-out in the mornings! AND WE HAVE A GYM AT OUR APARTMENT COMPLEX! I'm so happy! And she likes to walk places. I love that! And she is a really great missionary. Super hard worker. I only get her for one transfer though because she goes home after this transfer. 

Oh my goodness, hopefully I can remember everything that went down last week......

We had a really good lesson with our young man investigator on the Holy Ghost. We again asked him if he finds these things to be true would he be baptized. He said he would! Holy moly, that was so awesome! We had the lesson at a member's house, and I think that makes all the difference in the world. AND HE WENT TO CHURCH! I don’t know what he thought about it because we didn't get a chance a to talk to him afterward but I guess the new sisters will figure that all out.  And hopefully he will be going to mutual on Wednesday. I feel if the ward just wraps their arms around him with love he will be more receptive in make commitments and participating in church and activities. 

Man it was said to say good bye to our 11 year old investigator . We felt inspired to give her the Baptismal Record to give to her mom to sign. Usually investigators that are to be baptized aren't ever given the form, they just fill it out with the missionaries and then the missionaries take it right then and deal with it. But we need her mom’s permission for her to be baptized and so far she is the only thing holding her back. She lives with her dad and he is fine with it, it's just her mom that lives in a neighboring city that isn't. We haven't even met her. I hope she can get baptized in January. She is so ready and so wants to. And she really wants to be a sister missionary when she is older too! She is so awesome!  
We did a couple of service projects with our zone. The first one was demolishing a bus and trailer in this guy's backyard out in Molalla. I didn't do much of the demolishing because I didn't want to get in the way of a bunch of elders swinging around sledge hammers and such. I did cut some branches down from an area but other than that it was a grand show of some extremely energetic teenagers and 20 year olds destroying stuff. 

The other service project was caroling at Haggens. Haggens is a grocery store in our area. Some other sister missionaries were there earlier in the week and there was sign that caroling groups could sing in the store for Food Bank donations. So from 2:30-3:00 on Saturday we stood near the entrance of the store and sung our little hearts out. I have to admit I was a little nervous when we practiced a few days ago but it turned out all right. We had some people stop and listen to us and maybe even a couple people clapped! 

We had Zone Conference on Friday. It was a super good one but I was pretty much dying so I couldn't enjoy it as much as I probably could if I was healthy. We had an excellent iPad training and we talked a lot about striving for a celestial mission culture. We also had a training on getting referrals from members.  President and Sister Ballard are great mission presidents. Very different from the Morby's but that's the way it's supposed to be cuz its like what Pres. Ballard said, if he and President Morby were the same there wouldn't be a reason for one of them to be there. 

Well folks, I'm gunna go. If you want to pray for any specifics I would always appreciate a prayer for good health....especially that I can get rid of this cold and it doesn't turn into anything nasty. Good news though, we live right below Elder and Sister Joy. They are a senior couple missionary and Sister Joy is the mission nurse. So I don't have to go far if anything arises. They ware way nice too. I really like them. 

Okay dokes, happy holidays and MEEEEEERRRRRRRY CHRISTMAS! It's coming up! Christmas is awesome. The church is true. 

Sister Magnusson 

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